Should parents be charged for their child committing suicide?

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • Yes they should

    Not always but most of the time parents are the one who drive their kids to suicide. By torturing them mentally. All they care about is themselves and what people think, not about what their kid's feeling. Many people call suicide stupid, you wanna know what is stupid? Hurting someone so emotionally that suicide is the only option. Please stop thinking about your reputation and start caring about your child.

  • NOT always, but possibly in some cases

    In cases where kids commit suicide due to bullying among peers, we've started charging the bullies. Some kids are abused and bullied by their own parents, so if there's evidence that the parents were abusive, I see nothing wrong with charging them. If we charge kids for bullying another kid to death, surely we can charge adults. However, kids can commit suicide for a variety of reasons other than parental abuse and its not always the parents' fault. So, in the end it depends on the situation.

  • Not following the bandwagon

    Arguably, a child's Suicide or Attempt could be pinned on the parent, Suicide however is a status of the mental mind. In some cases the parents themselves being cruel to said child will make the children crack. There are many parents that actually could be the reason that their child is at a mental disadvantage. Cruelty and Misery is the heart of a broken heart.

  • Charge parents over child suicides

    Yes a lot of parents pressure children over school and so do the teachers. They get so upset about exams and the parents only wish to tell people their child got top marks which really mean nothing. What a person is that counts. Sports parents are just as bad. Most are no good at sports but push the child. Swimming and other games should be fun not competition and schools also to blame

  • Especially if they know how fragile emotionally their children are

    Yes indeed, Parents should be charged with the suicide of their children and should be trialed as murderers rather than just "abusers" because parenting is not a game and it's not something to take pride in and it's definitely not achieved to follow the "status quo" being a parent means responsibility and taking direct action to ensure your child's safety and well-being, Strict parenting shouldn't be considered parenting rather it should be considered as abuse. Parents who believe that it's important to force their children to conform to society are nothing but blinded sheep and are monsters and they should be shamed and shunned by society for what they've done. Controlling parents are the makers of future dictators, Try and change my mind on that!

  • It depends on the reason

    Some parents can really puh their child to edge and make the kid think there is no other option than to kill themselves. On the other hand, kids can be cruel and also push the kids, and not to mention the child's mental health from the beginning. I mean let's just face facts here if there is evidence( in any form) that the parents made them even think about it, they should be charged or least make them go through parenting classes.

  • If they know about them having suicidal thoughts and about their kids cutting themselves.

    The parents should be charged with assisted suicide. If they know about their children having thoughts, and they don't do anything about the situation. Their parents should talk to them or have a therapist talk to their child obviously. If the parents don't know about their children having these thoughts then they should not be charged.

  • Depends on the circumstances

    Obviously parents who abuse their kids in any manner should be charged, so lets get that outta the way. When it comes to bullying, what exactly are the parents doing to protect their kids from it? Are they checking up on their kids activities and/or mental state often? Or are they ignoring their kids because 'their kids are angels, who would hate them' or cos they are 'busy'. Educating your own kids to be kind is essential, but it's also the parents job to help their kids build resilience. Your kid is acting strange? Spend some time to figure it out - talk to your kid. Your kid is being cyber bullied? Block the bully or fight fire with fire. Your kid is being physically bullied? Teach your kid to stand up for themselves. In a world as potentially horrible as ours, parents have the responsibility to watch out for their kid mentally. Step up. Maybe your kid is trying to reach out or showing signs of being too reclusive; PARENTS NEED TO TAKE ACTION. DON'T BLAME SOCIETY. YOUR JOB IS TO PROTECT YOUR KIDS

  • If they're the cause....Or part of the cause, expose them.

    Parents can be just as vile, cruel and disgusting....To the point where schoolyard bullies seem tame. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have children, but they do so anyways either because for selfish reasons or they just didn't know how to keep their pants on. When you're a kid, your parents are your world, to keep you safe, guide you and love you. Sadly these vile beings decide that torture is all the child is good for.

  • Suicide is not controlled by parents

    A child commits because of their mental state. Parents don't usually don't affect the child's decision on wether or not they commit suicide. Most suicides that happen are cause by their peers. The parents of these kids who are tormented by their peers don't even know about their child's problems. So punishing the parents would be unethical because the parents don't usually cause their own kids they love to commit suicide.

    Posted by: goat
  • Parent should not be accountable for child attempting or committing suicide

    If the parent's child is attempting or committing suicide, the parent should not be held accountable for it. A child that commits suicide is the child's own right. Perhaps it is the law of nature that certain children commit suicide as a way to save the world from a child that will grow up with a tortured and flawed mind just like there is cells in the body that commit suicide to save the body as a whole.

  • No because. . . . .

    I want to commit suicide and i don't want my parents to go to jail if i survive. Fmvk g grt g rg rfg vrf vg r gvf gre vg fd v rf vg f rv rfg rf v rf gv trfg g g g g g gg g gg

  • It may or it may not be the parents' fault.

    God knows for what reason could those kids have commited suicide.So it can or it cannot be their fault.Of course, the law may be applicable if there is solid proof that the child was abused by parents, or something simmilar to that.In other cases, I don't think parents should be blamed.

  • No, But with rare exceptions.

    I do think that if an investigation can turn up evidence that the parents played a significant role in a child's suicide. Such as perhaps being abusive... An additional charge for that suicide should be attachable to abuse charges. Maybe this can extend to psychological abuse. This said, I don't believe a parent should be held criminally liable for a child's suicide in most cases but I would not oppose a law which allowed charges on a rare few cases of significant and relevant abuse.

  • It depends when

    I think that parents shouldn't be responsible of their child suicide only if they are more then 18 years old if they are under it's maybe because of them.But the parents are not directly responsible of this so parents cannot be punished for their child suicide, and if they go to jail it's unfair

  • But they should be charged if they abused it.

    Which they should be regardless of suicide. No one can be held accountable for the actions of somebody else, no matter what they did or didn't do. I am the only one who owns what I do, nobody else can make me do anything unless I let them. And if you make me angry, it's entirely my own fault. It seems people like to entertain the thought that someone else can be blamed for their misconduct or misery, when everyone is the master of their own mind. A child can of course be driven to despair by their surroundings if there is no source of positive reinforcement, and as a child is less equipped to deal with it than an adult, but if they really believe they have no other means for escape than suicide, then society has failed to provide it. Should have, could have, they did it. Still, much can done about it.

  • Suicide is caused by the child

    Suicide by definition means the child killed themselves. While there may be a number of influences making suicide a more and more attractive choice the fact is the child made the choice. Also it's often not the parents who are encouraging suicide. More often it's peers, or even more often many different things-a bad breakup, poor grades, shame over drug use.

    What can parents do? Encourage your child to value being alive.

  • I agree with what's been said so far

    I do not want to be repetitive, so I will just say that a child is not controlled by the parent. Should parents be charged for the Columbine shooting? I see the other side of this argument but I can not stand with it. I agree that it is not a parent's fault.

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