Should parents allow their teenagers to cuddle and show affection in small ways to their "partner"?

Asked by: WolfieBlue
  • Affection is essential

    I only bring up this topic because of my mother. I am 15 and my girlfriend is 13. I know the age gap is a little alarming, but let me assure you I love her very very much and i know she loves me. Her parents like me and are fine with us cuddling, but my mom on the other hand, not so much. I always ask her why that is, but she says "I am your mother I don't need to explain it to you". But her mom is totally cool with it. It's really sad cuz my mom totally lied to me. She told me she saw my girlfriends mom at a restaurant and the talked about it and she said she agrees that we shouldn't cuddle. But i did hear her mother say with my own ears that she doesn't care. Wow, that hurts...
    PS. We have been together for 3 months. And we make out A LOT and i think my mom is more comfortable with us making out. Like damn there will be days where we make out so much that our lips hurt.

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