Should parents be allowed to choose our life partner

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  • The idea that people somewhere in the world actually have to endure this...

    It makes my skin crawl. Here in America we're lucky enough to be free to spend our lives with whoever we choose, and to stop spending time with each other if we both agree. Other people aren't so lucky. In Islamic countries, girls are allowed to get married at 9 under Islamic law, and marriage is agreed between the husband (legal age of maturity 30) and the bride's father. Women have no rights whatsoever under Islam. OP, from your username, it looks like you're Chinese, so while marriage is *much* freer than it was until 1911, there are probably still some social limits; I don't know the Chinese as a very progressive country. But believe me, it's much worse under Islam. I believe that Islam as practiced in Saudi Arabia and by the Taliban and Boko Haram should not be a religion people have a right to practice. I do not believe ANY religion should be a cover for forcing people to spend their lives with someone not of their choosing and often many years older.

  • Absolutely not !

    It's our life , so we must do our own decision ! Parents may know what toothpaste is best to use, or be able to teach you how to tie a neck tie, but that cannot tell you who or how to love someone. Even we have make a wrong decision , it are our own problems , not parent's , at the same time we cant blame our parents also , and we must LEARN HOW TO FIXED THE PROBLEMS !

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