Should parents be allowed to microchip their children?

  • There are too many filthy child predators

    I believe micro chipping your child would be an excellent idea as when and if god forbid, a child goes missing it would be easy to locate them. There are no guarantees of course, but have a gps tracker inserted into children would mean that parents have have a better chance of getting their child back, and children might not be raped and tortured by these sick monsters.

  • It will diffidently ease my fear

    I have a 3 years old daughter, and my big fear is her being kidnapped, (God forbid) If my child is carrying a microchip I would be maybe 50% relaxed.( I would rather loose her because of death, but never I will be rest thinking she is tortured or used by human traffickers) please allow it that will minimize kidnapping children crimes and give a bit of relief for caring parents and guardians.

  • Keeping my child safe...

    U hear about noncustodial parents taking children all the time.
    And kidnappings and missing children ALL THE TIME.. At least "tag" them until their 18. If they want to get it taken out then so be it... But if I could I SO WOULD... My first child I didn't have to worry cuz her dead beat dad didnt care.... My sons dad on the other hand... I dont trust him as far as i could throw him...

  • Micro Chip the predators!

    Once a person is deemed as a sexual predator they should be micro chipped besides being castrated. Also, as a new grandma, I am very careful any where I go with my grandchild. I feel micro chipping a child is definitely a good thing and would have it done for my grandkids! Why not?

  • Ask those who had dealt with it

    When I was a kid, I was almost kidnapped by a stranger who "needed directions". When my mom came out to ask if he needed something, he sped off. While there should be limits on who and when the GPS could be tracked, it would be a huge help in missing and abducted children. Go to Walmart and see the board with all the missing people. If we could have a way to find them, why wouldn't we.

    I would be curious to see what the families who have actually had a child go "missing" would think if they were told it could have been possible to do this to help find their child. I imagine almost every one of them would fully agree with it.

  • Help for Wandering Autistic Children

    The tragic phenomenon goes by various names — wandering, elopement, bolting — and about half of autistic children are prone to it, according to research published last year in the journal Pediatrics. As a mother of a child on the autism spectrum, who ran away and was found after 10 min last weekend, I would use the microchip immediately today! She is a young girl, 14 years old who loves music and maths but does not speak properly, is not afraid of cars, or any danger for that matter, and does not know how to discern strangers from familiar people. She has no social skills to help her understand the facial expressions or body language of people who might want to harm her and needs to have 24 hour support. I died in those 10 min every second fearing what could have happened to her. We can trace the whole world: cars, mobile phones, dogs, cats...But not wandering children on the autism spectrum?

  • Do you value your pet and your vehicle more than your own child?

    Plain and simple the answer is YES to this question. If you really cared about your children then you would have this device in them. Those speaking about the children's rights are ignorant because if their own child ended up being abducted then these same parents would be the first to be screaming that the authorities were not doing enough to recover their child. You are saying that your pet and your vehicle are worth more than your own flesh and blood because they are tagged...Pathetic! Also, ALL of you know damn well that parents who are royalty all the way down to the mega rich have implanted their own children with this technology. If it's good enough for Tom Cruise then it's good enough for the common folk too. Get real, protect your kids and quit using their safety as a platform for your beyond stupid political statements and stands against authority.

  • Boko Haram wouldn't have been able to kidnap 200 or more young girls from their school selling them into slavery.

    The industry of trafficking young women would cease and the issue of missing children wouldn't ever cause heartache to families. When they turned 18, they would be able to remove the chip if they desire. We lojack our cars and micro chip our livestock, but our children aren't worth it?

  • This is a sick world we live in now

    Unfortunately you have to go with the times, it is a sick world we live in and you CAN'T let your kids play down the street anymore, we need to make sure they are safe at all times. If I am not invading their "privacy", I am not a good dad. I trust them 100%, I do not trust these sickos who are molesting and hurting our children. I know you "NO" siders will kick yourself and feel responsible when you child gets kidnapped and lays in a ditch for hours and if you would have had this technology his life would have been saved and he would be playing on a playground right now. R.I.P. Jacob, daddy loves you!

  • Advantages Outway the Disadvantages

    I would say from infant to 10 years of age this is a good idea.After that it would be at the child discretion.The parent is the protector of the child and any parent that has ever lost a child to a predator, or by any other means is a parent that would jump at this type of technology, so to avoid history repeating itself. Be smart, not closed minded. Its not "if" another child is abudcted, its "when"! If this small device could help save lives i would vote for it, but it cannot be misused and only be used for missing children. I quote George"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

  • No, It's a violation of their rights.

    Children should not be subjected to any invasive procedure that is not medically necessary. Children are already subjected to many other controversial immunizations and medications. Besides, good parents should know where their children are at all times. Most children now have cellphones or other mobile devices which have GPS capabilities. These tools can be used to enhance any search efforts to find a lost child.

  • No

    Really, microchipping children? There are already plenty of ways for children to be identified, from dental records to DNA samples to fingerprinting. There is no reason to microchip children like they are an animal. Putting a microchip in a child just screams irresponsibility by the parent. Rely on other forms of identification.

  • No, that's ridiculous.

    If you need to microchip your child to know where he or she is, you're parenting has gone so far off the rails as to be almost a lost cause. At that point, what you need is intense, professional help, not an electronic device implanted in your child. Micro chipping is not medically necessary, and gives parents yet another excuse not to actually parent.

  • Not even close to that

    We are not even beginning to reach a stage with these kinds of potential technology that we know how they would work out. There may well be a day that this sort of behavior is not only allowed but the norm, we are not close to it. Doing this in 2013 would be boastfully irresponsible.

  • I strongly disagree with this.

    Of course, every parent wants to love, to protect and to help their kids to improve, but this is not a good idea.
    Firstly, with a microchip inside the body, the kid will feel extremely inconvenient because they cannot do the things they want. They are prevented from being independent and free. This is a nightmare to every kids, especially teenagers. That does not help parents to improve their children's skills as they are overprotected - they live on their parents and they can never do things to protect themselves. Also, if the kid is curious but they are not allow to go to places they want to, they will not believe and obey their parents anymore.
    Secondly, do you really think that a microchip can help children to be prevented from being abducted? Well, it somehow does, but somehow doesn't. Kidnappers nowadays are 'professional' and they DO have certain ways to remove the microchips from the kids' bodies and put them somewhere that makes the parents believe that their kids are still save. People in the 'Yes' column say that the world is so dangerous and kids can easily be kidnapped, but they can still be kidnapped even if they have a microchip in their bodies.
    Finally, I want to suggest another way to protect your kids instead of using a microchip or a GPS tracker. It's best to orientate and educate your children since they are small as that is the best period of time to make them believe their parents. Children are just like a blank paper and people around him will decide how that paper will look like; so determine its appearance before bad guys have chances to do it. If you are a good parent, you will certainly know that this will not disappoints you when your children grow up.
    Once again, I want to assert that this statement is completely wrong.

  • Possible health ramifications

    Science still doesn't know the full health ramifications of these implants, so no.

    People in the yes column are mostly bringing up "the world we live in". The fact is children are no more likely to be targeted by predators than they were historically. In fact they are a little bit less likely to be targeted as crime rates including crimes targeting children have gone down. What has gone up is media awareness of child abduction and child molestation cases.

  • Bruv, Are you gay?

    Okay so my mans looked this up the other day and he thinks yall are bunch of idiotic lunatics with small brains, MY CHILD...Whom was probably an accident DOES NOT NEED A TRACKING DEVICE WHY WOULD I WANT TO KNOW THAT MY CHULD IS HAVING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE AND IM AT HOME CLEANING THE DISHES, INCONCLUSION VERY STUPID IDEA

  • Extremely unmoral and sick

    How can you even think about importing a chip to track your child?
    Recently the possibility of your child getting lost is only 12%. Thats pretty low. Plus, a good parent should know where their kids are without checking their phone or mobile device to check where he/she is. The fact that parents want to install these chips inside these children is a fact that they are unstable parents or parents without responsibility over their child. Children aren't toys or computers either. The fact that we are trying to implant these chips are exactly the same as comparing out kids with dogs and cars.

  • Snatching freedom from girls

    As many people are there who said that to prevent girls get kidnapped and sell them ,that's good to implant chip but just for that kind of mentally sick people are we supposed to snatch the freedom and rights of a girl??No that is totally unfair.
    So this point in proposition isn't appropriate

  • No it's wrong

    It violates their rights and if it stays in to long it can cause deformities and maybe some person will hack the tracker and be able to track your child. If it does get hacked then it might go haywire and harm your child. The child or some creepy person could also remove it and put it somewhere else and then steal your child.

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