Should parents be allowed to homeschool their children?

Asked by: Sophia13
  • It can be done, provided the parent is financially capable, intelligent and responsible.

    The major argument against homeschooling seems to be the idea that children will grow up socially crippled without learning in the sort of environment school provides.

    But it's not as if school is the only place children can interact. The child could certainly make friends with the kids in their neighborhood, the parent could enroll them in after-school activities where you have to be on a team or something. And homeschooling is not really something kids get bullied for - in fact, it's rather envied and admired, considering the kid is home the entire time.

    And it's not like the child would necessarily not get a say. If they want to go to school, they will, and if they want to be home schooled, they will - provided, once again, the parent is intelligent and responsible.

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