Should parents be allowed to whip their children?

Asked by: DaMyahBuckner
  • Maybe a little

    The reason kids act the way they do know is because we allow them to get away with it. When you do something there should be a consequence as a parent it is your job to shape them into the best they can be but if they know that if they do something wrong all they get is a mere "grounding" its bound to happen. Abuse and discipline are two different things. Until you become an adult you will get discipline hence the difference between spousal abuse (your equals) and disciplining your child.

  • Some kids need some discipline

    Kids are young and don't respond to the same thing as adults do. Some kids act out and if they're grounded it doesn't phase them. Sometimes a beating is the only answer and I know it did me some good when I was young. When my parents started whipping me I quit acting out.

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  • A big no to that answer!

    By whipping your children you are doing nothing more than proving to them that violence is the answer and that if you want someone to fall in line you need to hurt them in order for them to do as you. This view is extremely horrific and we should not allow children to go through pain just to gain the belief of inflicting it on others!

  • Violence is violence is violence is violence.

    Should husbands be allowed to whip their wives? Should employers be allowed to whip their employees? No, the answer is always no. No one should be allowed to hit anyone. What kind of message do you send when you hit your child because they hit another child? Children should be able to go home and feel safe, not go home and feel afraid of being hit. I was whipped when I was younger, it did not make me a better person. I find it ridiculous that if a parent hits their child it is "discipline", but when a husband hits his wife it's abuse. Parents who whip their kid say they do it to teach their kid a lesson. How does being hit teach a lesson? Parents will say "that's how I was raised, and that's how my parents were raised." Well maybe it's time to change the way we raise children.

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