Should parents be able to take away playstations from their kids when their kids paid for the whole thing?

  • Does the kid pay for the Power?

    It's great that the kid saved up enough to buy there own Game console, however without the electricity it would just be an overpriced decoration. Same goes for the internet it connects to. The console itself is the kids, however the resources the enable it to work belong to the parents, and therefore so long as the kid is under the parents roof its there rules.

  • Is it in the parents household, using the electricity that they pay for?

    We as parents are the role models for kids. Yes, I respect the fact that they bought it themselves and encourage their privilege to use it, but to say that as a parent I cannot take that privilege is opposing the role that we play. Not only this but it's our own house- thus, it should always be our rules. If you have the privilege to live with someone, you ought to respect them.

    Going back to the role of parents, we need to address as parents the fact that we are the authority in our kids' lives besides the government, and uphold discipline and respect. If our kids are playing on their PlayStation, I'm not afraid to take it from them with good reason. Because they bought it themselves, I will never want to destroy it to respect their property- but to teach them a lesson I will limit their playtime, and/or, as said before, take it away from them.

    Discipline and respect, HOWEVER discipline always trumps respect.

    Hopefully this all makes sense, thanks for the read, and have a great week everyone! Feel free to message, debate me, or reply. I'm always willing to respond!

  • Parents Role is More Important.

    Assuming the playstation was taken away because the kid wasn't following rules or doing something bad, absolutely. Parents have a responsibility to raise kids who will become responsible adults. It's great if a kid has the patience and work ethic to save his own money for a game system. But if they are making bad decisions with it, or otherwise neglecting or breaking other rules or responsibilities, the parents have an obligation to correct their behavior.

    On a practical matter of cost, as others have noted, the kid is probably not paying for much. Just to make the point, let him keep the playstation. Then charge him rent, food, electricity, water, etc.. And see how quickly he has no time to play that game console.

  • Yes, because it's discipline

    It's a form a discipline, it doesn't matter who paid for it. If a child/teen misbehaves or gets into trouble and they are grounded, allowing them to play on a Playstation negates the punishment. They will still get it back when their punishment is over, so it's not like the parents are stealing it. When they become an adult and are still living with their parents, then it becomes a different matter.

  • You did the work

    Though you live in your parents house, and your parents have every right to tell you what to do until you are an adult or under their roof, it is still wrong for them to take it from you, they have every right to lock you out of the internet or cut the fuse to your room, but if you paid for the PlayStation it belongs to you.

  • They worked hard for it

    Think about it: A playstation costs hundreds of dollars. Back when I was a kid, that was about how much I made in a year. Those kids probably spent a year saving up their money and the next thing you know the parents take away something their KIDS bought with their OWN money.

  • No, they should not be able to take their kids playstation away

    I say no because the kids save up for most of their childhood to get these playstations and so since their kids save up to buy these playstations their parents should not be able to take the playstation away because they did not buy it. Now this is why I think that parents should not be able to take their kids playstations away

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