• Knowledge is Power!

    In this day and age, getting an education is becoming more and more important. The developmental years are a crucial time, and it's up to parents to ensure that their children are living up to their full potential. This does not necessarily mean that parents should bully their kids into higher achievement. What it does mean is that parents should instill a love for school, for learning, for striving to improve themselves. Sometimes this means that they'll have to do some assignments they don't want to do, or push themselves further than they thought they could go. That is just how life works! In doing so, the child will be better off.

  • It doesn’t work

    Every student I’ve talked to whos parents do force them to do well in school usually also have depression and anxiety. Every student whos parents allow them the freedom to decide their own grades usually are happier and more independent. It allows them to decide who they want to be in life and if whether or not they want to get good grades (and be successful).

  • It hurts them

    Naturally, kids will go to their parents for help and support. However, if the parent shuns them, or forces them to work, as opposed to playing\ spending time with them, it can hurt a kid's self-esteem, and even harm their personality. That is why I think that parents forcing kids to do good at stuff is dumb.

    Another reason is because kids CAN'T be good at everything, nobody can. Nobody SHOULD actually be good at everything.

  • I agree education is important

    And forcing a student to "do well" which I assume means get good grades, is a great way to ruin every shred of confidence, self-esteem, and creativity they have..I know its hard to see truth but shit i think if other parents could ACTUALLY SEE the "education system" for what it is, a sweatshop for youth, they'd want no part in forcing their children to excel in that kind of structure

  • No, we don"t need it

    Parents shouldn't force kids to do well at school because it gives student more stress, it also doesn't help the student become better at school. If parents just sit there forcing kids to do well but doesn't help them, the kid will get worse and worse because of the stress they have every day

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