• It's not a want, it's a must.

    When I was a kid (not even that long ago, I'm 20) I was beat for just about anything I did wrong. Not anything ridiculous, but if it was something morally wrong then I'd get a whip on the butt. No questions. My brother on the other hand is 5 years younger, never seen the belt or even a finger on him, and you can see an extreme difference in attitudes, even comparing when we were the same age. He's become very unruly, disobeys his parents, is very sassy/rude, and doesn't care who he does it to (parents or otherwise). I swear on my mother's life, if my parents showed half the physical discipline they showed on me, he'd be whistling a different tune. I've become very successful in university, socially, and a very functional/socially acceptable individual. Meanwhile he has become what many would describe as scummy, like a mix between an internet troll and a jersey shore cast member put together. And this is the case across the board with all my friends as well. They turned out much like me, and their younger siblings all turned out like my own with the same factors at play. I'd be hard pressed to believe that it is wrong to beat/discipline your children physically.

  • I believe that one hard swat on the butt is okay for some parents.

    I would never spank my children, but who am I to tell another person how to raise theirs? A doctor once told me that one good hard swat on the butt can be very effective in redirecting behavior. I do not believe that this swat should ever be given when a parent is angry, and only in very serious circumstances. Honestly, I wish I could have followed my doctors advice and handed out that swat on occasion, but that swat would hurt my heart worse than it would my child's bottom!

  • Yes you idiot!!

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  • It shows them discipline

    I'm saying at the store parents say that they can't spank or yell at their kid in public so they are going to get spank once they get home. But by the time the parent gets home they are not even mad. So, if it is legal to spank/scold their kids in public the future generations will be better and have a better education and a better army/navy.

  • It shows them discipline

    I'm saying at the store parents say that they can't spank or yell at their kid in public so they are going to get spank once they get home. But by the time the parent gets home they are not even mad. So, if it is legal to spank/scold their kids in public the future generations will be better and have a better education and a better army/navy.

  • Yes kids need to be spanked!!

    Kids treat people terrible! When i was a child i got spanked a lot and im thankful for that because i turned out to be a great person. If you take something away from them they know they will get it back sooner or later so they obviously wont care and keep up the bad behavior. My sister didnt even see half the things i got when i was a kid and shes so rude and evil. She litterally thinks shes a bad ass when shes not and she always has a attitude towards everyone thats her nautural tone, she disrespects everyone even adults!! Spank your child if there bad they need it

  • It's the only thing that worked for me

    I'm a teen now and my parents tried to give me time outs and grounding me. But I kept doing things I shouldn't have anyways. But the one punishment that mare me stop was being spanked that could go a long way with us. That is why physical punishment works unlike others and even if you disagree then you don't know what your talking about

  • Duh bruh what you mean?!

    If your kids act up and refuse to be better even after MULTIPLE warnings, give them a good pop to get them together. I see kids in Walmart calling their parents by their first names and yelling at them, SO DISRESPECTFUL. I BET THEY WON'T ACT UP AFTER YOU HIT EM!!

  • Discipline leads to RESPECT- Dont overuse it tho.

    Children who get spanked are more likely to show respect and make better choices because they know that if they are disrespectful or make dumb decisions that there will be consequences, unlike children who get no punishment for being disrespectful little brats and making horrible decisions. I was spanked when I was younger and I love my parents! Just because they spanked me(yeah i was mad at the time) but now I understand the reasoning behind it. I deff. Dont hate them.

  • Look at how OUT OF CONTROL this generation is.

    When I was little (I am 22) I did get spanked. Not beaten, but I did get spanked when I deserved it. It made me evaluate my decisions, and think about the consequences. It also made me think twice about doing it again! Kids these days are way to out of control, and have to respect for thier elders. And it is due to the fact that parents are afraid to disipline thier kids! No parent should live in fear of doing the right thing. For example, if I had a child, and it spoke to me the way I hear children speak to thier parents in grocery stores, I would smack it in the mouth. And there is nothing wrong with that. As long as there are no INJURIES, I feel that it is perfectperfectly okay to spank/smack your children.

  • I Hate It

    I am a kid and I am hit every day. When I get a B, I get yelled at for 3 hours and I get a beating. I live everyday in fear of doing something wrong. It is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I'm always scared of them.

  • Are you kidding?

    This is too stupid to even comment on. Children should never be hit, instilling fear in someone will not make them a better person. You are mentally damaging them if you strike them for everything they do wrong. Thats not how you teach a kid. I can't believe you people sometimes.

  • Abuse is abuse

    Children are not rational adults, so they can't always be reasoned with in the same way. However, we have other means of punishment-- verbal reprimand, taking away freedom, taking away privileges, and so on. Children respond to these sorts of punishments as well. Hitting a child often only produces someone who will grow up to hit their own children.

  • Thank you for the most miserable choldhood

    As a kid growing up with parents that "spank" you I can honestly say I hate them. It's a fuel to anger your hate torwards them and once you've had enough and hit back its bad? No it's called self defense. I swore as a kid I haterd life. Let's just say if the purge was real I would of killed them before they knew it. Once your anger builds up you lose sight of every single thing around you. Plus what's the difference in getting beaten and multiple spanks. Both of them cause physical and emotioal pain.

  • Retarded train of thought:

    "It's not a want, it's a must."

    Nonsense! You always have a choice. If your brother is being disrespectful regularly, it's because he have experienced a lack of dicipline in general. Beating kids to learn them right from wrong, which is illegal in my country and which in reality nothing but disguised child abuse everywhere else, is not the only way of diciplining kids.

    "We learn to respect our parents Personally, I think this is the only punishment that works. "

    A stupid thing if I ever heard one. You don't learn to respect your parents, you learn to fear them. That's brainwash, just there.

  • No, it's not acceptable

    Hitting children makes things worse, not better. You don't teach them why something was worse, you just teach them to be afraid of you which is unproductive from a nurturing and a learning stance. Frankly if you need your fists to get a child to obey odds are you shouldn't have one as your responsibility.

  • It is cruel

    It said on the news that kids can have health problems on if they get spanked.Plus I hate my parents know because they spanked me.And its just cruel to abuse a child and parents dont understand how us children feel.The paents think theyre so perfect and they think they know everything.Thats why I hate my paents

  • Don't lay a hand of them.

    Hitting a child can ruin the relationship and cause them to misbehave even more and disobey more than ever. As a child my grandmother would beat me when I was misbehaving. Her doing this would reflect on my mood towards other things. Ever time I was beat I would misbehave more and more. Parents shouldn't be their children ever.

  • Discipline or Abuse?!

    There are so many other ways to punish a child other than hitting them. Some parents (Some who shouldn't even be parents) take advantage of discipline and just abuse their children.
    I believe that young teenagers are becoming pregnant and don't have the heart to give the child up for adoption. This leads to children growing up with parents not much older than they are, and don't have the maturity level to control them. They feel that hitting or yelling will cause a better behavior, but it truly causes their children to become afraid of the world around them.Yelling is still a form of abuse, and cant emotionally hurt your child. Ever think that a child just acts they way they do because of lack of attention payed to them? That's about 90% of the cause.

  • It will ruin your relationship.

    Hitting your kids will ruin their childhood and the relationship with that parent, I was abused as a child by my father, and now my mother hits me for trying to defend myself for having an opinion, so now I can't be correct or defend myself without verbal and physical? Children hate their parents in their later life, I know I do.

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