• I think it should be possible.

    I'm 19 now. But a few years ago I wasn't. My parents love me and they always want me to be safe.
    If they would have wanted to microchip me with RFID chip I would understand. And when I would be adult I would just simply remove the chip. It's simple.

  • There are too many filthy child predators

    I believe micro chipping your child would be an excellent idea as when and if god forbid, a child goes missing it would be easy to locate them. There are no guarantees of course, but have a gps tracker inserted into children would mean that parents have have a better chance of getting their child back, and children might not be raped and tortured by these sick monsters.

  • It will diffidently ease my fear

    I have a 3 years old daughter, and my big fear is her being kidnapped, (God forbid) If my child is carrying a microchip I would be maybe 50% relaxed.( I would rather loose her because of death, but never I will be rest thinking she is tortured or used by human traffickers) please allow it that will minimize kidnapping children crimes and give a bit of relief for caring parents and guardians.

  • Keeping my child safe...

    U hear about noncustodial parents taking children all the time.
    And kidnappings and missing children ALL THE TIME.. At least "tag" them until their 18. If they want to get it taken out then so be it... But if I could I SO WOULD... My first child I didn't have to worry cuz her dead beat dad didnt care.... My sons dad on the other hand... I dont trust him as far as i could throw him...

  • Micro Chip the predators!

    Once a person is deemed as a sexual predator they should be micro chipped besides being castrated. Also, as a new grandma, I am very careful any where I go with my grandchild. I feel micro chipping a child is definitely a good thing and would have it done for my grandkids! Why not?

  • Microchipping children should be allowed.

    Microchipping children should be allowed. Obviously when they're turned 18 or 21 they can choose to have it removed. I'm 22 myself and if my parents would've liked to microchip me during my childhood or teenage years I wouldn't mind it. So parents should be able to "tag" their children, But once kid turns adult keeping the microchip implanted in kid's body should be a choice made by a young adult. Also implanting a microchip under children's skin should be done in a painless method with anesthetic so it wouldn't be harmful and painful.
    In my case, If my parents had me microchipped I would've removed it when I would've been 21.

  • Safety is more important than privacy

    Are you trying to say that because children have their own privacy and rights they shouldn't be tracked? Well, Of course they should and there have been many incidences in New York reporting children kidnapping. I've seen most of opposition saying that if they are doing some private business like dating or honeymoons and stuff, Then they aren't children anymore? They are then teenagers or adults. With that I would like to say that the motion must stand.

  • There are too many points supporting this

    As children nowadays grow more and more lawless and unruly, The thought of implanting GPS trackers in children has seemingly grown more and more viable. It is highly unpredictable where children might want to go due to bad peer pressure, Exposure to wrong websites, Influence by mass protests, Or just careless thrill of adventure, It would be quite helpful for parents to keep a check on the location of their children, And thus prevent any mishaps or injuries that might occur to their children.
    There are too many filthy child predators. I believe micro chipping a child would be an excellent idea as when a child goes missing it would be easy to locate them. There are no guarantees of course, But having a gps tracker inserted into children would mean that parents have a better chance of getting their child back, And children might not be abused and tortured by these sick monsters.
    The tragic phenomenon goes by various names — wandering, Elopement, Bolting — and about half of autistic children are prone to it, According to research published last year in the journal Pediatrics. It would be a huge help in finding such missing children.
    Agreed, A child nowadays uses a lot of gadgets, But, They could easily delete the app/software, Seeing that kids nowadays are quite tech savvy or if the phone breaks off, No one will be able to tell.

  • Some Things Don't Cut It

    We have to come to face the fact that the world we live in is a cruel one. We have terrorists, Criminals, And kidnappers. This is a problem for children, Who are targeted and have little self-defense. This is why we need a microchip for children, So the parents can know exactly where the child is and if he/she is in a "safe zone". Do take note that cellphones won't quite cut it. Kidnappers are smart. Not in a good way, That is. They will find ways to make the phone otherwise untrackable. Once that happens, You can say GOODBYE to your once-happy life. Call me an overprotective dumb guy and refer to the rights of privacy. GPS tracking is NOT an invasion of privacy, Because we are all doing this to ensure the SAFETY of the child. With this, We can minimalize kidnapping and keep the child safe, And once again, That ain't no overprotective privacy, NO siders. You could say that this GPS can stall for time and attempt to save the child in the quickest time. Once again, This is not overprotectiveness. PERIOD.

  • f**k u bitch

    Help for Wandering Autistic Children The tragic phenomenon goes by various names — wandering, Elopement, Bolting — and about half of autistic children are prone to it, According to research published last year in the journal Pediatrics. As a mother of a child on the autism spectrum, Who ran away and was found after 10 min last weekend, I would use the microchip immediately today! She is a young girl, 14 years old who loves music and maths but does not speak properly, Is not afraid of cars, Or any danger for that matter, And does not know how to discern strangers from familiar people. She has no social skills to help her understand the facial expressions or body language of people who might want to harm her and needs to have 24 hour support. I died in those 10 min every second fearing what could have happened to her. We can trace the whole world: cars, Mobile phones, Dogs, Cats. . . But not wandering children on the autism spectrum? U are motherfuka

  • No, It's a violation of their rights.

    Children should not be subjected to any invasive procedure that is not medically necessary. Children are already subjected to many other controversial immunizations and medications. Besides, good parents should know where their children are at all times. Most children now have cellphones or other mobile devices which have GPS capabilities. These tools can be used to enhance any search efforts to find a lost child.

  • No

    Really, microchipping children? There are already plenty of ways for children to be identified, from dental records to DNA samples to fingerprinting. There is no reason to microchip children like they are an animal. Putting a microchip in a child just screams irresponsibility by the parent. Rely on other forms of identification.

  • No, that's ridiculous.

    If you need to microchip your child to know where he or she is, you're parenting has gone so far off the rails as to be almost a lost cause. At that point, what you need is intense, professional help, not an electronic device implanted in your child. Micro chipping is not medically necessary, and gives parents yet another excuse not to actually parent.

  • Not even close to that

    We are not even beginning to reach a stage with these kinds of potential technology that we know how they would work out. There may well be a day that this sort of behavior is not only allowed but the norm, we are not close to it. Doing this in 2013 would be boastfully irresponsible.

  • What’s chipping going to improve?

    I should not be chipped like a dog! I am a human, Not an animal. Technically, Kids are just young humans, And we should not be chipped like pets. We are not pets, We are younger humans. I don’t want an unnecessary invasive procedure! Parents should know where their kids are without chips!

  • Never, It is useless, A waste of time, Money.

    Firstly, The parent can have a GPS tracking device on their child's phone, Bum problem solved. Secondly, The child needs privacy, They don't need a freaking adult to stalk them everywhere they go. The child will lose trust from the family. And who knows how it will function, What is it breaks and cause a spill of electronic right underneath your skin. In short, The idea of inserting a microchip into their children is ridiculous.

  • It is a violation of human rights.

    Now, I'm sure you've all heard this one before. But I can say, As a teen if my parents did such a thing to me, I would never forgive them. Not only is it unethical, But it is also such a huge invasion of privacy. Do you think I want my mother to stalk me wherever I go? She's overbearing enough already for crying out loud.

  • Not a chance.

    Parents should supervise their children themselves or, When that's not an option, Hire a freaking babysitter. Safety is one thing, But this is going too far! Kids have rights! Tracking chips are inhumane and should be completely outlawed. Blah blah blah words words words why do I need more words?

  • It is violation people

    Kids can have their own life not being stalked by parents and later the children will get spanked for doing something not right. This can destroy the relationship between the parents and the children. Even if you give your child a hundred hugs and 1 spanking is not counted is it.

  • I strongly go against this. . . If you are selling your child for a microchip. . Don't Trust.

    First of all, No one can insure you that your microchip will ALWAYS work and it will not have any side effect on your child's health. Secondly, This is not the only way of protecting your child. People can also teach their children not to talk with any strangers, Not to take any thing from them. They can give them moral values and after a certain age ask them to develop their own opinions. . . And it is certain that when a child knows about that tracker he or she will completely disagree with it. Children should also be given their privacy. He will definitely oppose the thought of having a tracker planted inside him or her. So, Go talk to him or her and ask if they would be okay with something like that. . As a parent you should think of their opinion first not others! And if you have also decided to have a tracker, Don't go for implantations think of some tracking watches and phone apps. .

    Written by: Mohit Mohanty.

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