Should parents be able to make their children go to Church?

  • Its not abuse, Its upbringing!

    Parents should not be able to abuse their children. Parents should not be able to deprive their children of basic necessities. However, religion is not abuse. If this is the way a parent sees fit to raise their child, they have every right to do so. The reasoning behind this is not the Bible, but rather the Constitution. No Congress or government cannot impose a set religion, but the family has the right to. As a matter of fact, we all know of freedom of the choice of religion. Then, we know that legally the parent holds the child's rights up until that child turns 18. Therefore, a parent has every right to decide how the child will be raised, whether religious or not. Then once the adolescent becomes an adult, he or she then has the right to choose for himself.

    When examining the constitution, the answer becomes clear. The government cannot impose a certain religion, but according to the constitutions and modern laws, the family has every right to declare a certain religion and therefore, has the right bring their child up the way they see fit. If the government intrudes on this, it would only be negating the right to choice of religion. If a parent has the right to raise a child, as long as abuse is not a factor, the parent has the right to raise the child in a religious institution. The last time I checked, religion is not a form of abuse.

  • All children should go to church.

    Going to church is good for children because they can learn how to treat people the way they want to be treated, and that will help them in their lives when they get older. It is good for them to learn their religion, and that helps them to stay out of trouble.

  • Parents have the responsibility AND authority to raise their own kids

    The people saying NO to this argument clearly haven't thought it through. Their ability to think rationally about this question is obviously clouded by their disdain for churches. One's religion should not matter here, as parents should also be able to make their kids play a sport or go to an Athiest camp.

    This is up to the parents to choose what's best for their children, and the logical outcome of people voting NO is that the government would step in and ask kids what they want to do, and force the parents to abide by the children's wishes. This is simply foolish. Going to church is not a crime, so a parent has done nothing wrong by taking their kid there. If parents are teaching their children to kill others, it's a different story. However, when it comes to religious tendencies, parents have the authority.

  • It's the parents job to raise them the best way they know how

    Kids, like all of us, are very egocentric. If they don't want to / don't feel like doing something, then they think they shouldn't have to. However, parents (good ones anyway) "force" their kids to bathe regularly, brush their teeth, sleep, go to school... BECAUSE kids learn from their parents how to live before they go off on their own. Once they are old enough to move out and get a job, they can make their own decisions.
    This is a ridiculous notion that kids should have a choice...THEIR KIDS!
    Parents should NOT force their kids to go to church and then live however they want.
    Parents should show their kids love, spend lots and lots of time with them, and teach them how to live by the way they live their lives, not by just what they say, or just forcing them to go to church.

  • NOT "make" but "take"

    Children wouldn't have to be made to go to church if Parents would follow the word of God in teaching their children God's word, then they would gladly go into the house of the Lord, as well as accept God at an early age & bring Him into their adult life. Children depend on their parents to "teach" them, not just let them do whatever they wish. Parents need to stop depending on Church, school or any other thing or person to teach their children. Parents by all means have the right to teach their children AND Yes, children & adults should go to Church, it's not a "bad thing", it's a "good thing". The Psalmist says, "I was glad when they said, let us go into the house of the Lord!!" Psalm 122:1 If only people would read the BIBLE, it answers all our questions if only we will seek we will find. The Church needs the Bible as much as the family. YES, parents should be able to "take" their children to Church.

  • If we shouldn't be able to force our children to church, then the government shouldn't be able to force the to go to school!

    I am a Christian parent who happens to love education and learning. As a mother first and a teacher second, I should be able to say where my child goes and what he/she participates in. There are times when kids are forced on the ball field, in the dance room, onto stages, and etc. Each parent should be able to choose what is the best choice in raising their child. In my personal opinion I would much rather a child was made to attend church than a degrading, judging, superficial beauty pageant.

  • Yes..

    I believe making them to go in the sense that you are teaching them and not just forcing, is right. (referring to Proverbs 22:6) As myself for example- There are many things my parents made me do that I didn't understand/want to as a kid, but now very thankful for all those things that they were persistent about. That includes going to church. Now that I'm older and mature enough to make my own decisions, my parents give me the free will to continue going or not. Children need guidance, period.

  • Yes by all means

    Parents should be able to force their kids to go to church as long as they live under there roof. It is a proven fact that kids that were raised going to church live a better life. They dont get into trouble and make better citizens. It is up to parents to teach their kids the right thing to do and to lead them to the holy word.

  • obedience ftw

    AMTY hit the nail, children must obey their parents, that means going to church if they request it. I find that being an obedient kid makes everyone much much more happy, and the standard model of the workings of the family ie. Parents rule the kids, works very well, so well in fact that human society has relied on the system of families since its start. I don't see why we shoud sow seeds of discord in the current working order.

  • Is it beneficial?

    When we consider this there is a tendency to apply arguments that we would never apply anywhere else. For example, do we say in the area of nutrition that we should allow the children to make their own decisions? I know my children if allowed to choose their menu would choose a steady diet of sodas, candy, potato chips, and pizza. Should I allow my children to decide what is best for them? Or should I FORCE my children to eat healthier foods? Another example of this is education. Should I allow my children to decide on their own whether or not they should go to school? If I gave them the option they might go a quarter of the year and the few days they did go would be motivated more by the relationship factor than education. So do I allow them to choose for themselves or do I FORCE them to go?

    My children will go to church. Not because I am forcing my beliefs on them, but because I believe it is what is best for them. My goal is that their faith is just that, their faith. We could make the argument that parents who do not go to church, as a result, force their children not to go. That would be considered by many as forcing their beliefs upon their children. Our culture has become so illogical.

  • I hate being forced.

    I'm 16 and I have been forced to go to church ever since they forced me to join church school which was 4 years ago. Ever since they I been doing church stuff, it makes me hate God more because I'm being forced to love him. I used to love him on my own and do what ever with me life until my parents started making me take church school. I just seriously hate it and I wish they never forced me to go... I hate church so much now and I think I have wasted about at least 3 months total...

  • No... Just no...

    I'm not sure if this applies, but the bill of rights says "Freedom of religion" (1). Should a kid really be forced to think one way? Would you force your kid to join the army, would you force your kid to beat up another kid for no reason, would you force your kid to kill someone?

  • It violates the rights of another human being no matter the age

    I think any parent that forces their children against their will to go to church should be arrested. That is not what the church is about. I am an atheist, but I will not force my children to be atheist. They will decide 100% on their own. Whether its Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or Scientology, it's their choice and freedom of religion in the US, which does not start at age 18.

  • You just can't.

    Your kids will end up hating it. At least send them to a new church if you're so adamant on forcing them to go.
    In my opinion, it's wrong to make them go if they don't want to. I was forced to go to church all my teenage years, the church was dull and full with old members, I had nobody to talk to and contemplated suicide because of how bad it had become. They were a very uncompassionate, judgmental congregation. So I made new friends and stood up to my parents, but still, they disowned and kicked me out of the house because of my 'atheism' and moved in with my new mates and never have I seen my parents since. Cut.

  • I hate it

    My parents force me to go to church and I hate it. They believe that because I'm 17, it means that I'm not capable of making my own decisions in the religious world and they believe this is just my rebellion. I truly am an atheist and I'm not doing this to spite them, but every time they force me to do this in an attempt to get me to return to religion, makes me hate it more.

  • If it's not the child's beliefs then no.

    I am 16 years old and am being forced to go to the Mormon church. I don't believe in any of their practices yet I am forced every Sunday morning to get up and go. If I refuse I can't drive, can't hangout with friends, and I don't get to leave the house except for school. I think that parents forcing their children to go to a church they have no beliefs in should be illegal.

  • Spirituality is a Personal Choice

    I'm 15, and ever since i first told my parents that I did not want to go to church, they have been forcing me to. I no longer believe in god, and ever since I have been forced to go, I have begun to hate religion and idea of god. I have lately begun refusing to sit with my parents in church, and rather take a seat in one of the back pews, where I can slip out the back doors and walk around for an hour.

    Being forced to attend church has made me hate religion, god and my parents. I no longer have a good relationship with them, and have considered both running away and killing myself on multiple occasions to get away from them. My being forced to attend church has destroyed our relationship entirely.

  • I am 16 and have had religion stuffed down my throat since the day I was born.

    I never liked church, the people are fake and way too weird imo. They always pretend to like you but all of them are a bunch of backstabbers. I liked learning about the bible etc, when I was younger because like most kids I enjoyed stories with impossible circumstances. As I got older though I started to be forced to do more and more 'Religious acts' like going to church youth groups camps etc. I got so sick of this because I had no say in the matter, it went so far as to driving me to the point where I don't think I will ever go to church again when I leave the house. My parents ruined Christianity for me by constantly forcing it upon me, my dad even threatens me when I don't want to go.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I personally believe that parents have no right to force their kids to go to church. I understand if you bring your kids to church when they are to young to decide for themselves, but once kids reach a certain age they should be able to have a say. For a lot of people church just isn't their thing. I personally don't think that going to church the best way to "connect" with God. I still believe in God, but I think you are connecting with him more when you are out in nature or even just at home thinking about it. If your kid not only doesn't want to go to church, but they don't believe in God, that's fine too. Maybe they will change their mind one day, maybe they wont, but that isn't for you to decide. Being forced into religion seems like it would make someone want to back out of it more. I had to go to church every week when I was younger, but now I rarely ever go. Religious or not, your kid can turn out just fine.

  • Why should they have to force you?

    If their church is so true, they wouldn't have to make you go. I'm 16 and every time I don't attend a church activity I get punished for it, It makes me want to go even less, and to have a bad attitude. Once a child knows right from wrong they should be able to make a decision on going or not. Forcing will only backfire.

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Anonymous says2013-05-22T16:57:55.210
Children wouldn't have to be made to go to church if Parents would follow the word of God in teaching their children God's word, then they would gladly go into the house of the Lord, as well as accept God at an early age & bring Him into their adult life. Children depend on their parents to "teach" them, not just let them do whatever they wish. Parents need to stop depending on Church, school or any other thing or person to teach their children. Parents by all means have the right to teach their children AND Yes, children & adults should go to Church, it's not a "bad thing", it's a "good thing". The Psalmist says, "I was glad when they said, let us go into the house of the Lord!!" Psalm 122:1 If only people would read the BIBLE, it answers all our questions if only we will seek we will find. The Church needs the Bible as much as the family. YES, parents should be able to take their children to Church.
Anonymous says2013-09-22T15:47:09.727
I sometimes think that's the reason, why so many young people become atheists. I once knew of one guy my age that when he was younger, if he and his brother missed church, their mother made them watch Jimmy Swaggart :( ACH!!
Anonymous says2013-09-22T20:34:36.657
So true, had I spent the time I gave to my child to ski and enjoy life, I would not be fighting this now. I wanted him to have what I did not. Since I had money and could buy him anything, I gave him what I never got. God had to show me that what he needed was the word deeply rooted in his every day life. I had to lose all I had to see that. Hank Jesus for His mercy and willingness to teach no matter how we are.
SarahCortez says2019-09-15T21:21:48.817
If it was up to children, They would eat ice cream, Watch tv, Play video games, Use social media, And leave messes everywhere. Going to church on a regular basis fosters community and strengthens bonds(with face-to-face people from all ages and many walks of life) with a purpose of bettering ones' self through the establishment of a moral/value system and spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional self-reflection. It also provides important social supports to combat depression and suicide (which are now plaguing younger and younger people at alarming rates), Reduces smoking, Improves sleep (lack of, Is also plaguing younger and younger people), Improves relationships,   increases happiness, Hence improving quality of life and increasing lifespan. Also, With the daily busy-ness and constant noise, Finding a place of silence and tranquility are really what all people need as well. You cannot obtain that through soccer practice or watching movies, Going to the mall, And going to amusement parks. But you can meditate, Or do spiritual exercises at home, One can say, . . . Yeah, No parent I know does that. Plus, Not sure if any kid would like that either. Now, One could bring up the point that this is all fine and dandy, But how will all this church sink in for a child, Especially if church is only 1 hour a week and they don't fully comprehend all that is happening? My answer would be that church is really not for 1 hour a week, Church is for an entire lifetime. Like education and healthy living, It doesn't end at grade 8 or with the last piece of broccoli. Parents have to prepare and guide their children before and after. It's not a lot of work and the potential rewards are amazing. And this whole argument that organized religion is all bad because of some sexual predators in various organized religions, You might want to research how many of them are in education, Coaching, Scouts, Etc. In general, You don't see parents around the country trying en masse to prevent kids from going to school or playing a team sport because of teacher and/or coach abuse.
If the ultimate goal of organized religion is to make moral, Good people and to lead them to Heaven, Then an hour a week at church (it's one step to get there, Not the be all and end all of salvation), Which in essence doesn't cost you anything (with certain exceptions) and provides healthful benefits, In-person community interactions, Then it would be irresponsible not to make children go to church.

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