Should parents be allowed to select the gender of their children?

  • For medical reasons

    If the parents are known carriers of a gender specific disease, it would be easy to prevent it being passed down if a child of the opposite gender was born instead. Plus there are ways to do this that do not harm the child or the mother in any way.

  • Freedom of Choice

    When you're presented with the gift to save lives in regards to either selective abortion or gender specific diseases why not take it? It is your future child, you're not destroying a life because it hasn't been born or even created yet. With the view of it not being natural, you should have the same feelings on all "non traditional" forms of conceptions.

  • Parents should choose.

    Yes, it will prevent population growth. People will be content of their expected child and won't have to try again for a desired gender. And I believe the population will not be unstable because the lower class won't be able to pay for choosing their child's gender. If this becomes a problem, The United States can fix this situation like anything in this world simply by ratifying.

  • Yes Parents Should Be Allowed to Select the Gender of Their Children

    Since parents may only have one opportunity to become parents, they should be allowed to select their child's gender. There will be enough different desires for family makeup that there will be no abnormality. This will enable parents to have the exact number of children they want instead of continually trying for the other gender.

  • By looking how many girls in my neighborhood. I have got scarred.

    The methods like Ericsson method, ultrasound technology during pregnancy, and technique uses in-vitro fertilization (IVF), mixing parents' sperm and eggs to create embryos in laboratory are available to select the gender. Adults need to learn about rest of the word and other cultures. By looking how many girls in my neighborhood. I have got scarred.

  • It depend on parents

    I think I should be allowed and parents should use it because first it can reduce the pollution because think about if a family want a girl and to get a girl they are gave birth six boys instead of that she could use some of her money to get a daughter instead of giving birth to six babies. Second in some of culture you are spouse to have at least a boy or girl so if they gave birth to ten girls but their culture says that they are suppose to have one boy at least they can just change the gender of their baby. Third some of people think that it harmful but they are wrong it is not harmful they will just add x or y or subtract it from their sex DNA and then your daughter will turn into a son. It will be that easy it does coast a lot but to get your wish kid you can do that instead of give birth 5 or 6 kids and it will take years to get you wish baby because it take 9 months to born a baby and after baby born a mom needs at least tow years of time to recover. So think carefully when you choose your baby and have a wonderful.

  • It will change abortion rates!

    All over the world, there is a preference of boys over girls. Biologically the sex ratio of children is around 95 girls to every 100 boys, this number generally evens out due to the higher mortality rate of boy infants. However, in several countries, like India, and Pakistan, the sex ratio of children is very different, there is around 80 girls to every 100 boys. The favouritism for boys over girls can be for several reasons including economics, religion, and culture. Having a son ensures that families are more economically safe by not having to provide for extra costs like feminine hygiene products which can add up to $120 per year. In countries where there are unfair practices regarding women inheriting, owning, or controlling land by law, having a son ensures that the family will not have to worry about the legal aftermath if something were to happen to them. Having a choice of which child they desire will reduce abortion rates by the hundreds!

  • Nobody is harmed by this, but as it's a little frivolous we should tax it

    Nobody is harmed by this. The child can be happy or healthy as a boy or girl, gender selected by his or her parents or not.

    If anything this will mean the parents will love and invest in their children more. I would personally love my own children equally if I had them regardless of their gender, but if a parent feels strongly about what gender they want then allowing them to pick the gender means they are more likely to invest more in their child in terms of affection, engagement, and support. That benefits not only the child but society as a whole.

    However these benefits to society are likely to be marginal compared to other things the parents could spend their money on, so I'd support taxing gender-selection.

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  • It can save a life

    I think it is okay to a point. When you know that you are going to have a boy with hemophilia, a disease where blood doesn't clot naturally, why would you want to put that child through all of that torture and pain. Canada is allowing the process of gender choice only for medical purposes and I believe that that is the only way to use this technique. You could have a girl instead of a boy and then there would be no problem, it would be one life saved. The hemophilia wouldn't carry on to the girl like it would've to the boy. You would have a child that of course isn't perfect because you didn't change anything but the gender, you wouldn't be creating your own child, you would only be saving a life. I honestly think Canada is using this process correctly.

  • This is so wrong

    Im writing a research paper on should women be able to pick the sex of their child... I find it very interesting what different women think.. In my opinion you should take the baby as it comes. Be blessed you can have a kid. Some women can not have kids.. So just take the baby as it comes and be happy. Kthanks

  • No, I think that's unnecessary.

    Why should anyone be allowed to choose the gender of their baby? I think that's the most exciting part of your pregnancy; finding out what you are having! It just seems unnatural to me to have it any other way. But maybe I am just a little too traditional, parents should just be happy with whatever gender they get.

  • No, I think parent's shouldn't be allowed to check sex of their offspring :

    I personally think choosing of sex shouldn't be followed. It leads to imbalance that would greatly affect future generations.
    No one should be able to choose sex of their offspring.......... Children are not a commodities and families are not toy sets, uncompleted until you find each and every part/design/different figures in your collections...

  • Let creation and nature do it job

    No. A child is a gift and it should not be treated as a science project. Choosing the gender of a child throws off the natural balance of society. One example is when female babies were disposed of in China because the families wanted to have males and they were limited in the number of children they could have. After a good stint of time there were not enough women. Let nature do it work and be happy for the gift of any child regardless of the gender.

  • Parents have no right to select the gender their child

    Parents must be happy with gender of the child . If this goes on there will be a huge population of boys or girls . The birth of a child is a natural process . It is a gods gift. It is ok if we choose the color of eyes .Therefore i think we must be happy with a boy or girls that does not matter at all as they both are equal

  • No they should'nt

    If you say yes you are wrong, sex selection are far greater than those of abortion. Sex selection could lead to a huge sex imbalance that could greatly affect future generations. This leads me to my next point.

    While it is true that this could reduce population on a more immediate and purposeful level, it could also reduce future populations as a negative side effect of past decisions. In talking about China, one must recognize that they already have in place sex selective abortions. There is a huge concern that by the year 2020, the number of men will far outweigh the number of women. This will cut down on the number of future children born.

  • How far does it go?

    Aside from the fact the choosing the gender of your child is unnatural and will cause an imbalance in population, how far does it go? Will we the be able to choose the hair color? Eye color? Weight? Size of nose? These are all physical qualities. Yes your child may resemble beyonce but the wont resemble you. A child is the creation of the 2 parents and there physical and mental qualities combining and selection goes against nature and everything we should stand for

  • It is unfair

    I think parents shouldn't be allowed to choose the gender of their baby because I think there should still be an element of surprise...Also if most people decided they wanted a boy, then there wouldn't be as many women left - this could affect the population and would be quite sexist.

  • No, it is unnatural and selfish.

    The birth of a child is a natural process that should not be tampered with. Gender selection can cause problems with the child mentally when it is grown, for example if parents choose to have a male and the male ends up growing up feeling out of place wishing he was a female and becomes transgender, he could easily resent his parents for choosing to only have a male. However, if the parents had no impact on the gender of the child and let nature take its course, it wouldn't be the fault of the parents for making the child uncomfortable in it's life.

  • Why would you want to

    I think parents should be happy to be able to have children, and not picking out the gender. The joy of becoming pregnant should be enough in my opinion. I think not knowing gender until the fetus is ready the greatest feeling in the world just because you know that you have a person growing inside you that is going to need you forever no matter the gender. Children are a gift. Why choose what type of gift you receive?

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No no no no how dare they think they can do this i will disagree