• Yes but it should be part of a series of available classes

    I think parenting, Financial, And other life skills classes should be available to everyone though the classes I have seen heard of seem more about discouraging early Parenthood and less about the good there parenting is not easy but it's the most rewarding thing we can do. Do it right.

  • Parenting Classes Can Make a Big Difference

    Not just for anyone or everyone being interested in having kids, But in order to graduate, You'll never know if you change your mind. It doesn't matter if it's in an ideal world. It helps reduce the risk of behavior issues. Parenting classes are super duper important when it comes to being interested in having children and possibly pets of your own. It doesn't matter if everything is through, Anyone says it are mistaken, There are tips n' tricks that can be taught in parenting classes. Some teen girls got pregnant but don't know what to do, So I'd rather say that 15 hours of parenting that should be between a class and workshop for all secondary students in all 6 grades should be required, Special need students can do just 10 hours. Not just a high school education but also in 7th and 8th grade.

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  • Absolutely, It should!

    Parenting class is not only for individuals who aspire to be parent one day. But, learning how to be parent teaches many life skills that one needs to succeed in life. Such as, how to be selfless giver and not taker, how to listen and be patient, how to appear confident even though you don't know what you are doing, how to be creative, how to be leader who can engage, how to organize and care.

  • Yes'where they can know how to handle the children.

    Yes, parenting classes should be a part of high school education, because it is information that most teenagers need to know.Teens and others are getting pregnant with no idea of what it takes to be a good partner or parent. They only know what they saw in their home, which is often not good or sufficient. All other topics taught in school today pale in importance to Society's main issue today.

  • Yes it should be a part of high school education

    There is no reason why parenting classes shouldn't be part of high school education. This class helps prepare a student for parenthood and all the basic skills when one becomes a parent. It most definitely gives the students an insight into adult responsibilities, as well as taking care of a baby. I highly support this issue.

  • Why doesn't the Department of Public Instruction demand that schools provide instruction in the most important subject? PARENTING.

    Our society attempts to educate it's children so they are able to function effectively within it. With instruction in a broad range of curricula, we prepare students for whatever might come their way. All of us will agree that some of what we studied in school has been of little or no use to us. However, approximately 85% of our students will become parents. If we could "snap our fingers" and magically create a competent parental segment of our society, I'm confident that all of the problems we face, (poverty, violence, racism, breakdown of families, jobs...) would be directly, profoundly, and most positively influenced.

  • Heck yes it should

    Most people would argue that parenting is something the parents should teach their kids not the schools, but from what I hear everyday, it seems that most parents these don't know how to be a parent themselves. If schools taught children how to be a good parent, we would many more responsible parents out there and many better children as well. These classes would also reduce teen pregnancy because it would show them what having a child at their age would be like and they might not want to have children afterwards.

  • Of freaking course

    In the u.s. there is an estimate of 49 out of every 1,000 births are teenage mothers, and 1.2 million abortions a year, a parenting class could get it in the minds of teenagers that there is so much responsibility in being a parent that teenagers just don't have yet, and teach was of pregnancy prevention and sex-ed. Also the courses would have other subjects such as ways to obtain child support and government help as a single parent. This class would help guide you in parenthood and possibly in your careers.

  • Absolutely Emphatically YES

    Teens and others are getting pregnant with no idea of what it takes to be a good partner or parent. They only know what they saw in their home, which is often not good or sufficient. All other topics taught in school today pale in importance to Society's #1 issue.

  • Absolutely emphatically yes

    The countless agencies and organizations in each State devoted to behavioral issues of all ages are band-aid solutions. The problems being in the home with the fact that youth don't learn to be couples nor parents. Their parents only teach what they learned from their parents, and so it goes.

  • In An Ideal World

    I do not believe parenting classes should be part of high school education. In an ideal world, high school would teach students things they will need right away, such as completing tax returns or understanding banking products. Parenthood should be thought of as something that concerns a person later in life. This is a skill high schoolers can go without.

  • Parenting classes should not be part of a high school education.

    High schools should not have parenting classes because this is not part of the traditional curriculum. Many students will not have kids ever, or they will not have them for a long time after high school. It is not right to make teenagers go through parenting classes when they are so young.

  • No!

    Parenting classes should most definitely not be a part of high school education.

    Idealistically, it seems like the better idea, however, talking realistically, this would only encourage teenage pregnancy.

    Students, in the United States, are behind on education enough as it is. Adding another—unnecessary—subject would only interfere with a child's academic success.

    We won't find the cure to cancer by educating kids of parenting; neither will we fix America's down-falling economy.

    So, no.

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