Should parents be responsible for their children's crimes?

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  • Parents should be held responsible for the children they raise.

    I feel that people are products of their environment and their genetic make-up. Parents should held accountable for the actions of their children if they do not make efforts to seek help with a troubled child. I would much prefer my tax dollars going to behavioral/mental screening and correctional programs/therapy for children rather than prisons for adults who commit terrible crimes. If you are having trouble with raising your child, then seek help. If they still turn out to be criminals at least you made every effort to help prevent it. If you sit back and ignore the signs and refuse to admit your failing then, yes you should be charged for your children's crimes.

  • If not parents then who

    Children learns from adults and the adults they most see is their parents.So if a child commits a crime he/she learned it from her parents.Well the neighbourhood and friends might also be responsible but parents should be responsible for this also as they should secure their children's surroundings and friends

  • Yes they should

    If parents are acting irresponsible in front of their kids then the kids will think its okay. So all they have to do is act responsible and be a god example it really isn't that hard. The only reason they would not be a good example would be if their parents acted bad?

  • Raise you children right and you won't be in this case.

    A child's actions are a direct result of the child's parents. I believe if a child commits a crime, the parents are responsible financial and legally. Usually child's action build up to the point of a crime, parents should stop and step in before the police and justice system step in.

  • Yes, it is usually their fault.

    Yes, parents should be responsible for their children's crimes, because most of the time, the child committed the crime because the parent didn't bother to parent. For the most part, crime is generational. If the parent commits crimes, so will the child. Holding parents accountable is a first step towards better parenting.

  • Parents should be responsible for their children's crimes.

    Parents should be held responsible for what their children do. Parents are the legal guardians of their children, and they need to be responsible with them. If a child does something very bad, their parents need to be held accountable for how their raised their children. This is the only way to keep everyone safe.

  • Yes, parents should be responsible for their children's crimes.

    Parents should be responsible for all financial restitution required when their kid commits a crime unless their kid pays for it themselves. Both parties should take full responsibility. This may make parents actually try to manage their poorly raised kids. It may also get people to put on a condom.

  • Parents should be held to some degree of responsibility for their children's crimes.

    Children are a product of the environment in which they are raised. Parents should bear some responsibility for the kind of person they unleash into the world. A lot of crimes would be diminished if the child's home life were intact. Single-parent homes are often the beginning of a child's potential for committing crimes. A family must have a Father and Mother to best impart a full set of values in the child's mind. This begins with two responsible adults deciding when (and if) to have children and raise them properly in a family environment. If this is absent, the child will have its values and ethics instilled by pop culture and the average lost soul in the streets. This is a recipe for criminal behavior. Parents should bear some of the blame for this.

  • Parents make them stop

    Yes they should because if they don't children will keep doing crimes and they will miss theeir parents and quit doing their crimes so yeah they will need to we need to put an end to this so the parents should at least have a warning then if it still happens take them to prison

  • No they shouldn't!

    Parents should not be help responsible for their children's crimes because the children made their choice to do the crime not the parents. The parents can't put the idea in the children's head to go cause a crime but I will say that if the children are age maybe like 4 or under and they cause a crime then that would be the parents fault for not teaching them better on right from wrong.

  • Every person have the ability to think and simulate their actions

    Children mostly don't have a practical thinking or a high level of maturity but they do have a very basic sense of their actions either its right nor wrong. For an example, a child wont skip classes as they know its a wrong thing to do but still they do it with a awareness of the wrong their doing ....

    If parents should are responsible for their children's crime the wont be juvenile court

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  • No they shouldnt,

    Being responsible is defined as "being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it".If a child commits a crime he/she is the primary cause of the crime and should be held accountable.Unless a parent was closely involved in the crime the child should be responsible and face legal charges.It would be unfair to hold all parents responsible as many children have had a healthy, positive upbringing and still committed a crime.

  • Not legally, no

    Unless there is a clear case of gross negligence that led to a crime happening by a child, parents should not face legal problems when their kid screws up. That sends the wrong message, what we should be doing is making the kids responsible for their actions so they think before acting.

  • No two separate people

    Parents are responsible for properly raising and teaching their children. However if the child commits a crime the parent should not be responsible for the crime. If the crime opens up evidence the child was mis treated then the parents should face other charges, but to hold them directly responsible for the crime is wrong.

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