• Yes parents should be fined

    Many kids these days don't care about other children when they bullied them, and they start at the name calling and pushing and the most effective is the insulting. From my eyes, i'd say that the bulling needs to stop in the year 2017, meaning now! Thank you very much!!!!<(-_-)>

  • Of course they should

    There shouldn't be any bullying to start with because parents should have taught their children proper etiquette when they were younger. It was the parent's responsibility, and if they neglected that obligation, they should be punished along with their child. If the parent talks to their kids about the right choice often enough, bullying wouldn't even exist. It doesn't matter if the parents aren't there at school to watch their child's every movement. The children should have been disciplined at a young age, and know better than to act meanly when their parents aren't looking. If they're rude when their parents aren't there, then it was the parent's fault for not teaching their kids better.

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  • Parents are responsible for their kids actions.

    Nothing else works. But give the parent a fine and they will ensure their kid won't bully,, not from any sense of morality but from a sense of losing money. Otherwise they will shrug off the behavior with something like, "well I never see them doing it so I can't do anything"
    it really is time to get serious ans as society won't allow victims to arm themselves for their own protection, society needs to protect them. Research has proven that bullied children can suffer the same symptoms as war veterans lasting well into adulthood.

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  • They Should be punished

    If the bullies parents did not know there kids where bullies a fine will be an eye opener for them. Most kids in these days cyber bully and there parents should check there devices for that. Most people usually look to the school faculty for bullying and its not the schools fault... Its the bullies parents. Usually kids bully because of things that happen at home, which is there parents fault. Some people wont agree with me but trust me i'm pretty sure it will work if the fines are sent home.

  • No more bulling

    Ring ring hello your child has been caught bulling 3 times now this school year you will be forced to pay 100dollars please pay by the end of the week thank you.
    People all over the world bully on a daily basis the think bulling is a a joke they will soon JOKE to the entire school
    In conclution bullies must be stopped

  • Yes they should

    Parents should get fined because parents raise their kids to be the best they can be. So if a child is bullying someone, i think it would teach them a lesson. Of course the parents would find out why in the heck their child bullied someone in the first place. But bullying is everywhere guys, and it's not goin to stop until something is done about it. Many kids are committing suicide because bullying. Many kids are becoming depressed.

    Believe me i should know because i was bullied myself and nothing got done about it. Bullying needs to stop. And needs to stop fast.

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  • No i dont

    You can be the best parent u can be and teach them right from wrong and your children will test u by doing things, they r not supposed to do, because they are kids. We all did. I suppose the schools will have no fine, even though our kids are in there care. We are not there to watch them, to make sure they do no wrong. We can only do that whilst they r home, maybe the school needs to pull their socks up and watch them better!!!!

  • Should parents be fined if their kids bully?

    To start off, if the parents get fined for their kids bullying the kids may not get the lesson and keep on bullying. I they are to fine anyone I think it should be the bully. The kids may not mind because they may be bullying if it is family related and if they pay the fine it doesn't fix what is happening to their family. It may just make the kid more aggregated and he/she may bully even more.

  • No God No

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  • Can't be proven

    For the most part how you would have to take children's word for it on what happened. Child 1 says mean words child 2 says mean words back, child one complains, child 1's parents are fined. What stupidity. Not to mention these kids think a " bully" is anyone who tells them they aren't a winner at everything.

  • Define bullying ....

    What type of procedures are in place to prevent false accusations or minor offenses blown out of proportion. A child is bumped in the lunch line and makes an charge of bullying and the parents are fined. The article said a parent could be fined after one offense. So if two students are arguing--one just needs to yell the "B" word and the parents are fined? No due process or interventions to assure the truth? I am ok with a fine if it proven the bullying is severe--but define bullying.

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  • No I think that they should not be fined

    Although it is mostly the parents fault,couldn't the Teachers support the parent for tips to train the bully.I don't believe that the parents should be the ones who get fined.I believe that there should be a program where the bullies will be brought to jail for one day so that the bully will know what will happen to him/her when he/she grows up

  • Parents are not their to see if their kids are bullying

    Some kids should be sent to a boot camp and sometimes you have to get to the bottom of why your children are bullying and your not even punishing the the bullies and the parents of the bullies are not their to see if their children are bullying other kids their can also be kids who are poor their can be rich kids who show off their money and their can be rich kids that act like they are better than than the poor kids, sincerely, alexandra contreras

  • Parents shouldn't be fined

    It is not fair that the parent gets into trouble for what there child has done.I may be only ten but I think that the kid should be the one in trouble, not the parent.Plus, the parent may be trying to get there kid to stop but the kid just ain't listening.

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