Should parents be able to compel their daughter to have an abortion?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • I only say this to provide an alternative opinion since everyone else says no.

    If the daughter lives with her parents then the parents should have the right to compel her to have an abortion. If she is still a minor then she is still subject to her parents' rules and it will be the parents who ultimately carry the burden of providing for this child, not the daughter. I may or may not believe my own argument or abortion in general, and I am only providing this argument for the sake of an alternative view.

  • Daughter Should Not Be Allowed to Have an Abortion

    Even if we ignore the inhumane act of killing a baby, it is ridiculous to suggest that a parent could force his/her daughter to perform an act that she does not necessarily believe in. A parent's role is not to be a overbearing dictator on every action in his/her kid's life. The daughter made the decision to get pregnant (or at least to have sex), so she should have to deal with the consequences. This is a moot point anyway, as abortion is murder and should be illegal.

  • WTF? Really? Why?

    This is one of those policy questions where you wonder why a person would even ask. NO. Abortion in and of itself is a disgusting moral obscenity, and certainly nobody, ESPECIALLY a parent, should be able to foist such a tragedy upon another. Why the heck would you even ask this?

  • Aside from it's wrong?

    A abortion is a big step that the woman will have to live with for the rest of her life, she should be the one saying if the baby, "fetus", should be killed. Not be bullied into it, no matter who the authority is. I get parents making decision in some things but, in that situation I totally disagree, if the daughter doesn't want it then no a parent should not be allowed or able too.

  • No no no

    When I was a teenager my mother pressured me to have an abortion or she would kick me out of our house. What do you think a 16 yr old would choose to do. I felt betrayed, she was all I had. I told the "counselor" at the clinic about this but she didn't care either. Abortion is wrong. I still suffer from the damage psychologically. I now have 4 children and still think about that unborn child everyday. I feel that even though I begged for forgiveness I will go to hell. Death terrifies me now and I have never been the same since. Please don't pressure your child to make a choice because it is not the easy way out truly.

  • No no no!

    Only if it is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the mother and/or the baby and the mother simply does not want it (though I'm sure it's much more complicated than that) should a foetus be aborted. It is completely up to the parents of the child (and not the grandparents) to decide whether the child should live. Parents can offer their guidance and opinions, but it is never their choice, regardless of how young their daughter is and how much it will mess up her life. Parents should never be able to compel their daughter to have an abortion.

  • No they should not

    In a big life decision (such as that of abortion) parents should not be able to compell their daughters to harm a baby. This can be a traunmitizing experience and should be left up to the daughters to have the final say. The women are responsible for making that choice, not the parents

  • Parents have no say

    I think abortion is wrong to begin with ( unless in some way the mother is in danger or the child is severely sick) it shouldn't be allowed. No the parents shouldn't have a say, there not the ones having the baby, it is the daughters choice, not the parents.

  • Well not really

    It is the daughters life. If she wants to get an abortion ( too young or not ready ) its her life, if not then she should be able to make her deascion. Her mom can help but its her life to ruin or save. The daughter can manage herself but if shes not mature enough its a different story

  • Should be her choice

    But you see the problem with the whole "we need parental consent laws, they're not mature enough" argument. If you make that argument then it follows she's not mature enough to decide independently that the best thing to do is to keep the baby and the parents should be allowed to compel her to abort just as much as they should be able to compel her to have a baby.

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