Should parents be held criminally responsible for failing to vaccinate child?

  • Public Health Danger!

    Not only does failing to vaccinate a child put them at risk for possibly fatal illnesses, it can cause a public outbreak. Any parent who does not vaccinate their child, deserves to pay the price for their risky actions. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." It is unfair to others to put their children at risk simply because you refuse to do the morally upright thing. However, the consequences need to match the deed. It's important to point out that unjust actions shouldn't be tolerated.

  • Bad parenting should be punished

    Failure to vaccinate a child seriously compromises the child's health and can lead to serious ailments and illnesses, and in the worst case scenario death. For this reason vaccinations should be compulsory with parents being punished if they fail to comply.

    Their is no scientific proof that vaccinations cause autism or any other adverse impacts. For this reasons parents should be educated on this and forced to vaccinate their children.

  • Yes They should be criminally responsible for not vaccinating their child.

    I think they should be charred because they are not taking good care of their kid or kids. If they refuse to not they should be charred for that. If parents can be arested for not bring there kid to school how should they not for not getting their kids vaccinated. Health is needed for kids of corse.

  • Yes they definitely should

    Parents should absolutely make their children get vaccines. Vaccines have always helped people, and not giving a child puts the risk of getting the disease. I believe if you have a chance to make them immune to a virus, but don't do it, you are endangering that child. You should have to do it.

  • Yes, depending on the reason.

    If it's just "What? Oh vaccines cause autism/contain mercury/contain formaldehyde so they're bad!" then yes, certainly. Doing so places their child in danger from easily preventable diseases. They need to be educated on how vaccines work, but if their choice continues to place their child at risk then yes, they should be held criminally responsible.

    However, there are other reasons for not vaccinating a child. For example, the child is immunodeficient. This would cause the child to suffer injury or possibly death by vaccine. If a parent fails to vaccinate for this reason, then that's fine.

  • If the child dies.

    People have a right to bodily autonomy, and during infancy your parents determine your bodily autonomy by proxy. You can't be forced to inject yourself with something you don't want to be. In an ideal world, parents would be educated enough to just vaccinate their kids and this ridiculous debate wouldn't even be happening. But we don't, and here we are.

    However, if an unvaccinated child dies or suffers permanent disability from a disease that already has a recommended vaccine battery, the state should pursue criminal negligence causing death/injury charges against the parents.

  • Vaccination is a must have.

    A parent refusing to take care of their child because they read about some discredited study linking autism (which actually isn't that bad) to vaccines is just as responsible as a parent who denies healthcare to their sick child, instead choosing to pray at their bedside. Both are making a negligent decision which puts their child at a greater risk of dying when a clear solution is easily accessible.

  • It would be an economic benenfitial

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  • Yes,it should be a law

    My reason for this is,because what if your kid has pneumonia or sickness,are you really going to let your kid be sick for weeks without proper treatment,that is just bad and incorrect parenting,your kid can die without vaccine or proper treatment and having your kid be unvaccinated is like letting them suffer pain and death all on their own and if i were the president of the unites states i would make it a law to vaccinate your kids and put parents behind bars if they didnt vaccinate their own child.

  • Yes, they should be held criminally.

    Should parents be held criminally responsible for failing to vaccinate a child? I think so. The child could get hurt, they should ask others and they should be more precise. Firstly, the child could die. If the parent gives too much, or does it wrong, the child could die. And that is not a safe. Also, why don't they ask a doctor or someone that knows how to help them? It would be a much safer option. Lastly, they should be more careful. If they don't want to hurt the child, they should get specific instructions on how to do it. Basically, if they get killed, of course they should be held criminally because they just killed a human without being careful. In conclusion, parents should be held criminally responsible for failing to vaccinate a child.

  • What if a future vaccine really does cause problems?

    While the whole "vaccines cause autism" link has been debunked over and over again that doesn't mean some future vaccine might not cause a problem, and yet not be noticed and get off the assembly line regardless. People make mistakes, even lab technicians. If a parent is lucky enough to notice the mistake or receive warning from someone else who does but is unable to prove this to the rest of us in a timely manner then we shouldn't force them to vaccinate.

    Not only would it be wrong and the government would be responsible for forcing people to poison their kids if something like that happened, but it would cause serious social instability and ruin the reputation of the government enough that it would be even harder than it is now to get anything done in politics.

    However, the risk of a future vaccine turning out to cause problems is possible but for any given vaccine small. Parents should be required to vaccinate their kids if they send them to public school. Otherwise private school or tutoring is an option.

  • It is a parents choice.

    To some extent i can agree with the statement; however to hold a parent criminally responsible for not vaccinating their child is a little too far. I believe vaccinations are really important for a child, not only for that child's safety but so they can live a life without disease and pain. But, at the end of they day a parent can decided wether they want THEIR child to have this or not, they choose how to raise their own child.

  • The slippery slope

    If you get down to the bare bones of it, you will see that the argument is over the role of the government and the parent. Whether you believe parents need help raising their children or not. If you believe that the government, or any other institution for that matter, can tell you how to parent, than you would support things such as holding parents criminally responsible for obesity, unvaccination, and homeschooling which does not meet their standards. While vaccinations do save lives, I can force you to get them as much as I can force you to accept my views on religion, abortion, or the best way to raise your own child.

  • Not until the government becomes more transfer ant about what is on the vaccinations.

    People don't choose to not vaccinate their kids because they want deseiese to spread. They are genuinely concerned about the content of the vaccinations and their possible serious side effects their child should suffer. There is plenty of documented evidence that children can be seriously harmed as a results of reactions to vaccinations.

    Instead of criminalising caring parents, we should be doing more to out their minds at ease.

  • Some can be very dangerous. Parents should get to pick what vaccines if any they want there child to have.

    Multiple vaccines on the market at the moment have been known to cause damage. One that i can name of the top of my head it the HPV vaccine it has had been known to cause Guillain-Barré syndrome. This is a condition were a persons immune system attacks the nerves and causes paralysis.

  • No not for this.

    There are real risks in vaccinating children, no matter how small they may appear to be. The following is a peer-reviewed article that observes the increasing infant mortality rate in America and how it correlates with the increase in child vaccines administered in our country.

    Now we all know that correlation is not causation, but there is a point that climate change activists know better than anyone, where you just have to step back and say "comeon, you're so delusional, you really think that it's just a coincidence?"

    Even doctors who advocate for the vaccine admit that there is risk involved, and they admit that no long term studies have been performed to show the long term effect of things like autism and attention deficit, and that it's not "practical" to conduct those long term studies.

    Doctors contend that the toxic elements in vaccines are present in many aspects of our everyday life, even going so far as to point out that while some vaccines contain trace amounts of Mercury, so does breast milk. But there is a big issue. There is a big difference between something coming in contact with your skin, entering your digestive system, or being inhaled, and something entering your bloodstream. That's why you can drink a whole vial of rattlesnake venom and not feel any ill effects, but you can die if 1/20th of it enters directly into your bloodstream.

    Although I personally support vaccines, and I am grateful that they exist, I do not support forcing parents to do something to their children that does have a chance, however small, of killing them.

  • No they shouldn't

    Vaccine can are so do damage to your health too and it has been known that have gotten sick and died front vaccine so taking vaccine is a risk just like catch a cold or the flu is a risk so is vaccine and it makes some people very sick

  • I am totally pro-vax.

    I am completely baffled when someone says they refuse to vaccinate their kids. I believe they are being totally ignorant because they believed something they saw on the internet over something a PhD who spent YEARS in school getting their doctorate in medicine.

    However, I do not believe parents should be held criminally responsible for simply failing to vaccinate their child.
    There may be many factors for this. For example, the parent can't afford it or maybe religious morals. If this was written into law, it would be too vague and too hard to enforce.

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Porpoise says2016-03-26T11:09:11.653
Yes, they should, and also for indoctrinating children with religious beliefs.