Should parents be obligated to pay into their child's higher education?

Asked by: Backroads
  • Parents should support their children

    Admittedly, university and college provide students with fellowships, scholarships that relieve students of tuition burden to some extent, and the earnings from part-time job does cover some spending. However, financial support from university sometimes can be uncertain ( some depends on the last year achievement, which give students a lot of pressure to study hard). Part-time job could make life easier, but it is not supposed to be a burden. Student loan, part-time job, and fellowship, all of them will increase the burden on students and distract them from academic study. , Children and parents, as a family, should support each other. Parents could raise money far more efficient that most children do, and children should make full use of the resources in university and focus on what they should do. Parents should pay for the higher education. It's like the division of society, different people should take their own responsibility to maximize the overall welfare.

  • An adult is an adult.

    While arguments of benefit could be made for a parent assisting with a child's college fund could be made on an individual family basis, an obligation is too much. When a child becomes a legal adult, the parents should no longer be legally obligated for that child's care. A parent's basic job to raise a child to adulthood, which is currently legally defined as 18. Further obligation is not fair.

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