Should parents be held responsible for their kids mistakes?

  • When Laws Are Violated

    Children will make mistakes; it is part of childhood and learning. As a kids you do make errors, most don’t affect other people. Like putting your tongue on a pole on a freezing day; you get stuck it hurts, it was a mistake, you learned. You don’t tie your shoe laces, you trip fall and get scraped up. All minor mistakes that don’t need cast parental blame. Now, if a 14 year old is out a midnight and breaks into a house, it is the parents fault for not properly supervising a minor and could be charged with neglect. Harm has been done to someone outside the home. Underage drinking is another example. If an adult permits it in their home it’s delinquency of a minor and a few other laws are broken. Until a child is 18 the parent held accountable for acts that affects members of the community in a negative manner.

  • Its not the parents fault

    Yes the parents could do a better job at making sure their child stays out of trouble, but lets say a ball hits the neighbors window. Its not the parents fault that the child threw it there. And say the kid acts up in class, the parents not there to control that so that shouldnt be their fault either.

  • They should not always be blamed.

    Depending on the child's social environment and development, the parents may or my not be blammed. A person must rememer that a person's child is not a robot, they have a brain of their own. The law enforcement also needs to be more individualized when it comes to cases, sometimes somthing is just not a person's fault....Or theor parents' fault either.

  • I'm not blaming my parents

    As a 12 year old I do lots of things that my parents tell me not to, and that's my fault, not theirs. It is impossible to completely control a child's behaviour. This also shifts blame away from the child. If a six year-old annoys me, I tell them to stop, I don't go to their parents and criticise their parenting.

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