Should parents be allowed to home school their children?

Asked by: Sophia13
  • Yes, they should be allowed

    Public schools aren't the best, but they're not the worst either.
    When sending you kids to a public school, safety is important. When they're getting bullied, it's up to the school to do something about it. Also, the teachers need to be teaching the kids RIGHT. Don't force all of this homework on them and expect them to learn overnight. Perhaps the parents would do a better job at teaching their own kids.

  • Yes they should

    Parents should be able to homeschool their kids. I've been going to public schools for the last 12 years and trust me when I say that they aren't that great. In public schools rude and disrespectful kids roam the halls, people bring weapons to school, there are fights. A senior once through 2 pens at the teacher in my class. No one should be forced to send their kids to those kinds of places. Not all but Many public schools aren't that great. Most people can't afford private school so they would be forced to attend public school .

  • They should be allowed to.

    Its crazy to say that the government should force people to go to their schools. Homeschooled children are often very successful because they are nurtured and they are in a very specialized environment. Schools often are not as effective as home school since there are many students in a class and they often do not have time for each individual student. While the public school system isn't terrible, we certainly shouldn't force students to be educated by the government.

  • Kids will be happier in an environment created for them.

    Going to a school with professionally trained teachers would benefit the children in the long-term. The teachers would know the curriculum and be able to deliver it in a way that would keep the kids entertained at the same time. The more strict schedule of organized schools would teach kids how to be on time. Plus, being in a class of other kids their age would give kids better social skills, raise their chances of finding friends, and overall increase their potential to have a successful life. There are too many benefits of organized school to ignore here, and we can't just decide that our children won't have what's best for them just because we feel like it. This whole school system has been put in place for them, and for a good reason, too.

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