Should parents be able to read their children's text messages?

Asked by: lc.pride
  • Defenetly there kids

    Bullying is a big problem and happened with and on phones and devices. Parents have the right to check there divines as the children do not own the devices. There is a place for action to take place ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Keep under watch

    Children can be often unexpected in their actions. They are not legal adults nor do they have a mature conscious as teens or older people. There need to be limitations and if the child breaks it, there shall be negative outcomes. Parents need to keep a close eye on what their child is doing or texting.

  • It's the respect.

    If all kids go through childhood, logically for the first eighteen years of you're life you're just NOTHING. Which is wrong. Even though parents brought you into the world, you didn't ask to be here. You're indebted, yeah, but not in a slave manner. Truth of the matter is parents don't put enough faith in their chlildren. If you stopped and let your child grow instead of being a helicopter parent, you'd see that children are more resilient than you know, which means yeah, sometimes kids need to solve stuff on their oown, unless you're going to stick with them till they die.

  • Privacy is needed

    People need privacy is needed or the kids or teens will feel uncomfortable or maybe not trust there own parents maybe they think that there goanna blab it out there kids secrets ( this is all i have so dont judge) . . . . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .

  • Hmmm, big brother

    Oh we can read their text, why not just put a chip in them that allow us to track them at all time, even better attach a recording to that chip and know everything they say. If you are unable to trust your kid then your parenting skills are questionable.

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