Should parents be held responsible for their obese child's condition?

Asked by: tatejs
  • Yes! Most definitely

    It's the parents responsibility to control their children's obesity. They control the shopping, types of foods and quantities. Some parents are too lazy and don't care about their children's obesity. Once a child is obese, it is most likely they will keep those bad eating habits and develop them into the future and stay obese. Along with these are terrible health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and mental health issues.

  • Yes and no, but mostly yes

    I don't understand why any parent would want their child to be obese. I don't understand why parents feed their kids McDonalds because it's "cheaper". It's disgusting to see 300 pound children. The only reason why I'd say no is because some kids are born with a condition where they're obese and can't lose the weight, but all in all, stop giving these gross food to your kids

  • 100 percent yes

    Kids are obese because their parents aren't looking after them. They take them out to fast foods and buy junk food. If parents just stayed in and cooked, then most kids would not struggle with it. Also, parents are supposed to encourage children to go and play outside instead of staying inside all day and watching television. It is also the parents job to take notice if they are gaining weight and encourage them to doing a sport or something that burns calories.

  • Major Health Risks

    Parents should be responsible because a child's brain isn't developed enough to know what to eat or what not to eat at age 3 or 4. If there aren't any health problems that are cause the child(ren) to be obese, the parents should be held responsible because they don't put a limit on their child, which can cause most of the health problems that younger generations are experiencing today.

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