Should parents be able to pick the gender of their offspring?

  • Family planning is good

    Humans have made constant advancements in improving how we raise our children.
    Education provides skill
    Family planning provides a stable base on which parents choose when to have children and how many children they want. This improves efficiency and quality of upbringing, as things are better planned out.
    The next step is pre-natal. We are reaching the limit of how good we can make children based off what they are born with. The natural solution is to begin work on the child before it is even born, or even conceived. This is progress towards a new step in human evolution

  • Parents can have the right to pick the gender of their offspring

    In my opinion parents can have the right to pick the gender of their offspring. Considering the developments of modern medicine and the advancements that have happened within the field of reproduction, I do not see it as a problem if parent had the right to choose the gender of their offspring.

  • I believe that gender should not be left up to the mom, dad, or nature. I believe it should be up to God.

    God will decide if he wants a boy or a girl and he will give breath to the baby. We seem to replace God with ourselves now days thinking that we are divine. Needless to say we obviously aren't. How many of us can tell the rain and sun what to do. I certainly can't and I'll put in my 2 cents that you guys can't either. Thank you and God bless the children.

  • Should be up to nature to decide

    Whatever chemicals and junk they use to change the offspring's gender could harm the baby or child, since it could harm their organs or just make them die. It should be up to nature or fate to decide what your offspring's gender should be. If you don't like your offspring's gender, you shouldn't have had kids in the first place! You should deal with whatever gender they are instead of potentially killing or harming them.

  • We need to be born our way

    Genetic engineering should be allowed to be used to select genders and mental abilities, etc because if that is what path we go down, we will all simply be designed to be in our parents and later societies image directly with no room to grow as an individual. This should be discouraged.

  • Why the parent?

    If a child is biologically one gender and they identify as cisgender, Good for them. If they're biologically one gender and they identify as transgender, Equally good for them. The parent gets no say in it, And with good reason-- the parent is not their child. They do not share the same mindset as their son/daughter/child, And they can only guess if their child will be a girl or a boy based on their genitals.

  • This is like forcing them to be trans it's awful

    Again, it's as if I had a kid and said "Hey little Timmy... You identify as a freaking toast-oven now!" Of course Timmy would say mom I like to be a boy and then me saying too bad your going to be a toaster oven I will start you on hormones tomorrow. In conclusion it's the dumbest idea I have ever heard, 0.3 percent of people don't like there birth gender, who wants to change something that broad to please .3 percent of people instead of idk 99.7 percent of people who are happy with there gender.

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zoinks says2013-12-27T19:52:04.137
It can already be done, but isn't 100 percent.