Should parents be able to spank their children?

Asked by: SipsTea
  • Anyone who says no grew up a spoiled brat

    The arguments I have seen state oh it will ruin the relationship. It will cause them depression. Take away their stuff its more effective. My father never whooped my ass I grew up not scared of him felt he had no say so in my life and now we never talk. My mother has always felt like my father and my mother. When I fucked up she whooped my ass then would sit down and talk to me about it. When I got older yeah she would take away my stuff but I never became as Bad as I was as a child because I learned standards of what to do and what not to do quickly when I found out ass whoopings suck. Now I'm 19 call her every day and I joined the army graduated highschool with an associates and working on my bachelors degree in political science. Not a depressed person and when I lived with my dad and he would take my stuff and ground me. I would just sneak out who cares if I got punished more what would he do next ground me longer.

  • Only under certain conditions

    I think parents should, But only 3 times a day (max) and it shouldn't give a concussion, Leave a bruise, Or any other mark (internal and external) that lasts more than a half hour. Parents shouldn't spank their children on the butt, Especially once they reach puberty age. They also shouldn't spank a girl's boobs. Also you may only spank them if you're their legal guardian, People like teachers and nannies shouldn't be allowed. If it's suspected, The child will be taken and put in a comfortable (for the kid) environment and asked questions, The interviewer may also remove clothing to inspect any damage to the child's body. Other than that I think it's fine, Especially if you child is refusing to listen to you. I understand how harsh that sounds, But I'd like to think with the right rules around it spanking could be accepted.

  • Effective form of punishment

    It is the question, Most effective form of punishment. You send them to their room, They have toys in there. Confiscate something, They will probably find something else. Hit them, They will listen to you so you. Kids and adults are two different people. They have two different mindsets so things that work on children won’t usually work on adults. That’s why people don’t spank adults as punishment.

    Look at what happened in school years ago. Look at how disciplined the kids were back then when teachers used the cane. Now look at students now. I have a teacher who has been insulted by students and threatened by them.

  • It's just practical

    Kids don't always understand morals. I know adults who still don't seem to understand the words they use. Some people just understand tone and action. Expecting every child to be capable of being disciplined verbally simply isn't practical. Some thing require force. I don't think we need to bring in police force every time a child misbehaves.

  • Please spank your children

    If parents don't spank their children at a young age then they will never learn discipline. There are so many children that are in this world that are terrible because no one ever spanked them. If they are to do something bad, And you don't spank them then that will tell them that it's okay. Do you want your children walking all over you? You need to put your feet down and do what more than likely your parents did to you. I'm sure that most of you guys have been spanked before and more than likely realized, Hey maybe I shouldn't be doing this. This will work with children now days as well. There are to many kids out here who act like brats that need to be put into their place, Because if they don't then they will end up like that one annoying and bratty person that we all have in our lives.

  • Spanking is ok

    It is my opinion that kids need to be spanked these days there would be less stuff that happens the rude behaviors that happen and the complete and Utter disrespect that kids are using these days I think that if they all got a good butt warming that they would realize and teach them respect and fear.

  • Whoop they A$$

    I think children should be spanked and anyone who says otherwise was either never hit as a child or was ABUSED as a child. I don't believe in abuse i believe in the occasional pop on the hand or good ol belt to the backside. In my opinion it teaches a child consequences first and foremost and it also teaches them to follow the rules of those who are in authoritative position such as teachers, Police, And judges in real life. If you don't teach a kid consequences then they will do what they want till it leads to serious trouble. For example i have a relative who was ABUSED as a child now he has children and he refuses to spank them he believes that talking to them will help them to understand not to do things but his children cuss him out and even other adults cry till they get what they want etc. . What if i put it this way if you ever touched the stove as a kid it probably burned you same goes with any child or adult for that matter. I just find it easier to have a child associate discomfort to a bad action that way the action isn't repeated.

  • Spare the rod. . .

    Spanking can be a useful tool. Spanking hasn't created serial killers and rapists, That is absurd. It has literally been done for thousands of years. Dr. Spock was the first real *authority* to speak out against spanking kids, Spouting out unverified information and quoting flawed studies. Spoiler alert, Dr. Spock's son killed himself, So maybe he wasn't such a great parenting guru. Cultures that use spanking as a deterrent have less violent crime, Not more. South Korea, Japan, Most Scandinavian countries, Etc. It is a leftist American idea that spanking promotes violence and ruins kids, Leftists can't differentiate between discipline and abuse which is why we have so many 20 somethings who live at home and are unsure of what gender they are. It is pathetic. It shouldn't be your go-to move, But it works when used properly.

  • I think there are better options, But

    I believe a parent should be able to spank their children. It's merely a form of discipline. I'm not a fan of it personally, But in the spirit of the opinion question, This should be a parenting decision.

    Having said that, There needs to be some basic agreements:

    1) Never spank a child in anger
    2) Never spank a child with a weapon (paddle or switch)
    3) Spankings should never result in any bodily injury - ANY
    4) Spankings should be followed up with a reconciliation between parent and child - to ensure the child knows they are loved
    5) Spankings should be a last resort

    I was spanked as a child by my father, And I can say with confidence that I feared my dad more than I loved or respected him. While we developed a more loving relationship when I got older (i. E. Past college), I still feared him even as an adult.

    Because of how this impacted my relationship with my father, I never spanked my kids. Oh trust me, I wanted to several times, But I'm thankful that I never did. Did it take longer for my kids to learn to behave? Yeah, Most likely. But I think part of what built my strong relationship with my teenage kids today stems from the hard work my wife and put into raising them without spankings. I can tell you that my kids love and respect me, But they definitely don't fear me.

  • As a child, I disagree but now. . .

    It doesn't hurt, You just feel bad that you got caught. WHICH IS GOOD. Kids will just think that life is always on their side if you don't discipline them. So do it. As a kid, I was just embarrassed but the next I was practically bouncing off the walls.

  • Parents shouldn't spank

    It teaches kids that rape is perfectly okay if it is judged as punishment. Then the spouse may press charges for what the other one does to it. It cannot be accepted in today's society that kids are being taught to physically abuse another. Kids are violent these days too.

  • It's child abuse

    There are other ways to tell kids not to do something. Maybe take one of their valuables away? We can teach our kids an important lesson without hurting them.

    People who support spanking most likely have never been spanked before. The best child-parent relationship is that of friendship, Not fear.

  • No it's abuse

    You sound like you've never been spanked. Spanking hurts and often makes the child scared of the parent or guardian. Hurting a child is considered physical abuse. What if an adult spanked another adult? Wouldn't it be considered assault? All spanking has motives, So what if the assaulter wanted to put discipline into his victim, It sounds like a crime doesn't it?

    Posted by: Club
  • It is physical abuse

    Many parents might use spanking their child as discipline but really, It shouldn't be considered as discipline. I think that a parent spanking their child is considered as physical abuse. It could not only be considered as abuse but it could also be detrimental to the child's outlook on other adults in their lives. They may come to the conclusion that all adults are going to spank them if they make a mistake and that is entirely wrong.

  • It builds a dystopian world for children

    It is a simple act of violence that can't be undone. The people of the future will remember the moments that their parents aggressively attack them. They will remember the injustice treatment by their parents. They will remember that violence is the solution. It's child abuse. It's immoral. It's not okay and it's definitely not right.

  • It’s abuse and physical abuse

    You get hit by your father at a young age yes it may get your point across but the relationship between your father or who ever hit you will fade away, You learn things from a young age you will learn what is right and wrong you will also start to hit you have seen it by your father or mother and will start to him them when your can’t get your way. A better solution to this would be to take their valuables away from them it will teach them what they love will have to gain it back like a phone or PS4 or anything in between.

  • NO! Parents should not be able to spank their children!

    Spanking your children only leads them to an insecure and aggressive life style. It only teaches them that hitting is OK, So they will bring that mean stuff to school. Also, You and your child will have problems getting along later in life, And your child could become very depress.

  • Violence and spanking is not a solution. It causes nothing more than pain.

    Let's say that you have a son. Imagine that he made something wrong and you told it to him gently. Then he made the same thing again and you spanked him.

    Let's also think that your son made something bad accidentally in the school and his teacher spanked him. When he turned back to home he tells you that his teacher spanked him.

    You won't think that his teacher made something correct, Right?
    What the teacher made would be probably the same thing that you made!

    Spanking isn't a solution.

  • You can be arrested for doing far less to an adult

    This is a simple argument that any 7 year old could easily understand. If I go to work and tell an employee to do something, And they don't do it. . . Hitting them will get me arrested and charged. If I tell my kid to do something, I can hit them to make them do it and face no consequences. You could tell your children to go out back and work the yard to learn farming skills, If they don't you can hit them and make them do it. Parents obviously have too much power and children have no protection.

    Posted by: Iroc
  • Not abuse except if you weak ass

    If you think it is abuse then you are weak because a spank does not hurt and spanking is a very effective for of discipline because it works for example if a child does something bad and they know they will get grounded which means soon in time they will get ungrounded they won't care but if they know that they will get a light slap on the butt cheek with a hand or a belt they will think twice before dong what they wanted to do.

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