• Parents Should Be Blamed

    Parents should be blamed because all parents around the world are hitting their child whenever a child like breaks something or hits their parents like that parents should be blamed for their children’s bad behavior so yeah my final answer is yes because I hate when parents hit you hit you goodbye

  • Yes they should

    I hate my mom so much because today when is gave my brother a shower she said she was going to hit me but I got lucky she said when she come back to the work she will talk to to me downstairs so yeah my final answer is yes bye

  • The parents should be blamed

    Hello I’m a child and yes I always get in trouble sometimes when my mom finds she gets mad at me for trouble reasons so because my mom anger issues so yeah it’s the parents fault for there child aggressive and yeah so my final answer is yes good bye

  • Yes the parent are at fault

    If the kid acts up then the parent is at fault the parent raised the kid, Or in most cases din't. The kid needs a role model if their actions are not acceptable. Their is also the problem of parents controlling their kids so much the kid lashes out, And that is also bad.

  • Parents should be held accountable for their children.

    I don't know how far this question intends on taking 'blame.' If the question refers to jail time or other criminal justice involvement, I would say that they should not be held responsible. If the child damaged property or caused injury, the parents should be economically liable. I would also consider parents being forced into counseling or classes that may help them reduce their child's violent tendencies.

  • Yes, I think parents should be blamed for their children's agressive actions.

    I think that a parent is resonsible for the actions that their child takes, any agressive actions taken by the child should be blamed on the parents since the parents should have had more oversight and control over their child, I think that holding parents accountable is a good thing.

  • Children must be given their independence.

    Children can't always wait on their parents to make their mistakes as they grow up.They must manhandle their own issues in order to 'go forward' with life.Genuinely, why would anyone want someone else poking noses into their personal businesses? Alright, now parents should hawk-eye their kids, but as children, they do have a right for independence.

  • Conduct Disorders are not easy to maintain.

    There are plenty of conduct disorders carried within children that affect the way they behave and the way they show their emotions. This can result in them becoming a offender at a young age. Maintaining and helping the child takes work and talking about working, it might not even have an effect!

  • Parents should not be blamed for their children's aggressive actions.

    Parents should not be blamed for their children's aggressive actions. Children are capable of making their own decisions and it would be unfair to put excessive blame on a parent for their children's aggressive actions. Unless the parent raises their child in a manner to effect their aggressive behavior, parents are not responsible for every thing their children do. Parents must do the best to raise their kids so the behave properly in social settings, but every action that a child makes is not in the control of the parent.

  • Most of personality is genetic

    Peoples attitudes are pretty much set from the time they are born. They are born with certain chemical make ups in their brain that makes them aggressive. So in some ways the parents are to blame because they supply the genes for the kid. But in reality it is basically a chance kind of thing and shouldn't be put on parents too much.

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