Should parents be given the choice about the genetic characteristics of their children through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis; "build their own baby"?

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Should parents be given the choice about the genetic characteristics of their children through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis; "build their own baby"?
  • Arguments for creating designer babies.

    Some couples are not able to have children because their children will have a genetic disease and die before they are born or when they are very young. Techniques used to change the genetic make-up of the embryo allow these parents to have a child.

    If we want the best for our children why shouldn't we design our own babies? Using genetic techniques we can help prevent certain genetic diseases. This both saves the children from suffering and reduces the cost and emotional strain of looking after an ill child. Will this lead to happier children and parents?

    Spare part children? In a few cases where parents have had one child with a serious blood disease, they have used IVF to select embryos so that they can have a second child that can act as a future, tailor-made blood or bone marrow donor. In these cases when the child is born he or she will be healthy and can help their older brother or sister stay well.

  • With the right restrictions,it could easily help lots of people.

    Although I agree that playing god can have very negative effects on human kind,I also think that if we put it in the right hands,it could help millions of people.I,e Steven Hawkings,his condition was caused by a genetic ailment in his bloodline,if we had the technology back then,less people would be sitting in that wheelchair.

  • Playing God Is What We Need.

    With these "new" humans we could create the genetically perfect human to be the forefront of human civilization in the colonization of the vast unknown of space. The humans to put the the final frontier on its knees. With the introduction of the space faring humans we could go so far in the new colonial age of the "new world".

  • Playing God Leaves Us With Nothing.

    When we look at the way society has progressed over the last few decades, our development has become so rapid that we no longer understand the implications of our actions. We have come to an age where we can genetically modify our babies, where our babies are not even our babies anymore. Religion states that everything is God's will, if we start playing god, we have nothing left as human beings to be left to chance.

  • Absolutely not no

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, THAT TO PRESERVE THESE RIGHTS GOVERNMENTS WERE INSTITUTED AMONG MEN"
    -Well he didn't really mean that, he owned slaves, but it is still true- this brings another point to mind, abortion. The liberals say that the government should protect “women’s right to abortion”, this reminds me of the civil war when the southerners were saying that the union was “infringing their right to own slaves”. There is no “right to abortion” no more than there is a “right to own slaves”, there is no such thing as “the right to infringe other people’s rights”, slavery infringes the right to liberty and abortion infringes the right to live.
    And this build your own baby, or “Franken-baby” thing infringes the right of property because the baby owns his or her self, not the parent. They have no right to screw with their genetics as if he/she was their property, it’s discusting.

  • Brave new world-ish view of future will certainly fail humanity

    I like the idea that people are given a choice for their own destiny, and for me this choice must be made by ourselves and ourselves alone, and by allowing people to play god, we have revoked the rights of future generations to choose their own life by handing the decision-making process to their parents

  • What if upu were the child

    I imagine myself as a child,unless we were talking about removing any diseases with genetic modification,i assume making your child how you want them,well if i was this child id feel......Soul less i guess,i wasnt created to be special like god wanted me to be,i was formed to be how someone else wanted me to be,and thats not right,i dont think anyone wants to be what someone els wants and not what they want

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