Should parents be held accountable for children who plot to commit mass murder?

  • The parents should've controlled their child/children more.

    The parent(s) should steer the child away from that path, if possible. Of course, sometimes the parents aren't aware of it, but the parents should still stop it before it gets worse. What if the parents let the child do it, then the parent would be responsible, and in any other situation.

  • Only if the parents helped him.

    They obviously didn't help this kid, in this case, but in another scenario, where if a parent(s) helped the child, and only the child was caught, then of course parents need to be held accountable. I believe that parents should set a good example for kids. But if their kid goes that far and wants to mass murder people, then there is obviously something ver wrong with the child, not the parents.

  • After reading that.

    I think the kid is an idiot and a looser for many reasons.

    "He thought it more honorable to kill students his own age."
    What is honorable killing people who have no way to defend themselves?

    "I think I'm really mentally ill," he told police. "And no one has noticed. I've been trying to hide it."
    People who are mentally ill don't know it, especially when it comes to homicidal thoughts. To the mentally ill, they think they are doing something right or normal. If this was the case, why would you hide something that you thought was normal?

    He plead not guilty after admitting to the crime. Sorry but that does not make you mentally ill but an idiot.

    Obviously, this kid had no real friends. If he did, he would have told them about his plan or at least lead them to believe he may do something. Seeing that he has no friend means he's just a looser.

    Another thing that losers do is copy what others in hopes of becoming respected. This not only makes him a loser but worse because the person he tried to copy was also a loser.

    I think this is the way we, and the media, should treat these fools. Far too often they are pictured as being some who is misunderstood or a victim themselves. The media tends to treat the crimes they do like it is somehow justified. By doing this, they cause others to copy the actions so they may get their 15 min. When are we going to treat these idiot, looser, wannabes like piece of garbage they are?

  • Parents no Longer in Control

    The issue as to if parents are responsible for their adult children's crimes is very much specific to the case itself. However, in the instance of mass murder, the child is likely extremely mentally unstable and with psychopathic tendencies which have not occurred purely down to the way a parent has raised them.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    Unless the courts can prove that the parents knew about the plan and did nothing or tried to hide their guily child, then no I don't believe they should be held accountable. It is impossible to control everything your child does and frankly it's not even healthy to attempt that, so I think it is unfair to charge the parents if they had no idea.

  • No it is not always parents fault

    This was a very hard question for me to say yes or no. As a parent I know you do the best you can and hope that you taught your kids well enough to make good choices. If a child commits mass murder unless the parents gave them the weapon or access to it, or knew there was a threat and did not report it, I don't feel that you can punish them for the choices their child made

  • You cannot help other influences.

    No, parents should not be held accountable when their child plot mass murder, because sometimes a child is influenced by things that a parent cannot control. A non-custodial parent cannot control if a custodial parent lets their child watch violence and practice fighting all day. You can only hold a parent accountable if they are the only one raising the child.

  • There is no such thing as the Perfect parent.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I find it wrong to hold these parents responsible since after all, they cannot always monitor and keep an eye on their children every second of every day. Furthermore there are other avenues through which the child may be influenced, which is not under the sphere of control of these parents in the first place.

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