Should parents be legally allowed to spank their children?

  • Yes on spank

    As long parent doesn't leave a mark on a child, it should be logical. I had experience during my childhood when my parent spank me. I had become a better person not to disrespect other and avoid being bad. There are two side of stories, but parent please spank you kids safely. Your kids will learn if you tell them the reason and consequences. We live in a world to educate are kids.

  • Bible Talk & what children are like without spanks!

    The bible speaks about the discipline needed for our children not discipline that does deadly
    damage but like a spank on the behind or a strap like a belt on the behind would do some good it made me a good child Im 21 now & Im doing great if it weren't for those childhood spanks I would probably be like all these spoiled, sarcastic, ignorant, ungrateful, hard assed children you see nowadays, its uncanny.. They back talk they disobey, they do things that theyre not supposed to do, theyre more likely to be drug addicts as well. We should be permitted to spank our children till theyre the age of 16 atleast, I would say 12 but children still act up at that age, & they hardly know any better so yes! 16 is the perfect age to stop spanking our children. Please make this law or our next gen will be complete assholes excuse my language but its true!

  • It teaches discipline, and respect for authority.

    When you are punishing your kid for doing something wrong, do you give them something nice or do you give them a punishment that they will remember that wasn't pleasant, and will remember how it felt , and wont do it again? Kids need discipline, and when they are they will look up to people with authority , and they will give respect( which is much needed in our society today).There is a difference between discipline, and abuse, and you need to know the difference.

  • Yes they should

    I am 14 years old, if my mother didnt hit me with a belt feom when i was 4 to 11, i would have been the biggest spoiled brat. To this day i am very helpful and supportive to my mom and dad, i am also doing good in school. I am happy my parents disiplined me right, making a child go to time out is not effective.

  • Young children are not very intelligent. I know because I was one and I got spanked quite a few times.

    It's impossible to reason with 4 year old why something is morally wrong or dangerous. The only thing they can understand is reward and punishment. As long as the parent makes it very clear that they love the child and do something like give them a hug afterward and tell them it's okay I see no harm. Also, they shouldn't injure the child just make his or her but sting for a few minutes. I was spanked whenever I did something wrong and I turned out fine.

  • I was spanked as a child.

    I Do not have much to say, that haven't already been said, but i believe that if you do something wrong, you should be punished for it. As a child i got whopping. I believe it made me a better person. My mom had eight children and all of them got whopping. We are all respectful people and we make a decent living for ourselves. We do not, steal, kill, and we have not been to jail, we are not on drugs, we are not alcoholic etc.

  • Parents should act as they feel is necessary.

    The main argument against this is that perhaps if it is legal parents shall abuse the power, firstly if we compare the ratio of those who would overdo it and those who would not, then we would see a great advantage in one direction. Secondly decent parents will never wish to hurt their young, and if they are not decent the child will likely not have good parenting anyway. Finally parenting is not a communal thing, parents should have free expanse to act as they wish because they have the first person perspective of what is the right course of action and thus if spanking is required it should be allowed.

  • It helps grow children up to respect authority but must be down in the context of love.

    It helps grow children up to respect authority but must be down in the context of love. Unless the parents know that they love the child, don't spank the child. Spanking is a high-stakes form of punishment (as all punishment is) and, thus, go easily wrong. Wrong means resentment, bitterness builds up between parent & child. This could be worse than no spanking. My son has been spanked and he is a better person.

  • Yes... With limits

    I say experiment but don't abuse.
    What might work for one child may not necessarily work for another.
    If a timeout or other non physical techniques don't show any results but a spanking does then go ahead and spank. If the spanking however results in an increase of the problem...Or indeed an extreme level of fear then it may not be the best solution.

    Overall a spanking should not leave behind long lasting marks...I.E. Welts which might take a week or longer to heal.

    Blisters or redness... Is unavoidable... Maybe even a bruise or two. However bruises are to be avoided at all times. If your child bruises easily spanking may not be the best approach. That said....Don't be afraid to spank hard if possible. A spanking has no effect if it doesn't hurt. A child who laughs while he/she is being spanked is not being punished at all.

    I have self spanked myself (with hand and tools) and as such I know that it takes quite a bit of force to actually cause a sting. I'm actually frustrated that it usually doesn't hurt enough. (I have left bruises and even light welts behind)
    In all cases the pain - as little as it was - had vanished after about ten minutes...Sometimes even less. The bruises took about two days to disappear. They never hurt in the morning.
    As it is, the only pain worth speaking about - for me- as such is during the actual spanking.

    Also...In my opinion only the parent...Or 'family' members who are given permission to should be able to spank.... Nobody else.

    As to who should be allowed to be spanked i.E. Male and female...Or just male.
    In my opinion a bottom is the same whether your male or indeed female. There should be no difference, no matter what gender you are.

  • Without a doubt

    Spanking is a time-honored prerogative of parents. While there are some parents who spank inappropriately or for unwarranted reasons, that is no reason to take the option away from everyone else. Those of us who were spanked as children for correction and out of love do not commonly report being harmed or traumatized by the experience. A spanking hurts at the time, but it is only a momentary inconvenience. There is no justification for the state to invade the privacy of families by taking away the rights of parents to spank.

  • I hurt :(

    I dont think spanking should be allowed i was spanked and it hurt but it hurt. I you are allowed to spank if kid bad. I heard about my fiends mom broke her metal spanker on my friend. He was ok but he was hurt. Dont spank ur kid if] they are nice only if they are bad and steal and liketo bully

  • Never spank a child

    No matter if you are a kid or parent, you should not ever get spanked or spank someone. Spanking could just be replaced with taking a toy, or something they really liked away. Spanking could cause kids to be more aggressive and could hit other kids or people later on in their life or just start then and it could become a habit to hit or punch others and that is not right. Saying that, it could make your child want to become a gang member, or even worse; participate in the horrible acts of ISIS or something terrible like that. You don't want that from your child, so don't spank them. This would most likely not happen from just a few spanks, but just in case, DON'T It depends on your child and how she/he interprets stuff like this. I know when i got spanked i always cried and thought my parents hated me because i thought spanking meant hate or sadness or something. I never knew it was just to discipline me or anything, and it didn't work even after i found out it was. I hope after you read this you will understand why you should never spank a child.

  • No to spanking

    There are different ways to teach your kids from right and wrong you don't need to use that punishment you can out them in time out or take something away from them putting your hands on a kid could cause a lot of problems in the near future not good.

  • No no no

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  • No, even if I survived

    Spanking a child should be banned. It affects the parent child bond. It also affects the mindset of the child of the parent who spanked them. It makes them want to exact revenge on the person who spanked them. I was spanked by my mother a lot more than my father when I was younger, and she would always do that without making me see where I was wrong. Up to now, I still hate my mom for whatever she does, and seldom wants to do anything with her. (All those times I was spanked I wanted her to die.)

    Love spanking is another issue here. The child is told that he/she is being spanked because their parents love them. I don't see any "love" in that. Do you? The parent might be thinking that they are showing the child love by spanking them when they are naughty but it instead the child thinks that their parents don't love them and grows up with the mindset that parents are using it as an excuse to spank them in a form of "love". That to me was rubbish. I didn't feel any of that so called "love".

    And besides, spanking or caning in particular for my case, does leave marks. There was this one time where my mother spanked my until all over my body had red marks. Those disappeared only after five days and made me afraid of my mom (Until the part in my life where I am stronger than her and can probably break her bones if she tries to kill me with that sickening piece of wood again.)

    Up till now, the relationship between me and my mom is very bad, although there were times where I was actually glad to have her as my mother, but still, we kids need to remember that our parents love us(might in some cases) and that they are human, not all are the same.

  • I know what it feels like because I AM a kid.

    Don't you think it is about time you get a child's opinion about this? I am 12 years old and I have been spanked A LOT when I was younger. It hurts bad. Because it was okay for them to spank us, I now spank my brothers when they do something wrong. I am stopping now. What is dumb is that every time they spanked us, they said they were allowed to. I always thought otherwise. I think it just makes the child cry more and put more stress on them which may result in choking them. Trust me, one time my brother got so out of hand, my stepdad covered his mouth and started choking him until his face was all red; almost purple. If they think that strangling was a good idea because of too much stress, then they should be thrown to jail because that will eventually result in a murder. Okay, I am getting off topic. The point is, it hurts and makes the child cry more. It also teaches children that if somebody gets you made enough, it is okay to hit them. That is my opinion.

    (P.S. My parents one time broke their spanking paddle from spanking my brother VERY hard. That is not okay for them to do that; you should have seen the look on my brother's face. OUCH!)

  • Scientific studies have proved it to have negative effects

    I have been spanked, and let me tell you, it is not out of love. Whoever thinks that spanking is good for a child has some serious problems, as it only teaches them that violence is the answer to all the world's problems. Honestly, parents who spank are just too lazy t actually have a discussion with their child and take away a privilege, or put them on time out.

  • Not a chance

    I'm a man of science, and the science has shown that corporal punishment of children has negative long term effects as a result. On top of that, there's a moralistic view to it. If you feel that it is necessary to hit a child who is twice as small as you, I genuinely believe that there is something wrong with you.

  • Oh no way!

    If you've actually been through something like this as a child it usually escalates and no one wants that especially a child. You can easily take their toys away and they learn just as much. Everyone knows violence is not the answer especially an innocent child who did nothing more than take an extra cookie.

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