Should parents be held responsible for their child's crimes if they failed to control/supervise their child?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Parents should be responsable because

    As a proposition, we like to begin with defending the following; I think that parents should be punished for their children's mistakes because they are their legal guardians until the age of 18. For example if a 6 year old shoots another child, the adult that gave or had the gun will be responsible for his/her actions of the child. They should be punished because children are the future generations.I think this should happen because parents discipline their children to do such things.

  • Parents actions=childs actions

    If the parents pose a particular type of attitude or behaviour, the child, thinking their parents are their role model, will imitate or copy what they do. For instance, if parents, mention bad terms in a daily basis, the bad terms will be a part of the child's everyday language, which can also affect school life and spelling vocabulary.

  • According to a case study in Liberty University

    A child at the age of six is not legally held responsible for shooting another child; however, the adult held responsible for the child is held accountable for his/her actions. The reason being that the child’s development is insufficient at this age to understand the consequences of his behaviour. A child’s brain, between the ages of two to six includes brain development, nutrition, injuries and abuse. Hence it is a valid concern that the abuse of a child may cause negative action, but won’t be the child’s fault at such a young age.

  • Parent don't discipline child then shame on the parent.

    As long as the parent does not discipline their child. The child will believe he or she can do and get away with anything. This is the
    parent's fault and should be held responsible for not doing what he or
    she is required to do: "Train up a child in the way he shall go". Parent
    doesn't discipline he/she isn't Training the child to do right. To do wrong
    is easy and natural. To do right all the time is harder!
    Parent fault!!!!!

  • It all goes back to the parents

    This is a question that will always be tossed around and debated; but, I do think when it comes to very young children, everything should go back to the parents. Being a parent is perhaps the biggest responsibility anyone can put upon on themselves and it really all comes down to that.

  • Yes, for gross negligence.

    Yes, parents should be held responsible for their child's crimes if they grossly fail to control or supervise their child, because parents are very responsible for the outcomes of their children. There are certain families where all of the children get criminal records very early. This is often how they get attention from the parents. The parents should be punished in these situations.

  • Yes.parents should be held responsible for their child's crimes.

    Yes,parents should be held responsible for their child's crimes if they are not practicing appropriate supervision.Under a certain age children can not be held responsible for their actions and their acts should be the responsibility of the parents.Ideally parents would teach children the difference between right and wrong but in the end they are the ultimate responsible party.

  • Yes, but responsibility needs to be proven.

    I think this is a sticky situation, but if it can be proven that a parent did not adequately supervise a child then he or she needs to be held responsible if the child commits a crime. However, that gets harder to prove once a child hits the teen age years and necessarily would have a lot of time on his or her own.

  • Parents have a responsibility to raise their children.

    The behaviour of a child is the responsibility of the parent(s). If they, the parents, are unwilling to take that responsibility then the child should become the responsibility of the state with all that entails. There are far too many children growing up without proper guidance who demonstrate this lack of social responsibility. The newspapers are full of proof of this every day. "Spare the rod and spoil the child" was a phrase that was not without merit.

  • No it's not their fault.

    EVERY PARENT ALWAYS BLAMES THEMSELVES. It's like they think they could have changed the way thier child was thinking. Honestly, no. They way someone thinks can only be changed if the person themself wants to change it. And msot likely they didn't. So parents have no reason to blame themselves.

  • It doesn't teach the child anything

    If a child was caught stealing, and his/her parents were to be responsible for the incident, the child wouldn't learn from the mistake, and therefore, would think that his/her parents will always be there for everything that he does wrong. It doesn't teach the child any morals or what the right thing is.

  • It will just backfire horribly.

    Some of the provisions in Detroit's parental responsibility ordinance are already illegal such as "to keep illegal drugs or illegal firearms out of the home" and "to require the minor to attend regular school sessions and to forbid the minor to be absent from class without parental or school permission" so the minor can be absent with parental permission? "Mom, dad, can I be absent from class today?" "Yes."

    If the parent brought illegal drugs or illegal firearms in the home, charge them with illegal possession of drugs/firearms. If the parent contributed to their child's delinquency, charge them with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If the parents are allowing their child to be truant, charge them with educational neglect. If the parents are neglecting and are not properly supervising their children, remove the children from their care and terminate their parental rights. This law will force fearful parents into micromanaging their child and resorting to abuse. If they aren't going to parent appropriately because they love their kids and it's the right thing to do, legislating them into being good parents will backfire horribly.

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  • Kids should take full responsibility for all mistakes they make

    Well first of all children need to understand what mistakes they make and learn form them. And also always depends o. The situation so as children they need to take full responsibility and learn how tone responsible because when they grow up the will understand and not makes same mistakes again

  • Parents actions=childs actions

    If the parents pose a particular type of attitude or behaviour, the child, thinking their parents are their role model, will imitate or copy what they do. For instance, if parents, mention bad terms in a daily basis, the bad terms will be a part of the child's everyday language, which can also affect school life and spelling vocabulary.

  • Parents as mentors

    There are instances when children resort to inappropriate behavior due to their family, say a child becomes robber due to poverty in his family, a child becomes murderer due to injustice meted upon his family member. But there also are shining examples like Abraham Lincoln and Warren Buffet who excelled in their respective fields due to their hard work and passion. People usually attribute such stories to the values imparted by the parents. That is very correct but there is one thing we need to understand. Parents' role is to give directions to their children, guide but not dictate them once they cross their junior stage. Saying this, I am not denying the reflection of parental brought up in child's personality. Children definitely tend to imbibe parental behavior. What I am implying is that there are far more factors like social circle, school, neighborhood which shape their decisions and actions. In and after youth stage, if children are not made independent and accountable for their actions, how will they mature into a responsible individual. They will always remain reckless and irresponsible.

  • Parents as mentors

    Parents are there to give direction to their children, not dictate them once they cross the junior stage. Of course their values will reflect the way their parents have raised them, but there are many other factors like friend circle, school, surroundings that affect their decisions and actions. Making parents accountable for the actions of their children will only make children more and more careless and irresponsible. A sense of independence and accountability has to come with age, otherwise just imagine when the same child will become parent, how will he behave.

  • Can You Control A 17 Year Old

    I do not believe parents should be held responsible for their child's crimes even if the fail to control or supervise the child. I think for the most part parents love and want to care for their children. However, as they grow older they are becoming more and more independent and less susceptible to control.

  • Childrent that commit certian crimes should be responsible

    No and yes. In some cases, children should be held accountable for the crimes that they commit. Again, children understand that the things that they do will not be punished because they are considered juveniles, so as a result, they continue to commit these crimes. Some crimes, however, are due to no home training or a lack of parental control. These should hold sufficient punishment for the parents and the children.

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Quan says2013-06-10T22:43:13.423
This is a tough one. While I ultimately place some of the blame on the parents for failing to raise their child properly, I can't condone holding them legally responsible in the way this question seems to be suggesting.
Annapurna1 says2013-06-11T00:54:01.937
The problem here is too many single-mother families. With the father having been kicked to the curbside, and the mother having to work several jobs to feed the kids, there are no parents around the house most of the time. That of course creates the conditions for kids to become exposed to negative role models. Boys are especially at risk as they learn that not much will be expected from them except to nail some chick.

Its not the fathers' fault that he has long since been forcibly removed from the family structure; nor would most mothers have chosen this arrangement either. The blame, of course, rests on feminist elitists in academia and their corporate counterparts.
Quan says2013-06-11T02:26:48.533
Well said, Annapurna1. I think a lot of people underestimate the effect the dual income or single parent (typically single mother) households has on children. The traditional family structure was in place not to "oppress" women, but because it worked. The fatal flaw of feminism is failing to acknowledge the difference between equality and sameness.