Should parents be fined for failing to protect their children from the sun?

  • If the children are seriously hurt.

    Yes, parents should be fined for failing to protect their children from the sun, because they have a duty to keep their children from harm. Of course, this shouldn't apply to a simple sun burn. But if a child is in the sun for so long that they are severely burned, the parents should be held accountable so that it doesn't happen again.

  • Parents Don't Need Stupid Fines

    One of the stupidest fines ever would involve fining parents for failing to protec ttheir children from the sun. While parents should be diligent in making their children avoid harmful UV rays, they can't be fined for their child's actions in this case. The fact of the matter is that such a fine would be ludicrous at best.

  • Too slippery a slope

    Parents being fined for doing X or not doing Y for their children can lead to far too much abuse and far too much grey room overall. Parents can't possibly protect kids from the sun all of the time, and this will just lead parents to not go outside as much.

  • No they should be fined for....

    Having children to begin with, See problem solved. So many problems can be readily solved it people would just stop presenting unnecessary ones, like children. We all don't need children, we all don't have to have children, so let's lay off say 10-20 years and see if we clean up the mess the current tones have made, eh?

  • What is this?

    First of all that is ridiculous! Being fined for something that u can't control Is not ethical. There's sunscreen for a reason. It shouldn't even be a law if anything it shouldn't give u the reason to be fined!Well actually it depends on the sunlight. Like the Rem rays. (Radiation)

  • No, parents shouldn't be fined for not using sun protection on kids.

    It's definitely alarming if parents aren't using sun protection on their children. Their children are the ones who will potentially pay for it with skin cancer, perhaps even a serious one like melanoma, in the future. However, it would also be wrong to punish parents for just doing something that is unwise. This would be the government getting involved in the very nitty gritty of people's everyday lives. It would also tax law enforcement, to try and enforce something this difficult to observe.

  • You Can't Force Me To Buy Sunscreen

    Sunscreen or sun block was invented in 1936 and produced to make a profit. While studies have shown that protecting the skin from the sun is important, we must remember that billions of people have lived on this planet without sun block or sun screen. I think it is ridiculous to assume that parents should be fined for not purchasing and using sunscreen on their children. Despite medical evidence, people should be able to chose what products they want to use.

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