Should parents be liable if unvaccinated children sicken others?

  • Your child your responsibility.

    If you knowingly let your sick and infected child out in the open and let him infect other kids you should be responsible. Especially if a baby gets sick who's immune system has not yet fully developed. If you are that irresponsible enough to let your sick kid out into the open then you are an idiot and an unfit parent. There is a reason vaccinations are available and why children need them to go to school. Now if you are against them due to religious beliefs and your child is sick KEEP THEM HOME UNTIL THEY ARE BETTER! How would you feel if a parent let her whooping cough child play with your unaffected child? I bet money you would yell at that other parent for being an idiot.

  • Kids Are Parent's Responsibilities

    As an extension of the same law that holds parents responsible for enrolling their kids in school, making them doctor's appointments, and feeding them, vaccinations should be legally required. Should a parent be unable to afford it/lack insurance, an exemption can be made. But for those who possess insurance/can afford it, and simply choose not to, if their child gets others sick, the mother/father of the child who got the others sick should be responsible for any medical bills/expenses, should the sole cause of the sickness be their un-vaccinated child. Extenuating circumstances would, no doubt, apply in some cases.

  • That is taking liability too far

    It is ridiculous to hold parents liable for other children's illnesses if their children are not vaccinated. Of course vaccination is important but that type of liability is turning us into an out of control society. It's like suing a kid for accidentally dropping a rock on the road, which was kicked around by another kid and someone tripped over it 10 years later.

  • If I knew then what I know now...

    I am the mother of a 21 year old autistic individual. We were playing this game before vaccines ever became a controversy. At first I did not buy into the idea at all...But after 15+ years of researching both sides of the controversy, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a link. My son IS fully vaccinated. I am also fully vaccinated as well. HOWEVER, if I knew then what I know now, I NEVER EVER EVER would have allowed my child to become the equivalent of a lab monkey by injecting him with that liquid hell. People scream "It's been proven there is no link"...FALSE. Several recent studies are showing there IS. Even the chief of the CDC has admitted a link.
    Your child has the CHANCE of getting over Measles.
    Your child has the CHANCE of getting over Mumps.
    Your child has the CHANCE of getting over Rubella.
    My child will NEVER get the chance to get over Autism.
    My son and I, both being fully vaccinated, are far more of a risk as far as spreading diseases go than any unvaccinated child is. I never understood the argument that unvaccinated children will cause vaccinated children to become sick or cause their death. Either your almighty vaccines are going to save your child or they aren't. Which is it? You can't have it both ways. If they are vaccinated, they should have no problems...So stop sticking your nose into others choices. I find it odd that people will scream about THEIR childrens health but they don't give a damn about the many whose lives have been turned upside or lost for "the greater good". Talk about selfish. Talk about reckless. Talk about ungrateful. You should be ashamed of yourselves for picking and choosing which children are given a chance in this life!

  • Why is my unvaccinated child a risk to your vaccinated child?

    If you are so convinced that vaccines are important and that they work, than you should not be afraid of your child becoming sick because another child was not vaccinated. If the vaccine fails, then why should somebody have subjected their child to the harmful substances in vaccines when there isn't even a 100% chance of it working? Vaccination is a choice for the parent to make. If your child has been vaccinated but still gets the disease it is the company who made the vaccination that should be sued, not the parent of the child who didn't get it. And if your child is too young to receive the vaccine, then they are most likely not at a huge risk unless you put them there. Unvaccinated kids can not go to public day cares without the parents jumping through quite a few hoops, those kids end up in private day cares or with other care providers. You can make sure you are knowledgeable about the vaccination status of the other children your child is around. By the age of 18 months, babies have received most of their vaccinations and should no longer be considered at risk while around unvaccinated children.

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