Should paramedic training include instruction in crisis intervention strategies?

  • Yes, that is important

    I would not be opposed to paramedic training including instruction in crisis intervention strategies. These situation are intense and someone needs to be able to step in and take charge. I am not the type of person that likes to intervene, so I would be happy if the paramedics could do it for me.

  • Yes, Paramedics should have crisis intervention strategy training.

    More often then not paramedics are the first people on the scene with actual medical knowledge. While police and pedestrians can help victims, there is no replacement for an actual professional. Nowadays with the world constantly on alert from human-made acts of violence to the extreme weather incidents escalating, it is imperative that paramedics become more versed in crisis intervention.

  • Yes, paramedics should learn some crisis intervention.

    I think that some paramedics should train and learn how to deal with crisis intervention strategies. I think that it would be very beneficial in terms of helping some situations that they get called to. It is something that might help save a lot more lives as well as better serve the community.

  • It is a crisis.

    Yes, paramedic training should include instruction in crisis intervention strategies, because when a paramedic is needed at someone's location, the person is probably in the middle of a crisis. The people who are with the person in crisis are probably confused, and a paramedic should have professional training on how to deal with them.

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