Should parents allow their minor children to drink alcohol at home?

  • They should because it is better than not knowing your limit

    Children who are exposed to alcohol at a younger age at home will be more likely to know their limit or alcoholic tolerance when they drink outside the house or in public, limiting the chance of the individual becoming over intoxicated, drinking and driving or getting alcohol poisoning. Drinking at home first reduces risk and stupidity

  • They should not.

    Parents should not allow their minor kids to drink alcohol at home. There is a reason the legal age for drinking is 21. That is because alcohol has may bad side effects, and can impair the proper growth of the brain in a minor. It is very irresponsible for a parent to let their kids drink.

  • Parents should not allow their minor children to drink alcohol at home.

    Parents should not allow minor children to drink at home.Even though some people might say that it would be safer for children to drink at home,this is not true at all.Children might think that it is proper behavior outside the home as well and might try even more dangerous behavior.

  • That sets a bad example.

    No, parents should not allow their minor children to drink alcohol at home, because that just sends the message to the young people that it's okay to drink whenever they want to. The children will then drink when the parents are not looking. Letting your children do something dangerous is terrible parenting. Parents should know better.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do not think that parents should allow their minor children to drink alcohol at home. The main reason is that it is illegal. If anything ever goes wrong, the parents will be in a lot of trouble. I don't think it is inherently wrong, though, and many cultures have much younger drinking ages.

  • If they are not of age they should not be allowed to drink

    No, I do not believe that parents should allow children to drink alcohol at home or anywhere else for that matter. Children are still in the process of growing and should not be subjected to the affects of depressants, which is the category that alcohol falls. Not to mention it is against the law to supply a minor with alcohol and its just not good parenting.

  • Give them an inch, and they'll go a mile.

    Though it's one of the less popular arguments, I believe it's just as good a reason. Some parents, the kind that are neglectful and abusive, will le thteir kids drink excessively, and, with that kind of parenting, they will. They could become alcoholics, and that kind of drinking is harmful. Then, even if they don't have parent consent, they will drink inordinately.

  • Brain Damage !

    Alcohol can do a long term brain damage so if there parents let there children drink they have a more higher risk of getting brain damage and it is higher then what their parents have alcohol is a big risk in their life and if parents let them have it it could lead to death

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