Should parents be allowed to force their children to have abortions?

  • Parents Can Force Their Children To Have Abortions.

    Parents have the right to control their number of dependents in their household. If one of their children is still legally their responsibility then they have the right to force that child to have an abortion because that child will become a burden on the household and the parent's right to maintain the number of dependents that they want. A child giving birth to a child and living under the parents jurisdiction is like forcing the mother to get pregnant and bear a new child. In fact, a child who is underage and gets pregnant under her mother's household does not own that baby, but rather, the mother does thereby granting the mother the right to force an abortion on her daughter.

  • Babies having babies

    No minor should give birth to a child. A teenager is still living with her/his parents. And said parents should be allowed to get their daughter an abortion. The daughter can't afford to take care of a child at such a young age. Who's gonna feed the child? Who's gonna take care of the child? Where will the teen parent and the child live?

  • Being underage doesn't make you less of a human

    Honestly, the people who said "yes" make me sick. Yes, they still live in their parents' household, but it's THEIR child, and you shouldn't force any parent (no matter what age) to kill their baby. The children will be grownups someday too, and will have to suffer with this for the rest of their life, knowing they didn't have the choice back then because they were the age where people's bodies had to be owned by the "masters of the house." That's just as bad as a husband/boyfriend forcing his wife/girlfriend to get an abortion. Girls who are under 18 should have the same right as any other human to keep (their) baby. Biologically, they are considered young adults. Age is just a number, created by our society that we have to follow.

  • No they shouldnt

    Parents should not force their kids to have an abortion because its the child's body and they would have to be the ones taking care of the kid not their parents, the child should be forced to do something they do not want to do its their body their choice.

  • They should neither force nor discourage

    Abortion is not a decision to be forcibly imposed nor strongly advised against; it's a personal choice. If a girl gets pregnant and goes to her parents for guidance, they can give her abortion as a possible option. But that's all they can do: it wouldn't be moral to force her to have an abortion if she does not wish to, and it would be wrong to strongly discourage her from having an abortion if that is the option she selects.

  • Parents Should Not Be Allowed to Force Abortions

    No, parents should not be allowed to force their daughters to have abortions. Though a girl may not be ready to raise a child, an abortion is an invasive and sometimes dangerous procedure. The girl has the right to refuse this. In addition, the girl has the right to keep her child.

  • No And As A Parent I Wouldn't Encourage It

    I would encourage my child to choose adoption but would support her if she had an abortion. I would impress upon her that she's not old enough to be taking care of a baby, but would stress adoption as the option not abortion.
    It's still her body, it's her choice whether or not to get an abortion. Forcing a likely traumatizing medical procedure on a teenage girl is wrong.

  • why would you

    I get that parents want the best for their children. Want them to go to college, want them to live a little before starting a family. The things is thats not always going to happen. I don't think abortion should be your first option as a parent of teen parents. Some people do things backwards, that does not make them wrong. I think if your kids wants to keep their baby they should have that right. YOU might have to step it up as not only the parent, but the grandparent. Dont forget adoption is always a option too. being a teen parent is not the end of the world. I think encouraging your teen to finish school and to get a job to support their baby is a much better way to go. forcing your teen to have a abortion might cause your kid to not only hate you for life, it might also be something the will never get over or forgive them selves for either.

  • Parents should not be entitled to a decision that may or may not be life changing for their children.

    In forcing a child into an abortion, a parent runs the risk of permanently damaging not only their relationship with their own child, but the life of their child as well. A child may become quite contemptuous toward their mother and/or father because she did not want an abortion. It goes without saying that an individual should be the sole authority over their own body. Forcing an abortion upon a child is cruel because it strips her of the ability to chose for herself.

  • No, parents should not be allowed to force their children to have an abortion.

    Abortion is wrong, no matter the reasoning behind it. Every single life is precious and has potential, even if doctors say that there will be a medical problem with the baby. God has no limits, so we should not place limits on babies since they are his creation. A parent who teaches their child that abortion is the answer is teaching their child so many other negative lessons as well. Instead of abortion, the answer lies in placing the situation in God's very capable hands.

  • No, they should not.

    Those who are pro choice cannot have it both ways. Either it's the pregnant woman's choice and body, or it's not. If a girl wants to carry her baby to term, no one should be able to force her to abort her baby. Choice is a two way street, if you want abortion to be a choice, part of the choice is saying no to an abortion.

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katrilenyah says2013-05-22T13:54:28.110
Not at all, Even if the person that is a mother is a teen, they are a mother and they choose for their child now, even if it is still unborn, It's the daughters choice to take an inoccent life in abortion or if they should keep the child, the unborn baby shouldnt be punished for it, the teen has a right and a choice since its her child and body. If a parent forces an abortion it could cause a child to become depressed or commit suicide. It's not right. They can decide, not the girls parent, they arent the ones pregnant.