Should parents be able to decide what their kids can and can't wear?

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Some kids don't need someone to guide them in their choices. But their brains are still forming and they need someone showing them what is right and wrong. Parents don't try and strip their children of their ability to be creative, that's fine. So long as it doesn't show stuff that's supposed to be kept private.

  • Teenage brains are still developing

    The teenage brain is still developing until the early 20's especially in the frontal cortex which helps people think before they act. In teenage years, most decisions are made by the urge for new experiences, powerful feelings and to explore more sexuality. Just because your daughter is already in high school, it doesn't mean that you should allow her to wear see-through clothes, inappropriate dresses, or too short clothes

  • Yes, that is called parenting.

    Yes, parents should be able to decide what their kids can and can't wear, because that is a decision to make as a parent. Parents set the tone for children as far as how to present themselves. They help children make choices about what is appropriate behavior and what is not. Teaching children how to dress appropriately is part of this.

  • If it's the parent's house, the parental rules apply.

    I know that children think that it is monstrously unfair, but the answer to this question is an unequivocal yes. It's their house, and their rules, and since they're usually the ones who are buying the clothes, what they say is what you obey. Life just isn't fair. But don't worry. Once you turn 18 you can make all the questionable fashion choices you want.

  • Parents Can Decide Child's Attire

    Without a doubt, parents can decide what their children should or shouldn't wear. That should be the case, except in public schools where schools make that decision. Parents should only allow their children to wear tasteful clothing that isn't too revealing or obscene. However, children should be able to decide what they wear once they hit high school.

  • Yes, parental guidence is necessary when it comes to cloathing for children.

    It is the responsibility of a parent to rear the child in a manner that allows them to become the type of people they might actually want to be rather than the type of people they thought they wanted to be when they were young. Some parental control over clothing facilitates this.

  • Yes, it's part of a parent's responsibility!

    Parents are responsible for how their children dress and present themselves. While the child should be allowed to express his / her style, the parents have the final say on what is appropriate. If children are shown from a young age the importance of dressing respectfully and modestly, then they will grow up to be more mature, respectable adults.

  • Yes, of course!

    Parents should definitely be able to decide what their kids can and can't wear. It is important that parents are flexible and include the children in the decisions of attire but ultimately it is up to the parents to decide whether or not certain clothes are appropriate. Children are a reflection of their parents and modeling and guiding them to dress appropriately is part of the parenting process.

  • It's called parenting.

    If you're a parent, approving or having a say in what your kids wear is part of the job. Parents are supposed to teach kids right and wrong, and that goes with clothes. They need to know what's appropriate, they need to learn about looking the part and being respected. If parents let kids have their own way, then most kids would be wearing jeans past their knee and those yoga pants that are see through. It's called parenting for a reason, do it.

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  • I slipped on a slug this morning

    Kids should be able to wear what they want even a fanny pack, you know what especially a fanny pack Let them wear what they want even if it is a turtle nexk bikkini. Sometimes you should put faith into them but not friendship juice. Or a baloon that you find in the glove compartmant in a truckers glove compartment.

  • Sandwich's are awesome!

    Babies scare me because they were diapers. So if babies can wear diapers then we all should be able to wear what we want. They just sit there all day and mess themselves all day. While I am forced to wear a turtle neck sweater. I mean if a baby can wear a diaper than why cant I !

  • Id Like to wear what I want

    Parents should have little say in the matter because its not like they will have to wear what you choose but if they choose for you that is just messed up they should tell you to put something else on according to the weather but choosing your clothes for you is like stripping you of your creativity and let's face it no one wants to tell all of their friends "oh my mom pivked this outfit out for me"

  • Our parents have always told us to express ourselves, but now we can't?

    Adults focus too much on what we wear and offend judge us based on it. We SHOULD be allowed to wear whatever we want around our parents, in public, and at school. When parents tell us what we can or can't wear, they're pracitally saying that we they was ALL A LIE!

  • Parents are douchebags

    Fuck parents I'm a gay furry femboy but they won't let me keep my hair long or let me wear girly clothes so Fuck them. I mean really wtf is wrong with these faggots this is America the country of freedom and I think my parents should be put on a cross and burned to death for discrimination

  • Feel comfortable in clothes

    Kids should feel comfortable in their clothes. So, if a parent buys baggy jeans for her daughter she should make sure that she feels comfortable in them. Also,kids try to please parents so they say that the clothes fit even though they absolutely hate them. Parents should let kids pick out their own clothes at the store.

  • No, parents are caretakers, not tyrants

    By the parent oppressing the child on what to wear, the child pushes harder to resist the parents orders. It will also cause the child's self esteem to lower due to the parents lack of trust in the child's choices. It also causes a major rift in the relationship between the parents and child. In later years, the child will rebel against this and the parent will no longer be able to control them. How is the child supposed to learn or see the wrong if the parent doesn't let he/she? The child also sees it as a rejection of who he/she is by the parent, because how one dress is a freedom of expression. Now a days, children get picked on by what they wear. When you were younger was there a certain trend that you wished to follow, but weren't allowed to? It causes the child to get annoyed and later rebuff any parental authority.

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