Should parents and other caregivers of children be required to learn child and infant CPR?

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  • Yeah i Agree....

    The child might need medical attention fast, and if there are no adults present than a child might know what to do. These type of lessons can save a lot of lives and maybe even restore some peace with others, I Totally agree with this claim and i believe it should take action.

  • It's a small step.

    Yes, parents and other caregivers of children should be required to learn child and infant CPR, because it is a very simple way to save a child's life. It doesn't take long to learn CPR, but every person will wish that they knew it if they are ever in a position to need to use it.

  • Child And Infant CPR

    I personally think that the CPR Basics class uses the Family & Friends CPR curriculum and is taught by professional instructors credentialed by the American Heart Association. It is held through the combined efforts of Seattle Children’s and the Great Starts Program of Parent Trust for Washington Children.This 2.5-hour safety class is designed for parents, caregivers, and others who want to learn basic CPR and choking rescue skills for infants and children but who do not require a formal certification. Attendees receive an American Heart Association CPR booklet and completion card.

  • Yes, anyone in contact with children needs CPR training.

    Yes, I am very much in favor of requiring parents and caregivers of children be trained in CPR. When a need to perform CPR arises, you may not have time to wait for emergency responders to arrive. You may not be in a public area where a passer by could help. You could find yourself alone with a child or infant in an emergency requiring CPR.

  • CPR is crucial

    Parents and Caregivers should be required to learn child and infant CPR because it could save lives. It would not take long to learn and the hospitals could give the lessons while the woman is in the hospital for birth. The cost would not be that expensive because the nurses already know CPR.

  • Yes, parents and caregivers should have to learn child and infant CPR.

    Yes, anyone who takes care of infants and young children should know child and infant CPR. The process is easy, and just about anyone can administer it with the proper training. The more people who know CPR, the less likelihood there is that a child or infant will die from a lack of breathing or circulation.

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