• Parents should be responsible for the actions of their kids.

    Parents should be responsible for the actions of their kids. It is up to them to raise their children right and to teach them not to get into trouble. If we start to hold the parents accountable for their child's actions then we would also be teaching the parents that they need to be more responsible.

  • Parents need to be in control and accountable.

    Yes, it is important that parents be responsible for the actions of their children. While I know parents can not control everything their child does, they do need a strong hand to be helped to figure out the difference between right and wrong. If a child is continually doing wrong, then that is most likely a parenting failure.

  • To a degree, yes

    I was sitting in a cafe with my girlfriend last night, and we overheard a mother in the bathroom with her two children. She told her tiny little son to shut up and threatened to slap him if he did not. If this kid turns out to be a wreck, it stems from her.

  • Chilrens' are people too!

    Fellow debaters, and speakers. Thanks for the opportunity to speak against the topic, 'Parents should be responsible for the children's action'. Ladies and Gentlemen, please pay attention for me!
    Childrens are people, aren't they? Every one knows, they are people. Even a teensy weeny baby knows he is alive. And childrens' are alive.
    But then, you know what? They can speak, talk, and stand out their opinions, and can control their minds. Easily. That is people young ladies, gentlemen. If they can, game is done. It is not that parents do not have any responsibility. They have. But that is until their child can control their mind. If their kids can, they will know they will have to take care of their behaviors, actions all around. Yes, but still no. If still parents have responsiblity cause of they made him or her, that is beautiful. Great. But as People Even Chidlren should no about how to care themselves around with actions.

  • Not In All Cases

    I believe it is wrong to say parents should be responsible for the actions of their children. Children are their own person, they are not completely controlled by any person. In some cases, parents need to take more control when disciplining their children and even raising them. However as a child develops and grows parents tend to lose control in a natural progression.

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