• Make better choices.

    It goes without saying that the younger you are, the more likely you will be to make mistakes. That is okay when your a child as mistakes are a learning experience. The problem comes when kids make mistakes on who they marry as these mistakes have very real legal consequences. In places around the world, marriage have had a history of being arranged by parents. Parents with similar values as well as other aspects meant that their kids would be more likely to be more compatible. It also means that the parents approve of their child's spouse and their parents making the union more peaceful. As time went on, it became traditional for a man to ask the woman's father permission to marry his daughter. Again, this allowed at least one parent to judge if the couple is compatible. Unfortunately, kids today are given far too much if not total freedom of this choice to only find out later that they are not compatible. This of course leads to divorce and far to often this involves young children who also suffer. To a lesser importance, it also cause struggle with in-laws even if they stay married, but often these fights with in-laws are what help cause divorces.
    This is not saying that kids should be forced to marry someone they do not love. If we go back to arranged marriages, parents would introduce them at a younger age so they can grow as a couple long before any specific wedding plans. In some cultures, people never meet the future spouse prior to the wedding but many if not most learned to love each other. My idea would being this learning process before the wedding.

  • Not all parents are correct

    Just because a mother or father has a child doesn't mean they have their lives together. Even the older people have made mistakes and continue to make mistakes. If your father was divorced by his wife or vice versa because they just weren't right for each other then that means that the person they married was obviously a mistake. And mistakes happen all the time, doesn't matter what age you are. So obviously your parents can't choose for you because just as you make mistakes your parents can make mistakes. And also as an adult you live on your own and you take care of yourself, no one should make those choices for you

  • Of course not

    People should have the right to choose who the love its not there parents choice. If they love a guy who is nice and the parents want a guy who is a jerk they are wrong. And even if they are right the son/daughter will most likely find out on her/his own or might realize with HELP from parents

  • Its our life

    Yes, I think parents should be a big help and be there to support you for your wedding but I don't feel like they should get to arrange it. Getting married is a huge part of your life, kinda like going to college, you should freely get to pick who you marry, where you get married and how you get married.

  • Parents should not arrange their children's marriages.

    When you marry someone, you are vowing to spend the rest of your life with them; you need to love them to have a happy life, and to do so without a problem; when this happens, there is a lack of relationship knowledge as well, which could possibly ruin morals within your marriage.

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