Should parents be allowed to choose our life

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  • No way in the world

    I get that my parents want to be part of my life and they are. However, sometimes they try to pick my friends, they try to make my decisions for me, and they never ask for my opinion on my life. I believe this is not okay because if parents want their kid to be able to make their own decisions in life, they need to be able to let their child choose what's right for them. Sometimes what the kid chooses is wrong, but we all make mistakes. If parents always make the decision for their child from the day their born until they're 18, there's no way that child is going to be able to make decisions for themselves and choose what's right for them. I'm the one who gets to decide if I want to be friends with someone, only I can decide if I want to live a bad life or a good life. Some parents don't realize their gigantic influence on their kids. Don't ever forget, parents who choose their child's life creates a child who can't think for themselves. If you think I'm wrong, prove it.

  • Parents should be encouraged to choose suitors, but it should ultimately be our choice.

    Supposedly, many arranged marriages do really well: better even than personally-chosen marriages.

    Not only that, but involved parents would likely have a better basis on which to establish compatibility from an outside perspective. How you act, who you THINK you are, and who you THINK you should be are usually at odds, which can throw your own judgment for a loop.

    However, when it comes to arranged dates and marriages, it still ultimately comes down to YOUR choice. Your parents or friends can match you up with someone, but it is YOU who must agree.

    On this basis, I vote "NO". I'm in favor of parents picking out potentials, but it should ultimately be OUR choice.

  • Your life should be your own.

    You should not have your life dictated to you by people older than you. They may give you advice, people your age may give you advice, but I believe the final say in any choice you make should be yours. You should be mature enough to determine the course of your own life. If you get your life handed to you on a silver platter, then you are not living life to its fullest. Besides, your elders are the past, and the future is what your choices determine. If they are the same, there is no movement forward. That is why I believe a pauper is more free than a princess.

  • Absolutely No !

    It's our life ! Our decision ! Even we took a wrong decision , that also was our own problems , at the same time we cant blame our parents and MUST to leran how to fixed the problems . Parents may know what toothpaste is best to use, or be able to teach you how to tie a neck tie, but that cannot tell you who or how to love someone.

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