Should parents be more conscious of what social media could do to their children?

  • Yes they should.

    I really think that parents need to be more conscious of what social media can do to their children. They need to be aware if their child is being bullied, or if their child is bullying someone. They need to be aware of the friends they have on there, and know what is going on.

  • Encourage real interaction

    Much of social media use encourages a sense of narcissism that discourages people from engaging in real, healthy social interaction, and children need to be knowledgeable that a Facebook or Twitter profile isn't everything. Parents and children should have an open dialogue about social media and the Internet with each other to understand its purpose in our lives and society.

  • Yes, parental involvement is key.

    Yes, parents should be more conscious of what social media can do to their children, because social media can begin at a young age. Social media is responsible for young children joining gangs. Children as young as 11 or 12 can join a gang in a large city. Parents need to monitor what their children do and talk to them about good habits online.

  • Yes. I believe parents should be more conscious of what social media could do to their children.

    Yes. I believe parents should be more conscious of what social media could do to their children, because there are predators out there who pray on the young. There is no way of knowing exactly who your child is talking to online, and that is extremely dangerous. Children should be monitored online.

  • Social Media Is Killing Our Teens

    Did you know that nearly 4,500 kids commit suicide each year? Or that suicide is the number 3 killer of teens in the U.S? All of this is thanks to social media and the cyberbullying. It's driving our teens to the edge, to an extent where they cannot take it anymore. We must take matters in our own hands, and do something NOW, before it's too late.

    Although some states in the U.S have made cyberbullying illegal, the rates of teens committing suicide are going up, and that's not to anyone’s benefits. 81% of teens say that bullying online is easier to get away with, thus making cyberbullying more and more common.

    Cyberbullying isn't the only reason for teens to kill themselves. Alot of pedophiles are roaming around on the Internet, taking advantage of our children and manipulating them. They trick teens online, making them believe that they're a teen just like them, and later on, they make them send them naked pictures or anything that the pedophiles can use to their advantage and blackmail the teen with so they could continue sharing their body to them.

    Lastly, one of the biggest cons of social media is the security risk that comes with it. In order for you to use a social media site, you have to provide your personal information, otherwise none of your friends will be able to find you. The problem with sharing your information online, is that there's a pretty big chance that the information can fall into the hands of the wrong people. You can rarely do anything to stop a stranger from seeing your personal information, as it could be your friend’s cousin’s friend who was on your friend’s account and “happened” to snoop around your Facebook or other social networking site where you’ve put your information on. That way, he/she could gather all of your personal information, and do whatever they want with it.

    I would want the age-limit on using social media to be 18 years, but seeing as this could be impossible, due to the fact that there are some parents who aren’t exactly keeping a leash on their teens, I'm okay with the age-limit being 16 years.
    In my opinion, when you become older, you become wiser, and cyberbullying isn't really that common between teens aged 16+. This is because teens around this age become more mature and have other things to worry about, such as finishing high school and starting college etc. They become more ambitious around this age, therefore they don't have the time to bully someone in real life, let alone online.
    I'm critical towards social media and how it has influenced our teens. However, I cannot fully support the idea that social media is all bad, it just has its pros and cons like everything else. You have to weigh the pros and cons to reach your opinion, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it's mostly negative, but not 100% bad.

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  • Not In That Way

    I do not believe parents should be more conscious of what social media could do to their children. In fact, I don't think the social media itself, is going to do anything at all. The problems with social media include parents needing to be aware as to how their children are using the social media and what effect they have on other users. Not to mention what type of material they are accessing.

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