Should parents be allowed to circumcise their male children against their will?

  • Circumcision Is Done A Few Days After Birth

    I am the mother of a young boy and I suppose I did have him circumcised without his permission. Given that it is the norm to be circumcised in America and it's far more hygienic to be circumcised, I don't regret it at all. I think the practice should continue, if that's what parents want to do. If they don't feel it's necessary, then by all means, do what you want with your children.

  • Yes, they are infants.

    Yes, parents should be allowed to circumcise their male children against their will, because an infant is too young to express an opinion. There are valid health and religious reasons that adults want to circumcise their infant male children, and the child cannot express their position. The government should not ban this, because children are subject to the reasonable wishes of parents.

  • Yes,parents should be allowed to circumcize their male children against their will.

    In the end,parents should know what's best for their child and many times the underage male child may not be able to exercise good judgment because of their maturity level.They just may be afraid and they just need to be reassured by a loving and caring set of parental figures.

  • Yes, children have no awareness at that point.

    Circumcisions happen for most little boys when they are babies, either in the hospital or later in a religious rite. So they do not have a say at that point just as they have no say in where they live or how they live. Parents must to the best thing according to their own traditions and understanding of good health.

  • The child will not remember

    It is better to complete this process when the child is young and they will not remember the pain. It is more clean and socially acceptable in our Western Culture and many men may be scared to do it as they grow and would have wished their parents would have done it when they were young.

  • Circumcision is child torture

    What kind of person would see this as moral? It is the year 2013 and people still believe in sky faeries. I have no hope for the future of mankind. Children need to be kept away from their psychopathic parents who want to cut off their penises and indoctrinate them into religions.

  • It's literally against their will.

    Babies are helpless and can't do anything about it. The risks actually outweigh the benefits. It can cause PTSD as well. Circumcised men are actually more likely to get STDs. The baby can die and anæsthesia is typically not used. So definitely not. Let him decide when he's older, Unless it's infected where the doctor should decide that.

  • You wouldn't pull his teeth out just to avoid a future tooth ache

    20,000 nerve ending gone just because there is a small risk of illness even though the risk of complication is higher. Some surgeries have resulted in accidental removal of penis head, bleeding to death and erections so tight they hurt. A babies foreskin is to small to tell if there has been complication. Making his penis head dry and rough even though it should be internal is cruel, nobody would do it to a girl

  • Uh no das bad mkay

    I'm noticing a lot of people who think circumcision is okay when not technically required say it's okay because the child will not remember the pain and that the procedure will benefit them. The reality is that the child can grow up and be angry at the fact that part of their genitals are missing. Most likely the operation will not benefit them, only a small percentage at best. 20,000 nerve endings are in the foreskin, and with proper hygiene, circumcised or not doesn't matter. Circumcision can irritate ones genitals since part of it shouldn't be exposed in the first place. Why would you remove part of your newborn's genitals that isn't hurting them in any way, especially if there's a risk that the procedure could kill them? Research shows that the newborn baby can die from the intense pain they're undergoing, would you really put your son through that? That's like saying a woman's breasts should be removed because there's a chance they can develop breast cancer. What works for some people won't work for all, so please let your child stay intact, like how God/whatever created us intended it to be. If it is crucial for the baby's health to get the operation done, that's a different story, and should be permitted. However, removing ones foreskin when they are not being hurt by it is pointless, and you could potentially be ruining your kids life, there are plenty of men who grow up hating that there parents made the decision to circumcise them.

  • It's a immoral and unjust thing to do

    Lets compare circumcision to abortion, do you ever stop to think if the child wants this, no, because they are unable to form opinions yet, but you do it still, if circumcision equaled abortion, most of you would be mourning because your child is now dead, but in reality you killed them by making a decision for them

  • No way - it's a horrible practise and should stop at once!

    I myself almost lost my foreskin because it was too tight and the doctors thought it prudent to remove it fully - instead of just correcting the damned problem (damned surgeons who always want to perform surgery instead of trying other methods first!)

    I am very happy now that that didn't work out (I lost a bit, so that you can see the very tip of my glans, sadly enough -.-), though that damned plastibel ring flying off prematurely while urinating hurt like a bitch (I still remember that and that was nearly 25 years ago!) and left a bloody mess), why?

    Simple, firstly the sensitivity loss of the glans - it rubs against cloth all day, if it's exposed. Secondly there's masturbation (I know that Christians don't like masturbation, but imposing your religion over bodily integrity of a child and even usurping doctor's hippocratic-oath ("do no harm") in order to make that harder is hardly enough justification to harm a child!), which is a damned lot easier if you have foreskin. Thirdly, it's an involuntary procedure and the health benefits are meager (if they exist at all, which I seriously doubt!), so violating the child in that way is not justifiable (IMHO children should be allowed to take their parents to court for doing this against their will!) - it would be if the child's life depended on it, but seriously it does not!

    All in all I think it's - almost - as bad as female genital mutilation (which almost all of the pro-circumcision people are against!)...Hell, it's worse than some of the (there's after all more than one form of FGM, some of them "only" remove some skin (the clitoral hood for example!), just like - damned - circumcision does!) and should be made illegal (sadly: My country (Germany) caved in when Muslims and Jews demanded that their religious rituals be given precedence over the bodily integrity of BOYS (girls on the other hand are still protected...Thanks for that double standard BTW -.-).

  • It is not a question of if it's the parents right to do so, but rather are parent violating the rights of their male children?

    It's pointless to approach this as an issue of parents' rights, for this issue does not concern the parents. The real question is; if female circumcision is not acceptable, then why is male circumcision? Therein iies the real issue, why is it unacceptable to do this to boys and not to girls? Are infant males and females not to be treated equally? According to many of the posters, boys are not subject to the same pain as boys. Once more many of those that state this is the case are women, so not only is the pain boys experience not equal to girls, but apparently they do not deserve the same rights and protections as girls.

  • Circumcision a Personal Decision

    When children are infants, they can't protest against circumcision, so there's no argument to be made. However, children that grow up and start thinking for themselves might not want to undergo such a procedure. Parents shouldn't be able to force their children to undergo circumcision in this day and age.

  • No since it is against there will

    It is forced and really just creates harm down the road in quite a few cases.
    That and it really is just an intrusion on a child's body that in the end brings no real good.
    It does not do any real good and there have been quite a few deaths due to this.

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