• Yes parents should be charged with child abuse!!

    These parents are killing their children, they are setting them up for a short life fillednwith medical problems. Even if a parent can't afford to feed children always only the healthier food, they can still track how much they are eating.
    Weight is caused by calories in vs calories out, it is impossible to create energy without consuming it first, so it would be impossible to gain weight if consuming the right amount of calories each day.
    Parents have to stop being lazy and actually raise their kids, counting their calories and teaching them portion control is part of that. These children are unable to run down the hall and keep up with their other friends, they develop diabetes and heart problems, it huta their joints and lungs, all due to the laziness of the parents.

  • Yes, parents should be prosecuted for obese children.

    I think that it's fair to prosecute the parents of children who are obese. I think that when kids become obese, it is due to a lack of parenting and responsibility from their parents. No kid should ever be obese, considering their parents are in charge of their diets and food.

  • They're causing it.

    Yes, parents should be prosecuted for child abuse if their children are obese, because a child does not become obese, most of the time, unless the parent is doing something they shouldn't. Child abuse is putting the child in a position that exposes the child to an unreasonable risk of harm. Allowing the child to eat too much certainly puts them at risk for an unreasonable amount of harm.

  • Parents should not be prosecuted for child abuse if their children are obese.

    Parents should not be prosecuted for child abuse if their children are obese. Childhood obesity could be the result of a malfunction of the thyroid glands which would be beyond the parent's control. Once the causes for the child's obesity are determined, appropriate actions should be taken to help them lose weight, but parents should not be prosecuted for child abuse because of a child's obesity.

  • Some of it is genetic

    No offense to the question, but why does this country just want to lock everyone up. Talk about having a prison industrial complex. Anyway, how about we get parents some help in how to teach their kids to exercise and eat a little more healthy. Also, what about all the businesses that promote food that is bad for us. Should we prosecute them up too?

  • Far too many factors

    There are far too many factors that go into obesity than just what the parents can do for a child, and this kind of policy would not be beneficial or accurate. Parents who fear abuse charges would, potentially, begin simply not feeding their children - rather than try to feed them healthier.

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