Should parents be responsible for their children when it comes to playing video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield?

  • My sister asked about GTA5 because my nephew had asked for it.

    When I described the content she was horrified and furious as he had already been playing it at a friends house. We then had a bit of a debate on facebook and a few of her friends pitched in too. One of them did have the backwards opinion that the game devs and studios should be held accountable. I was quite shocked that there are still people out there that don't realise a big portion of the gaming industry is for the adult gamer and such titles are not intended for kids...They have the pegi cert for a reason. I voiced my opinion that is about time we have a campaign similar to the campaigns against drink driving. Put the same stigma on lazy parents that don't even pay attention to what they are exposing their child to as a drink driver, or a drug dealer. It's not up to the game devs and studios to kill their industry or the retailers to vet every customer scaring them off buy from the Internet. The buck stops with the ignorant and, am sorry but down right lazy and negligent parents to wise up.

  • Heck yes, they are responsible.

    Most parents today don't even look at the rating of games they buy their kids. The kids want the game, so their parents give it to them just to have a "happy family". But they don't realize that the content of the game is not suitable for young children. They don't realize that this content could make them act more violently. NO! They think that it isn't the source of the problems they're having with their child! If they just were to simply LOOK at the rating of the box of that one Halo, or Call of Duty game, then maybe they would realize the root of their problems!

  • Are you serious?

    It is completely obvious that parents should be responsible, as children cannot just waltz into the nearest game store and buy a game which is rated 6+ years older than what they are. I have heard that these games make children react violently and I would not be surprised. I'm also fairly sure that kids' attitudes are very badly affected by these violent video games which is why they are officially restricted to 16/18+ year-olds. Coming from a family that didn't let me get any restricted games or watch any restricted movies until I was past the age makes me wonder what all these other parents are thinking,

  • Of Course They Should

    These types of games are all over our society. I don't completely disagree with video games as a whole, but these games where boys and girls play soldier can surely not be beneficial. The violence isn't the problem; it's how the violence is romanticized to be entertaining. These people get into these games and see people being killed as nothing. These games are only bad because you are rewarded for killing and harming others. If it was a game about just staying alive in the terrible conditions of war, it wouldn't be as bad. They should be playing less violent (or at least graphically violent) games. Games are a good thing to increase concentration. The parents should be blamed, because often times the parents initially supply the idea of these games and later supply the game itself. It's disgusting how this cycle works, considering how the children of these gamers will be playing similar games, but probably more violent.

  • I'm fed up.

    There are parades of parents that are constantly preaching to the world that the video games their children are playing contain to much violence. But who has to buy the games? The kids can't do it! A parent wouldn't let their child watch an 18 rated movie so why is it any different when it comes to games. I don't watch 18 rated movies very often because, although i play games the special effects are still unsettling. So i wouldn't consider myself 'desensitized' There have been countless studies and no evidence can be found that virtual violence and physical violence are linked. Even if they are, it still comes down to the same question. Who is buying underage kids the violent games with the clear age ratings, then complaining about the violence?

  • Is this a serious question?

    Of course parents are responsible for letting their kids play any game, ecspecially games rated M. These are games that desensitize children into thinking death is just a game. And to think 6 year olds and even younger are playing these things? Parents that let kids that young, ecspecially if they have a mental illness, play these violent virtual bloodbaths, should be ashamed of themselves. These games are one of the things helping to create the Adam Lanza's of this world, and parents are letting kids this young play them? Unbelievable! Almost every boy I know plays these games, and I can tell they are becoming desensitized to death. And people are surprised when these kids go on mass shooting rampages! Almost every single kid in America plays these games, and these will be our future leaders. And, what do you know, it's the PARENTS that are bying these games for their impressionable children. Parents should be taking FULL responsibility for their children's video game play, and should be showing some common sense by not freely giving their kids these bloody, violent, terrible video games.

  • I believe that parents who buy their children the ability to play these games are responsible for what our future is turning into.

    Kids and children in today's world are already playing the newest and trending games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. The fact that these games are rated M or 18+ seem more than suspicious when to authorize the purchase of these games parents have to agree to supervise their children as they play it. But the fact that many Call of Duty and Battlefield players have experienced having their ear drums burst when a kid who is not even close to being a teenager let alone allowed to play the game uses a microphone, is just not fair to the people who are actually allowed to and happily enjoying the experience of shooting virtual people online. The parents who buy their children these games, the headgear and the consoles to play them on, I believe are responsible for what our future is turning into.

  • No they should not

    If a parent is some what good at at parenting they would punish them if they get angry (as the other comments say) Its shows them the real world there are bad people they should know whats good they are not going to grow up being a shooter unless you encourage them to

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