Should parents be allowed to read daughter's diaries?

Asked by: broken_doll
  • Minors don't have a right to privacy.

    The question stated should parents be ALLOWED- there is no real question about it. Parents have the right to examine any of the belongings of any minor child living in their custody. A child has absolutely no right to privacy, under the law or by common sense.

    You can certainly argue that a parent SHOULD leave certain things private, but that is up to the parent's discretion and the attitude of the child involved.

  • It would be ignorant not to look.

    If you think your child/teen tells you everything, You're wrong. They'll tell you everything that's safe to tell, But anything they may want to HIDE, Might go into the diary. To not look, Is ignorant. If you miss out on knowing about inappropriate relationships, Suicidal thoughts, Etc. , Then you're a bad parent. The answers were in front of you and you didn't even look. What's worse- having a child who's permanently damaged because you didn't want them to be mad at you for a week, Or a healthy and safe child who was mad at you for a week. C'mon folks.

  • It's at the parent's discretion.

    If a parent wants to go through their child's stuff, including their diary, then they are free and clear to do so. If the child, especially in their adolescent years, is acting irrationally, then their diary may provide insight into what they are going through and whether or not they need help.

  • Morally, I think its wrong

    I think that while this may be a good strategy to see into your kid's life, that it breaks a deeper moral obligation which is to respect a person's privacy. Looking at the greater scale, why is it not OK for the NSA to spy on us if its ok to spy on your children. Obviously legal arguments can be made but the very base of those legal arguments are founded on morality, which is what we should be more concerned with. Also, you run the risk of permanently defaming the child's trust in you as a parent which damages your relationship. People deserve to have their own borders and if you want to peek in those borders you should get to know you child a little bit better instead of spying on them like the damn government.

  • Children Have a Right to Write

    As a human with her/his own soul, children have thoughts and opinions they aren't always comfortable with sharing. Yet, they need to document and release those thoughts, and diaries are the perfect solution for this. By reading your child's deepest thoughts, you are not only defeating the purposes of a journal, but discourage them from healthily letting their feelings out, which will also follow them into adulthood. This encourages bottling up their emotions from others, possibly leading to destructive behaviors. Do your child a favor, and let them grow without the fear of judgment from who is supposed to be the people she/he could depend on most.

  • No, parents should not be allowed to read their daughter's diaries, but there are some exceptions.

    This question refers to reading diaries in general. If the parents see the daughter writing in a diary without any problems, it would be rather upsetting for her privacy to be violated without a reason to violate. However, if there is a problem going on, AND the parent has come to them already, the child said no, and there is still something going on, in THAT case would it be justified, because the parents were trying to keep them safe.

  • Absolutely not! Most if not all journals are a very sacred thing.

    Golden rule! Treat others as you wanna be treated. There are some things that both parents and kids should keep to themselves and use such things to vent. A journal is a sacred thing. You wouldn't want your offspring to do that to you, surely. Because if one feels pushed or forced into something they don't wanna disclose, now of all times, it's gonna push them away.

  • No, parents should not read their children's diaries

    I think it is very rude for parents to read their children's diaries. I am a big daughter in my family. My mother said that i did not allow to keep my diary by myself just because i am under 18 years old. That made me feel really bad and angry but i have no choice. I will not do that with my children if i am a parents in the future because i respect them.

  • No, parents should absolutely not be able to read them!

    Three reasons why parents shouldn't be allowed to read their children's diaries:
    1) Children deserve privacy, especially at such an age where so much is going on.
    2) There's a reason the child went to the diary and not to the parent. There's something going on that the kid simply wants to jot down rather than have a parent try to fix the problem.
    3) It completely ruins any trust there was in the relationship. Reading a diary literally defeats the purpose of a diary!

  • Parents should not be allowed to read their children's diaries/journals!

    I know that sometimes it can be tempting. Your child's diary is sitting on their bed, unlocked because they didn't realise you'd be in their room while they were getting a glass of water. All of their secrets are hidden inside this one book. Do you read it or let it be? You let it be! If a parent reads their child's diary, it can ruin all trust in the relationship. Your child will never look at you the same again because you defeated the purpose of a diary.
    And besides the privacy fact, your child went to their diary and not to you for a reason. Maybe they just had a bad day and didn't want you to worry. Failed a test and cried behind your back. Or maybe something good is happening, like they had their first kiss and they're too embarrassed to tell you for the time being. There's a diary for a reason! If they didn't need the locked documentation device, you'd already know all of those things!

  • Invasion of Privacy

    This is a complete invasion of privacy. Just because they are younger, this does not mean they shouldn't have the right to a safe space to express themselves. It could also be really harmful to your relationship if they find out you have been reading their diary (if they catch you, or if you let something slip in a conversation). This will cause them to not write in their diary, which is also harmful because having a place to write out your thoughts is so important.

  • No they sould nkt

    A diary is something a kid should be able to use without the fear of someone els reading it, it is a place were someone can let their feelings out and still keep it secret and if a parent decides to read their childs diary it may ruin the trust and have kids bottle up their feelings cause they feel that is the only option because they feel they cant write anymore without eyes other than their own looking at the pages so just think before you go snooping into your. Kids personal getaway is this how you want your kids to feel? Kids should be able to say what they want in a diary and keep it secret and talk about it when they are ready instead of having parents snoop through what they thought was something they could keep secret.

  • Children deserve privacy too

    When someone keeps a diary, it's because they want to get it out, but still keep it private. It should remain as private as it would be if the information was not in there in the first place. Parents should not demand to know every thought a kid has. On top of that, parents are showing that they have a right to do as they wish with their kids. This is abusing their authority. In the end, it will only create trust issues, and the child will feel that they cannot even keep their own thoughts to themselves. How would the parents like it if their kids could see every single thing they wrote and know every single thing they thought?

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