Should parents be given the choice about the genetic characteristics of their children though pre-implantation genetic diagnosis; "build their own baby"?

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Should parents be given the choice about the genetic characteristics of their children though pre-implantation genetic diagnosis; "build their own baby"?
  • Pro-choice all the way

    Capitalism allows greater choices of products. Why shouldn't that extend to babies? If we can abort them, why can't we customize? Why do we treat it as a non-life/fetus when discussing abortion, but all of a sudden when we talk about customizing, it's a life? Those that are pro-choice should be pro-choice in this too, because that's what it is - a choice. The parents are choosing what they want their child to look like and/or not be afflicted with. If two Asians get together and really love each other, but would like a redheaded baby (genetics, not just hair dye and white makeup), who are we to stop them? Perhaps another couple really love each other, but are both afflicted with an recessive illness that will cause great discomfort to their child.

  • Parents should be able to have a choice in what their child is like.

    I believe that parents should be able to choose the genetic characteristics of their children because why not? Some Christians might argue that its bad but they are wrong it never states in the bible or anything that thou aren't aloud to design a baby. If anything this could help parents who are about to have a baby with a physical defect.
    So in my opinion pre-implantation

  • Absolutely right for medicine

    I have many illnesses- if this had been offered to my parents, I would not have resented them for editing my genes to prevent my suffering. Of course, if your baby is going to be fairly healthy, then no, gene editing shouldn't be an option. Then- and only then- can you consider it 'playing God'.

  • It would be very helpful to some people

    Even though I am Cathloic, I do think that it should be allowed. Never did it say in the Bible or in the Ten Commandments that you were not allowed to build a baby. If you want a child with perfect medical conditions then it is an amazing thing to have. Also, it is YOUR CHILD.. You can decide whatever you want for him/her. Parents already make rules for their children, they can also make rules for how they look. This being my personal opinion, some people I think follow religion so much that they would not have the fun of designing their own child, when deep down inside it seems like a pretty cool thing to do. At the end of the day, people would love to design a kid, make it perfect, their religion just gets in the way.

  • Why leave something that important to chance.

    For all the people saying that it's "playing god" so what? We've already passed that point when it comes to judging people for their crimes and deciding who lives and who dies when it comes to warfare. I don't understand for the life of me why would someone not want to take the advantage of having the ability to make their child the best that they can be. Why should I roll a dice and risk my child ending up with a genetic defect or not living under his greatest potential when I can just rig the game to win from the beginning. I understand if you do not want to participate it but at least give people like me the choice instead of just saying no because you have your stupid beliefs. I 100% support this and the choice should be there period.

  • Fixing Genetic Problems.

    Ok, Fine. I can understand if religion gets in the way of this. But just think, if this happens, we will have a lot less problems with birth in the U.S. Our percentage of genetic diseases is higher than any other country in the world. If we could genetically modify babies, I can understand if you don't want to give it superhuman intelligence, but at least use it to cure diseases.

  • It could solve a lot of problems.

    Although I believe that playing god could hurt our individuality,under the right restrictions,it could easily be something that can help millions of people/people to be,i.E,Steven Hawkings,he is a good example of someone that has been effected by genetic illnesses,if we had the technology we had today,less people like him would be sitting in that wheelchair.

  • Playing God Leaves Us With Nothing.

    When we look at the way society has progressed over the last few decades, our development has become so rapid that we no longer understand the implications of our actions. We have come to an age where we can genetically modify our babies, where our babies are not even our babies anymore. Religion states that everything is God's will, if we start playing god, we have nothing left as human beings to be left to chance.

  • Absolutely not no

    No, a child is a human being with
    There you go, the child has UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, the parent doesn't get to choose her child, it is a child, not a belonging or an object.

  • Arguments against creating designer babies.

    But is this right? In these cases, parents and doctors are creating a child to act as an organ-donating factory. How will the child feel? The child may feel that they were only born to be a help to their older brother or sister. Children should be loved and cherished for themselves and not what they can do for others.

    These genetic techniques are very expensive. Why should only rich people be able to eradicate genetic diseases? This could lead to imbalances between rich and poor people.

    Will we breed a race of super-humans who look down on those without genetic enhancements? Even today people who are born with disabilities face intolerance. Will discrimination against people already born with disabilities increase?

    We could get carried away 'correcting' perfectly healthy babies. Once we start to eliminate embryos because they have the gene for a disease, what is to stop us from picking babies for their physical or psychological traits?

    At the moment we can screen human embryos to choose only those embryos without the 'bad' genes. But is it right to add new artificial genes, or take away other genes? These genetic changes will be permanent and be contained in every single cell of the baby.

    Alterations made by genetic engineering would be passed on from one generation to the next. What right have parents to choose what genetic characteristics are best for their children, and their children's children. Will the children react against the genetic changes that their parents have chosen for them?

    Who is responsible for genetic modification of a child? The parents? The doctors? Or the Government?

    Animal studies have shown that this type of genetic engineering is unpredictable. There is a huge risk that we may produce physical changes, or even change the child's personality. Mice whose genes had been changed to make them more muscular, unexpectedly became very timid compared to other non-genetically engineered mice!

    However, some scientists think they will become more certain about how a gene will act if it is engineered into a person or an animal.

    Will future humans have animal genes added to them to give them superhuman abilities? This really could happen. Human genes have been engineered into animals for years.

  • You're genetically modifying kids. Ew.

    We're talking about human beings, not random objects we can just experiment on. What if something goes wrong during this diagnosis? I don't want my kids to look seriously demented/diseased due to genetic diagnosis. Sure, it may prevent serious defects on our kids, but think about it. Do you really want your kids to be genetically modified and risk SO MUCH? Answer to people who want a child with desired characteristics: adopt a child.

  • You are made a certain way for a certain reason

    WHY would you have a child just to change it? You and your S.O. Should know that the baby will come out like one of you. Go adopt if you want your kid to look like you, that way you are making a child happy and you're happy.
    And now the religion part of this.
    We are created in God's image and likeness, and he made us each unique. If he wants your child to be tall with dark blue eyes and auburn hair, then that is what your kid will look like. Science should not tamper with the way a pERSON WILL LOOK LIKE. WHY WOULD YOU SCREW WITH GOD'S CREATION?
    Okay, and as for the people who support this, they are quite obviously going to pull the Christian card and blame us for stupid shiz. Yes, it is against our religion to decide what our kids will look like. But quite honestly, think about the way your child will come out. What if something goes wrong, what will you do when your kid can't grow up regularly?

  • The end of the human race...

    Three main arguments. 1: No amount of research can ensure that this will be safe in all circumstances. Absolutely, things can go wrong and you could end up with horrible defects that will be detrimental to the child's quality of life, life expectancy etc. When you try to influence the characteristics of a human, the complexity is unimaginable. Human life is so intricate, delving in to experimental alterations can always pose gargantuan risks. 2: Natural selection is blown out of the water, human beings are still adapting, lactose intolerance for example, humans didn't used to be able to drink milk at all, now many of us can. If we design our offspring we won't be allowing our natural ability to adapt through genetic mutation a chance to save the human race from alterations in our surroundings. Our world is ever changing. Instead we could have a race of very similar beings with small changes in our environment having huge impact on population sizes if we pursue this endeavor over the long term. 3: With any kind of interference with an unborn child, the act will undoubtedly demonize those with conditions and make them feel inferior when in fact ALL LIFE should be valued and protected.

  • Not ok dudes

    WHAT THE ACTUAL F*&K PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! Are we seriously trying to genetically mutate our babies? What the hell is wrong with people these days! I do understand the fear of having an ugly baby, but we are but mere mortals with absolutely no right to play god, I mean really people!

  • I find it incredibly disturbing that this is even a question.

    Babies are not toys, and they are not products that you can mess with. Killing a fetus is bad enough, but this is playing god to another level. How do you think this person would feel as an adult that their whole life was a twisted game? I legitimately believe that anyone who agrees with this question is a horrible person.

  • Playing god can lead to consequences

    Geneticly modifying eggs is a risky game. It increases the child's chance of developing birth defects and cancer later in life. Many parents could also find out the gender of their child and abort it based on it's gender. It is better to let nature to take its course than to play god.

  • Bad thing to do!

    This is so retarded and stupid/dumb you need to love your baby's the way they are like wt f are you a retarded or something i think you guys are uhhhhhhhhh like what is your problem here god made us to be special love yourself the way you are you don"t need to look like other people

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