Should parents allow their sons to play football?

  • Definitely! It's better than playing video games all day.

    Football is a sport which can help them stay fit. We teenagers sped hours in front of the TV screen playing video games, which is unhealthy. Football,on the other hand, is a healthier option. In addition, if they are allowed to play, they can practice all the time and who knows? Someday they might become a professional footballer.

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  • It is nessasary

    Before reaching the NFL or a high level of skill in football. Players start as kids, learning the basics of the game and developing their skills. Football has great protection gear as well so concussions won't occur as much as it had in the past. Kids should be playing football instead of doing something else.

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  • It's beneficial for alot of factors

    It helps kids get out of the house and get their 60 mins per day for physical activity. They are not doing anything wrong, like drugs or gangs, they play a contact sport. It helps get frustration and stress out which is a lot better than arguing with our kids. There are refs and good coaches for a reason, they make sure the game is safe, there are calls made and rules are followed. Every sport has injuries, even jogging does. So I say yes, because it really does help kids.

  • There are injuries in all sports.

    "With another high school football death on Monday after a helmet-to-helmet hit, and with more attention being paid to the risk of head injuries in football, some parents are beginning to wonder whether the game is too dangerous for their children to play." Quotes by New York Times, we are to worried about the injuries and we don't relize that kids out fine!!!

  • Kids should be able to follow there dream

    Kids should follow there dreams. They like to be kids and do kid things. They only have a short amount of time to be kids. If they're doing what there suppose to do then they should have feelings to choose there gate. Just because you failed to follow your dreams doesn't mean you gave totake away there's no matter what you think.

  • For real naw man

    I mean dont get me wrong footbball is a fun game but serously dangeres im a teenager and i dont even think football is a safe game and thats saying a lot beacuse i do dangures stuff so ya. The point is that you get hurt a lot and you can easily get a conccusion. Its not ok

  • I suppose knowing what we know you would have to have brain damage to let your kids play football

    I hate it as I love football but not as much as my son. I just can't imagine any justification to put your child in harms way so evidently. Hey why not just have them fall flat on the back of their heads on the floor once a week every Sunday instead.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Concussions can cause brain injuries

    Football is a sport where concussions are more common than not. These concussions can occur more than once in a young player and cause brain damage. The brain damage can cause learning disabilities. With learning disabilities, it makes it harder to understand and/or focus in school. It makes life tougher for the kids

  • What the hell

    I don't want to be a hater but there are so many other sports that you can do besides football. Football creates physical and mental damages. Kids experience bruises, sprains and other physical causalities. If you played football and resulted into a severe concussion, making you even forgetting who you are.

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