Should parents be allowed to choose their baby's gender?

  • Yes !!!!! They should !!!!!

    I read an article wrote by XINRAN XUE who describes the time where she visited a peasant family in the Yimeng area of Shandong province. The wife was giving birth, when the baby was born the father shouted "Useless thing! ", killed the baby and put the baby in the slops pail. The two policemen serving her as body guards told her not to move, she couldn't save it, it was too late. TWO POLICE MEN ! They just watched a murder and did not do anything ! I think parents should be able to choose their baby's gender to stop infanticide of baby girls.

  • Parents should choose the gender of their children

    Because according to the information I research in China, the government doesnt allow people there to have two daughters, only for having two sons. If the family has one daughter already, then the girl should be killed. :( So,I strongly believe that choosing my childrens' gender is absolutely correct.Therefore,this idea must stand.

  • I think this should be right because we need more males

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  • Yes parents should be allowed..

    In my opinion I believe there is nothing wrong with parents choosing their babies gender, it would just allow the family or parent to keep their number of kids wanted and it is freedom of choice. If you could choose your babies gender and you're not hurting anyone why wouldn't you want it?

  • Yes parents should be allowed.

    Parents have the right to choose the gender of their baby. It would stop many bad things from happening like:
     Child abuse would be lower. Many children get abused because they aren't the gender that their parents wanted. If the parents could choose the gender that wouldn't have to happen
     Parents would be able to get the desired gender on the first try instead of having to try many times till they get the right one
     Some children feel left out or ashamed because they aren't what the parents wanted
     Some women abort babies because it’s not the desired gender. Wouldn't it be easier to choose your gender instead of abortion?
     It would decrease the number of children put for adoption or kids that are abandoned. It would save them from suffering living at a bad foster home or starving on the streets

  • Parents Should Be Allowed to Choose Baby's Sex

    Yes, parents should be allowed to choose their baby's sex if able. Sex and gender are not sacred things and the choosing of such should not be looked down upon. I can think of no reason that a parent should be denied this opportunity and it may lead to a better life for the child as the parents get what they wished for in the first place, thus no ill feelings toward the child.

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  • Yes , it will help everyone

    The reason why this is a good thing, is because not only will parents be more happy but, what if there is a hereditary disease that runs in a family but only affects one gender, parents will no longer worry that their child will inherit it when you can choose the gender of your baby.

  • War! War! War!

    If we allow people to choose the gender of our babies, countries like China who want boys will be able to have all boys and make a huge army and destroy other countries. If we want there to be an unnatural balance in the world then I don't want to be a part of that world. God created boys and girls for a reason and we need to keep it that way.

  • No they shouldn't.

    First of all, to those people who say 'we need more males!': the female population isn't going to 'take over the world until females are the dominant species'. And we're not 'going to be dead' if there is a slight difference in the number of people of each gender. Also, what if you decide to choose your baby's gender, and he or she turns out to be transgender, BECAUSE YOU CHOSE? Who knows, maybe selecting the gender of your kid only affects how they look, and not how they feel? And the people with not enough money to select their baby's sex - what about them? And it's just not NATURAL to chose your kid's gender. Look at yourself. Did YOUR parents chose your gender? No? Well, what would you think if you were male, instead of female? Or female instead of male? Would you be very happy? I think not. So tell me: why would your child(ren) be?

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  • Change is not always good

    If you could select what gender your child is the number of males to females or females to males would be out of order. It's unnatural and you should love the child no mater it's gender. You if you choose your baby's gender and it grows up wishing to be someone else how would you feel. You made that child unhappy because you wanted to choose the gender. The whole thing shouldn't be up to you. Don't mess with what god has planned.

  • Why would you even want something unnatural?

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  • Mine fuckin opinion

    When people get down dirty in the sheets. They shouldn't care about what gender it should be because if your true parent you would take care and love it the same amount. No matter what it is don't be a greedy parent also people form the same sex most of them they don't care about the gender they just want a baby to love and chariest and love forever
    so fuck yawl who said yess

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