Should parents and educators actively encourage children to invest in their physical appearance and attractiveness?

  • Oh my God, yes!

    Let's face it, no one wants an ugly date. We want someone who does not look like they were raised by wolves. I said hip hop, hippy to the hip hop, you don't stop rock it the bang bang boogey, up jump the beat. No what you see is not a fake, it's the real Sitara queen bee.

  • But as a "this will be important in getting what you want" and not internalized or thought of as intrinsically valueable.

    Parents should teach kids that from a purely objective standpoint the clothes you wear have no intrinsic value. A person doesn't become nicer, smarter, or more responsible just because of their appearance.

    But they should also teach that the reality is we live in a world where people judge others on their appearance. They should present the caveat that one should never care about the judgements of others except in so far as those judgements effect the behavioral responses of others particularly in how these responses effect one's own interests. That way kids aren't doing things like committing suicide over not being attractive enough because they aren't giving attractiveness intrinsic value, they are taught to see it as just a tool to be used. This would also prevent the kids from falling into the trap of judging others by appearance themselves. They would care about their own appearance and styling that to get what they want but would only care about the appearance of others in so far as it may be suggestive of certain traits based on statistics.

    I would educate my children even deeper, I would teach them about anthropology and how variously different human beings in different cultures, times and places and conditions have responded to people's appearances and particularly how people are going about that now and how to analyze a situation so you can systematically figure out how to do your appearance to impress others.

  • A mess will not have success.

    Let's face it, we live in a superficial world. People judge first on appearances. Improving your visual appeal will open a lot of doors for you. Numerous undercover news reports have been done on this subject, and they all agree, the physically attractive receive more opportunities. If you want to set the kids up for success, say yes to the dress! ;)

  • Let them be themselves.

    The way I understand the question, it means, that parents and educators, should tell their kids to actually try to look more attractive to others and not just that they should tell them to take a shower on a regular basis and to wear clean clothes, right?
    If that's the case I say no, because they rather should encourage children to be themselves and let them dress/ style the way they want, even if the general public doesn't find it appealing.
    Also it is no use to style somebody in a way that he doesn't like and feels uncomfortable with, because that just makes them less confident. And if you don't appear confident about yourself people are going to notice and will judge on that basis and then rather choose people that appear more confident, because they also appear much more capable.
    What you should be taught about about, is that in specific situations your are expected to wear a certain kind of clothing. For example if you've got a job interview at a bank, you are expected to wear a suit, because it is the usual business attire.
    But your parents/ teacher shouldn't tell you how to style in your everyday life.

  • Substance over style

    We all know that "appearances matter, even though they shouldn't". But that won't change, can't be changed, unless we stop playing up to it. Encouraging children to invest in their physical appearance does exactly the opposite and sends a profoundly negative message; namely that how you look is more important than who you are and what you can actually do.

    The proposition that "appearances matter" is nonsense, and it won't go away unless/until we make it go away. Besides, some people actually prefer the "raised by wolves" look. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting around waiting an hour to go out with someone because they have to get their hair/makeup/outfit/whatever exactly perfect before making an appearance in public.

  • It can lower their self esteem

    Children would feel judged as if nobody likes them because they are trying to change their appearance it came make them go into depression and not wanting to eat no more because they are trying to make them exercise and do all this things to make them look better and that can lead into them turning anorexic.

  • Parents and educators should be worrying about academics and behaviour. Judging appearance is the peers job.

    Even though being attractive could help children get dates when they are older, it is my opinion that parents and educators have no place to be encouraging children to invest in their physical appearance and attractiveness. There will always be ugly people on this planet, and I believe that this cannot change, no matter how much you encourage a child to be attractive. Constantly telling a child about physical appearance could possibly make the child obsessed with their appearance, while they should be worrying about developing their academic skills and behaviour instead. Parents and educators are supposed to love and accept you for who you are, not who they want you to be. Yes, living a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged, but encouraging physical attractiveness in a child would be sexifying the child from too young of an age and could possibly lead to depression, anorexia, bulimia or other serious self-obsessed mental diseases.

  • Let them be

    Kids are kids just let them be themselves, their the ones who should get to decide weather or not they want to change their physical appearance. It is not up to their parents or educators or anyone else. If they think the way that they look is ok and they feel comfortable in what their wearing or how their physical shape is than let them be. They will soon come to realise that maybe they would like to change an aspect of themselves, but you should let them realise that on their own not you telling them. That would just hurt them and some of these kids take it seriously and they can get really hurt or fall into a great depression or cause other problems such as low self esteem or even other worse problems such as death. So what I'm saying is just let them be themselves.

  • Anorexia and Bulimic kids will become more

    They will start to think that all they care about it appearance not personality or anything else. There will be more anorexic and bulimic kids because they wont want to eat. And, sorry to say this but they will grow up snotty. The only ones they would care about are the other attractive and fit people and what about the ones who can't stay skinny or can't lose weight? They will get bullied more.

  • Toddlers and Tiaras?

    May I remind everyone of that dreadful show? THIS IS ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT QUESTION a serious restriction on kids. They are not at that stage to be strapped down to things they dont understand yet. It is not fair to them to be put down on what they "should" be investing their time in. What happened to imagination, creativity, and LETTING THEM GROW UP ON THEIR OWN AND LET THEM DISCOVER THEMSELVES? Its all they have in their time period. And educators encouraging children to "LOOK PRETTIER/GROOM THEMSELVES?" Okay if there is a concern like NOTICEABLE HYGIENE, you do NOT bash the child, because it is the PARENTS responsibility. Attractiveness? Are you kidding? DO NOT PRESSURE THEM TO GROW UP SO FAST! They get it from the MEDIA enough!

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