• This is truly something to consider. . .

    As a woman trying to start a family. I am realizing more and more that if we require certain degrees and license for professionals such as Doctor's or operating a vehicle, Then why not parenting? Being responsible for another life requires skill, Care, Obedience, Common sense and more. Which unfortunately MANY parents do not have! I've witnessed on several occasions parents being neglectful to their children. Its unsettling to see any child suffer and then when you try to help you get no where. Our standards should be higher. Not only for parents, But for all future parents. Teach our ones youngs at an early age, Have classes for parenting in schools and for older adults who need it, Make it an requirement.

  • Think of the Children!

    People should put the children first. Too many children are born to loveless families and to parents who know nothing about raising children and are not willing to learn. Furthermore restricting who can and cannot have children will reduce the cost to the taxpayer of state welfare.

    If parenthood licenses were introduced a whole generation of children could be saved from a life of misery and abuse along with the taxpayer making a significant finical saving.

  • Yes, time to educate potential parents.

    We have an overpopulated world with little education on how to best care for the very people we are creating! It makes sense that we should stop and at least make sure people who want to have children can provide them with the basics. Seriously you have to show you are responsible and can provide for a dog before bringing it home from a shelter but anyone can have a child! A quote from the American Humane Society "The implication of this research for child welfare is clear: practice that attends to the specific early developmental needs of the youngest victims of maltreatment can
    prevent some of the harmful effects of trauma and improve outcomes for these children. Strengthening families so that they can meet these needs is a powerful strategy for supporting very young children during the most crucial phase of their development." We must educate parents on the importance of the first five years of life!!

  • Parenthood should be regulated

    This will be an unpopular opinion that probably ets me labeled as a communistic socialistic freak, but I think there needs to be regulation in parenthood. People are clearly not able to make smart decisions in their day to day life and this leads to traumatic experience for their children.

  • I think that parenthood should be licensed.

    I think that parenthood should be licensed. Anybody can make a baby, but it takes a
    mature individual to be a mother or a father.
    It’s not easy to be a good parent, and many people just don’t know
    how. That’s why I think that there
    should be mandatory parenting classes.
    People should have to take a test and get a license or have their kids

  • No Penalties for Having Sex

    There are no penalties for having sex. However, having a marriage license in hand helps. There are too many single mothers in America due to abandonment by men. Marriage should be something that is considered by women before they try to get pregnant. Too many people are uneducated about sex and its consequences months, years and decades down the road.

  • Parenthood should not be licensed.

    People become parents naturally and a license should not be required. It does not make sense to demand that people have a license to have kids because many kids are born by mistake. The government could not seize the children of parents who fail to pass a test or get a license.

  • We Shouldn't Seek More Rules

    I do not think parenthood should be licensed. I don't think we should do anything to restrict peoples freedom anymore than we already have. I can't fathom why we would license parenthood when people can chose to be parents on their own, there's no way to control such a thing without smashing peoples freedom.

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