• As rude as it may be ignorance is not a crime, child neglect however, is.

    If their child gets sick, they aren't going to to see a doctor; if the kid has an appendix rupture, they're not going to do anything more than pray, imagine dying on the floor of your own house because your mom is too much of a zealot to "lift a finger". Your mom just watched you slowly and painfully die like sociopath would. -Think about it for five minutes or so.

    Posted by: Maxx
  • There children should

    Be put into state care . If you are so mentally unstable that you believe in this nonsense you should be placed in an asylum for your own good .These idiots are completely beyond help and I pity the children that have to endure these idiotic creatures , what a strange world we live in .

  • It's still murder...

    The parents who refuse medical treatment for their children are bad parents. Obviously the sick child is in need, sometimes in desperate need of medical care. And in denying them what they need to replace it with "faith healing" is wrong. There is no proof that this method even works, so why would you put your child's life into something that may not help. Some of the children who have suffered and then passed away due to being denied medical care have been those who's conditions or diseases which could have been treated and therefore they would have gotten better if they had been in the hands of doctors and had gotten the help they needed.

  • Do you think God doesn't want you to use medicine?

    God made us the way that we are for a reason. He gave us our intelligence so that we could use it to help ourselves and others. Doctors exist for a reason. It's okay if you want to use faith healing in addition to modern medicine, but God doesn't want you to shun doctors.

  • Yes, it's child endangerment.

    If a parent of a diabetic child, for examples, refuses insulin for that child, then yes, parents should be punished for faith healing. A child should be given every necessary thing that is available for their health and well being, and if a parent withholds such things in the name of faith healing, then that is child endangerment. Who says that faith healing can't take place WHILE a child is being medically treated? And then if it takes place, there will be a decreased or no need for insulin, say, in such a case. But "faith healing" is just a form of sick control when it deprives a child of something necessary to their well being.

  • No, parents should not be punished for faith healing.

    Parents, do however, need to act responsibly when their children are ill. While praying and relying on God to heal are important, particularly to religious families, there comes a point where prayer along with medical treatment need to be implemented for the child' healing. Parents shouldn't be punished for praying for their child to be healed. Punishment should only be put in place when a parent acts irresponsibly in the name of faith.

  • Parents should not be punished for faith healing.

    A parent has a right to their religion and if they dont believe in medicine, they should be respected. However, if the child has a deathly illness and in need of medicine to save their lives, then the state should step in and help the rights of the child. In the case at hand, the parents lost one child through faith healing. After refusing to follow their probation, they lost a second child through faith healing. They should not get any of their other children back.

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