Should parents be held responsible for their children's mistakes?

  • It's Parent's Responsibility

    It is the parent's fault because if the parents disciplined their kids properly, the kids will behave and follow the norms of our society. In this kind of topic, it is merely the mistake of the parents who mislead their kids. Parent's should be accounted for their kids mistake. No one to be blame here, just parents.

  • Home lives affect behavior!

    At home children should get respect and love from their parents, as should children to their parents. If parents are giving bad influences to their children it is their fault. A bad home life can lead to bullying, which can start a chain reaction causing the person being bullied to be mean to other kids. The parents of the kid who was bullied first's parent should not be blamed they had no control over that, but the parents of the first bully should be blamed. A missing kid that's parents went through a divorce are emotionally scared and if they don't talk it through with their parents will be more likely to be mean.

  • Children learn for their parents

    Parents should tell their children good things. Parents should not support their children, if they are doing wrong. Some parents are roll model of their child, so parents themselves should not do bad things. Parents should give their children good moral values.Parents should teach them good things when they are small because what child learns in childhood he/she never forgets it throughout his/her life.

  • Yes they should!

    I believe that from 1-5 that children copy what their parents do, and from 5-7 they are understanding television witch their parents control. If the parent does whatever they do they are showing the kid that it is okay. The parent is definitely responsible for their kid's actions, they are.

  • They should be blamed

    I think that parents are to be the blame for their children's mistakes because the children copy what their parents do and if their parents do something wrong like go to jail for something the children will probably think it’s normal and do the same thing as their parents (the 3rd speaker well go into more detail on this topic). Also When the children do a crime the parents are the ones who balle them out of prison and why do the parents balle them out because they are their responsibility. When the kids get in trouble the parents get embarrassed because when the kids do something wrong its a reflection on the parents so they don’t want to know that there kid is have done something wrong. Also say that when there kids are in school and they get a detentions or a suspension the parents get that get the blame because they are the ones who raised them from a baby and the kids would do whatever the parents did when they where a baby or when they were quite young.When the kids are 1-7 why would they be the ones to blame for the mistakes that they make when they are only young and they don’t know what they are doing because when they are young and they don’t know what they are doing they would just be copying what their parents would do for example if they see their parents bit some thing or bit someone they would do it themselves.

  • All their fault

    Yes, I do think that if a kid does something wrong while they are under about twelve years of age then it is because the parents did not teach them right, and did not show them that this is a bad thing to do, and to not do it again.

  • Only To A certain Point

    It really depends how big the crime the child does, and how often they do it. Sometimes kids learn from their mistakes, sometimes they don't. Sometimes parents are just bad parents, other times the child is just off in the head. If a child continually gets into trouble, and the parents aren't doing their job, then they should be held responsible. If a child continues to get in trouble and the parents are at their wits end, then get the parents some help to discipline the child.

  • To a certain degree

    There are limits. For the most part, our children learn from us and often mirror our values and manners. So often, parents should be responsible for some of their mistakes. However, children are individuals, and as such should have the chance to make their own mistakes, and learn and grow from them. There are also limits as to how much control we can have over our children. I think for most minors, parents are and should be held responsible for their childrens' actions if they harm or damage others or their property.

  • Parents should be held responsible for their children's mistakes.

    If parents are negligent in supervising their children, they should be held accountable. They have a responsibility to raise children that are productive members of society. If the parents are not productive members of society and are unaware of what their children are doing, they should be held responsible. If parents are working very hard at earning money to provide for their children, it is still their responsibility to ensure that their children are adequately supervised.

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  • No parents should not be responsible

    Parents should not be responsible because if their kids are getting a bad example it's not from them. If the kids are doing bad things or other bad things kids could of got it from school. Because parents are not at school with them so it could be the kids or teachers showing them bad things

  • They are parents

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  • Not their fault

    Children can commit crimes because their minds are not developed properly. They are not the ones responsible of their children's behavior because parents cannot control their child's minds. Also, Children can make poor decisions by themselves that are not changed from their education. Plus, Most crimes made by children are very small crimes so it is not a big deal if a child commits one.

  • Absolutley not!

    I disagree because we parents teach our kids right and wrong but at some point they will make a bad decision. They might not mean to or they might regret it, But they learn from it. The parent had nothing to do with it. We wish we could but we can’t control our children.

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  • They Should not!

    Parents should be more better to kids because they are showing and teaching kids about how to do bad things. But it does depend on the kids and parents to chose what there kid is doing. But i believe that it is the parents choice or the child's to learn from the family or to not but it is not safe for the kids. So i think from their parents or friends or anyone and him or herself to do that nor from a family member.

  • They are not responsible

    I say that parents should not be responsible because they cant control there life point from point. I say this because in the text it says, ¨Parents can't control everything single thing their kid does¨. People say that the parents should of taught their kids better but i think differently. I say this because parents try and lead us down the right path but has humans we end up disobedient the text can back me up because it says, ¨They try to lead us down the right path but we tend to not take their advice so in the end it's our fault for not taking the advice and being the best we can be.¨

  • Mostly NO WAY!

    We as parents can do everything "right"...I.E., knowing who they are with and where they are, check phones and social media, give them structure, be at all of their events cheering them on, give them stable home life, teach them right and wrong, teach them to care about others, etc, etc- BUT that does not guarantee that they will not go against all that they have been taught. Believe me, it is heart-wrenching when your child does something that completely blows your mind. You question every decision you have ever made, knowing that you did not raise them to do that. I won't be blamed for his poor choices. Each situation is different, but mostly No Way should the parents be blamed, especially without knowing first hand how they have been raised.

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